Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 9


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey felt a little cringe about the idea, but what to do?


Luckily, she was on morning shift the next day and the moment she arrived at work, she did her clean up and off to check for Rodney.


She knocked on his door but didnt get any reply and noticing the door was open she decided to go in. She walked in and the first place she went to the bathroom. She had to make sure he wasnt taking his bath so a mistake doesnt happen twice. When she had confirmed he wasnt in the bathroom, she walked back to the mainroom and admired it. She couldnt wait for him to come so she’d know if she were to get back on the show or not.


But, she really wanted him to say yes to it.


Why did he even request her at the hotel, anyway? Why didnt he just give her a reply in his house the previous day? Could he have something else in mind? There was a half bottle of drink on the table with an empty glass cup. She turned some of the drink into the cup and drink happily from it.


Hmm Refreshing she thought sharing the same drink with Mr Rodney.


She touched some other jewellries of his and finally say on the bed. It was so soft and comfy and she felt it was special since Rodney had slept on it.



She brought her nose to the bed to perceive its scent and it seemed to have a particular fragnance. She giggled as she laid properly on it, smiling widely. “Oh, Mr Rodney,please dont push me away. I know you cant do without me; she said to herself and started laughing.


Just then, the door opened and Rodney come in, looking shocked at the sight of Audrey on his bed.


Audrey felt a loud bang on her heas as she jumped out of the bed and thought quickly of what to say.


“Uhh….Mr Rodney …..i…you didnt tell me you were coming in” she floundered


helplessly,making her anxiety obvious.


“What the hell is going on?” He asked, sounding a bit peeved anyway.


“I’m….I’m sorry.. i was just…. dressing the bed when u came in, i noticed it was a


little ruffled” she replied and straightened the sheets.


Rodney looked at her and scoffed and walked over to the bed to sit,he turned juice from the bottle on the table into the glass cup and slipped from it. Audrey gasped and tried to hide her amusemest. Rodney just shared the same cup with her. “So” he said in a calm voice. “You really want to get back on the show?”


“Y….yes, sir. I’ll be very happy. If you’d grant my request i promise i wont give


anymore. Excuse, just give me a second chance, please.” ‘A third chance, actually”; he chipped in and she sighed. “Fine; a third chance” she added.


Rodney didnt say anything immediately as he emptied the drinnk in his cup and stood up to where he kept his clothes.


He returned with a file and sat back on bed.


“I’m ready to let you back in the contest, but on one condition” he said and handed the file to Audrey.


Her heart skipped. What could possibly be in it?


“I need you to get Dr Davis’s signature on that paper”.


“Dr what? Audrey thought. ‘Dr Davis? Hold on, isnt the same person she had a misunderstanding with the other say in school?


“Uhm… Rodney could this Dr Davis be the owner of…..”


“Graceland Health centre, yes”


“Oh, my….. God! Mr Rodney, i cant go to him. We….”


“That the only was you’re getting what you want, Audrey if you contest do it, the i’m afraid there’s nothing i can do either.”


“But…. Audrey tried talking but was out of words.



How could she possibly achieve something like that? She had been So rude to him the day he had almost ran into her with his can and now, she’s to go to him for helplessly.


How was that possible?



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