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Episode 8


Rodney stayed under the water in the pool,holding his breath for a long time and finally,he came out of it,taking a very deep breath.He cleared his eyes and that was when he saw one of the securities standing in front of him.


‘Sorry to dusturb you,sir But there’re two ladies at the gate requesting to see you!The security informed


‘Two ladies?Rodney thought as he swam to the edge of the pool ‘Who are they? he asked.


‘I think one of they identified herself as Audrey….


‘Audrey?he asked immediately,not knowing why he reacted that way. ‘Yes sir. And she said something about being one of the contestants’


Rodney found it really shocking that Audrey was there. But, at the same time ,felt kind of existed


“Why’s she looking for me?he thought,is she here to talk abt the contest? Does she want to tell me she’s out of the show? She won’t be singing for me anymore?oh, no!That voice of hers.


He dived into the pool again,staying beneath for a short time and coming out again,taking a deep breath.


“Let them in, he said to the security and he bowed and left.


Audrey and Racheal kept admiring the house until they got to the pool and Audrey felt her heart being held in suspension by what she saw.


She saw Rodney coming out of the pool with just a towel around his wait looking so hot!



He was shirtless and his body was dropping wet. His wet curly hair be came so relaxed and the front part of it flopped one his left eye. The hair on his legs which had become wet become so relaxed as well and it fitted his fair complexon perfectly, All this made her remember the day she had seen him naked in the bathroom,it was so…..


“Oh my gee!Racheal exclaimed silently,breaking into Audrey’s romance filled thought. “Mr Rodney is going to make me develop cramps. She mouthed to Audrey Who was trying to get her heart straight.


They just looked dumnfounded and watched aimlessly as Rodney approached them and stopped in front of them.


“Heard you were looking for me?” he said in his sweet masculine voice and that was when Audrey could think of saying something.


“Uhm…. Good evening sir”, Audrey greeted nevousely.


“Good evening, Mr Rodney its really a pleasure getting to meet you. I’m Racheal and I can be a friend to all” Racheal greeted buoyantly as she budged forward and gave a handshake which he took reluctantly.


Audrey kept staying at him the whole time. So, he really had a natural pink lips .


She’s always thougth he added lipstick on it but it seemed to be just his colour


Finally, his blue eyes left Racheal and moved over to her.


“So what’re you here for?”he asked.


“Uhm…..actually”, she paused And went on her knees,realizing that was what she


should have done the whole time.


“Mr Rodney, she started remorsely I knowing it’s 99%impossible to do what am asking,but for the love of anything you have wish for,I want you to give me that grace please,Mr Rodney, I’m Sorry i did’nt show up for yesterday’s was’nt intentional. I…… I was just sick and had a lot of problems. But, i promise


you it’s all over and i swear. It’s never going to repeat itself. Please,Mr Rodney,just give me a second chance, Don’t throw me out , i beg of you.” Rodney watched in amusement as she pleaded and scoffed.


“So ….in essence,you are trying to tell me you wanna get back in the show? He




“Y..Yes, sir. Yes. Please, i really need it”, Audrey replied and for and unknown reason, He sighed.


He looked away and brushed his fingers into his hair. A sudden happy feeling ran thought his spine and he couldnt tell why.He had really been disturbed by her absence in the last contest and when he heard she was looking for him,he couldnt



help but fear she was coming quit officially. If only she knew she was doing him a huge favour by kneeling in front of him,begging to get back on the show.


He waved the hair that flopped on his eye and turned back to her after a while.


“Get on you feet” he said and Racheal helped her up.


“Go home we will talk about it in the morning”


Audrey felt a little confused.


“In the morning?she asked and he just give a simple nod.


“You … mean i should came back here?


“No, we’ll meet at the hotel. You can check for me in my lodge”


Audrey was so surprised! Why will Rodney want her to meet him in the hotel?







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