Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 5


By: Faith Lucky.


When she was done singing, even the rest of the judges began clapping. “Where did you learn that song?” Rodney asked immediately and she flinched. “Uhm…it’s always been my favourite. It was sung by Taylor Swift” She replied, a little surprised.


“And you say your name is Audrey? You…you grew up with your parents?” “Of course, I did”.


The drama was getting much and the judges had started whispering amongst themselves.


Rodney knew he was over reacting and needed to calm down.



She sings Jocelyn’s favorite song and reminds him of Jocelyn, but there was no way she could be Jocelyn.


He signalled her to leave and she did and in a few minutes, all the contestants were called into the hall.


The selected ones were 54 and Audrey was one of them. Her joy knew no bounds. When Rodney was leaving, she followed him behind and kept calling him until she had gotten his attention.


“Thank you Mr Rodney” she said. “Thank you for giving me a second chance”. “You don’t need to thank me. Your reward depends only on your performance.” Rodney replied and walked away, into his car.


Audrey kept smiling and turned around to leave, but bumped into a lady who was said to be Megan’s best friend – Edith.


“I thought you didn’t pass the audition yearsterday? So, why re you back?” Edith asked with her hands crossed below her chest.


“Well, Mr Rodney had a change of mind” replied Audrey, still smiling. “Rodney isn’t the type who gets convinced easily. How did you do it?”


“I know it seems impossible but it’s a miracle” Audrey replied and tried walking away but Edith stopped her.


“Whatever you did, don’t think that this is a game that can be won through little tricks. Only the best can be the winner” She said churlishly and walked away. ***


Rodney stood by the window, staring at Jocelyn’s picture.


Today, he met someone that reminded him of Jocelyn; someone that reminded him of all the memories he shared with her. He wanted her back so badly. He couldn’t do without her.


Oh, his dear Jocelyn.


Where could she be?


Could she really be dead?


A knock on the door broke into his tho and that was when he realised a tear was rolling down his cheek.


“Come in” he said to the knocked as he wiped off his tear and took a seat.


The door opened and Megan walked in, wearing a skimpy dress .


“Rodney, why haven’t you been returning my calls?” She asked as she took a seat opposite him.


“I’ve been busy” Rodney replied after litting a cigarette.


He smoked from it and it made Megan cough.



“Rodney, could you put it out? You know I don’t like it when you smoke” She grumbled but Rodney only puffed out more smoke.


“if you have a problem with it, you’re free to use the door” he replied vacously and


Megan sighed at his nonchalant attitude.


“By the way,” she continued.


“if heard you reconsidered a contestant who had failed in yearsterday’s audition. Is that true?” She asked and Rodney chuckled.


“It’s funny how news spreads. Well, it’s true. I did give her a second chance. But it’s my problem and I see no reason anyone should concern themselves with it.” “Rodney”, Megan called and placed her hand on his.


“I think you’re being too hard on yourself and everyone around you. I’ve tried my best to be a good friend. What else do you want?”


“Megan, I appreciate your efforts of cheering me up. But, I need to be alone”. “For how long? It’s been years, Rodney. How long will you go on punishing yourself this way? When will you learn to forget about Jocelyn and move on with your life?” She asked and Rodney’s eyes dilated.


He felt a sudden angry ran across his chest but he tried to calm his nerves.


“Not even in death” he replied.




Audrey spiffled up herself in front of the mirror, while Rachel stood by, thumping her legs.


Hurry up Audrey. You’ll definitely make me late for classes today” Rachel groused but Audrey didn’t reply her as she parked her hair in a simple pony tail. Just then, her mother came in from the kitchen with a little piece of bread.


“Good luck Audrey” She said to Audrey as she arranged her collar.


“Make sure you ear when it’s lunch time”.


“Mum, this isn’t high school. I don’t need to take lunch to school” Audrey paused and sighed.


“Anyway, thanks” She continued and collected the bread from her.


“Hold on” Mrs salome said and hurried to the table, returning with a list and some money.


“On your way back from school, stop by a store and get me these items. They’re very important”


“Okay mum. Bye” Audrey replied and gave her a parting hug and after that, ran off with Rachel who was seething with anger.


“I don’t think this is gonna work out Audrey” Rachel said as they scuttled to the bus stop.



“This idea of leaving for school together, I don’t think it’s working”. “What’re you saying? I didn’t take long. I don’t think I spent upto…”


“Of course you did” Rachel cut her off. “Just save the explanation. I’ve made up my mind and that’s final”.


“Hm. Whatever. You’re such a kill joy. This is my first day in college and you’re trying to ruin it.” Audrey replied and rolled her eyes. Soon, they got to the main road and took a cab to school.


Audrey kept looking through the window, so excited about going to college. She kept staring at the beautiful trees and brightly garbed students that walked along the road leading to the school building.


In a short while, they got to their destination and left the cab with few other students that were in.


“Wow! This is amazing!” Audrey exclaimed to Rachel beside her.


“I can’t believe I’m finally a student of Cambridge university. Tell me Rachel, am I not lucky?”


“Well, maybe. But before you conclude on that, there are certain things you need to learn Over here. This school is full of spoilt brats and it’d be best if you try avoiding them” Rachel said and immediately, a car coming towards them almost ran into them but had smartly held his brakes and screeched to a halt.


“What the hell?” Audrey shrieked and waited furiously for the driver to come out.


It was a young charming boy.


“Oh, miss. Are you alright?” He asked sympathetically.


“I should be the one asking you that. Have you gone blind? Do you think we’re


road blocks or what?” Audrey barked at him, not paying any attention to Rachel


who was trying to stop her.


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