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Episode 4


By: Faith Lucky


“Come in” She heard his voice and slowly, she upend the door and went in.


He ws standing in front of the mirror when she got in, buttoning the neck of his shirt.


She was scared and didn’t know what to say and hw also didn’t say a word until she left the mirror.


“What was the meaning of that?” He finally asked as he fixed his wrist watch. “I’m so sorry Mr Rodney. I swear, I had no idea you were in. I…I knocked severally on the door but there was no reply and…and I thought there was nobody in the room.


Please forgive me. I promise it won’t repeat itself. But I didn’t see a thing; I didn’t. I swear.” She said without a pause.


Rodney sighed and took a seat and for a moment, Audrey let go of her worries and took out time to admire him.


That was the first time she was having such a close range at him and now, she could clearly see how cute he was.


He had dark curly hair, and the front part flopped close to his eyes.


He had scanty but long eye lashes and his roseate lips looked like they needed some kissing.


“Wow! Jocelyn is lucky to have someone like him tripping for her” she thought. “You’re one of the contestants, right? contestant 102?” Rodney asked as he litted a cigarette and Audrey nodded affirmatively.


“So…After losing out in the audition, you went ahead to report me to my brother?” “What? Hell no. I…I think you’re mistaken, sir. I’d never do such a thing.


“I…I just ran into him and explained things to him and he offered to help. That was what happened.”


Rodney didn’t say anything immediately but puffed out smoke from his cigarette


and Audrey had to cough.


She wasn’t used to the smell.


“So, you really want a second chance?” He asked.



“Y…yes, Mr Rodney. Back then at the audition, I had just been a little nervous. But I promise you; if you give me this last opportunity, I’ll make it up to you” she replied enthusiastically, beginning to brighten up.


“Hmm. You sound so confident. You’re sure you can impress me?” “Yes, Mr Rodney. It’s a promise”.


Rodney paused and puffed out more smoke again and Audrey felt like choking.


But she needed to endure it at the moment.


“Well then, I’ll be giving you a second opportunity. You’ll sing in tonight’s audition. But if your song doesn’t impress me, you’ll be kicked out and even if you go ahead to report me to my dad, it won’t change a thing”.


Ouch! That was harsh. But Audrey’s face beamed with smiles as she learnt she was back in the game. She couldn’t believe she’d be taking part in the contest again. She might probably become a famed singer – just like she’s ever wanted. ***


It was a good thing she ws off duty that evening and the only thing she had to think of was getting to the competition venue.


She hurried home from work and didn’t meet anyone there and without any reluctancy, and headed for the venue.


The place wasn’t as crowded as the first time because a lot of them had been screened out.


Many people kept making Sidetalks with her name.


“What’s she doing here?


She’s not one of us.


She didn’t pass the audition.”


They kept staring at her, but she didn’t pay attention to any of them. They were the least of her problems at the moment.


Soon, the competition started and since she was just being given a second chance, she had to perform last.


When it was her turn, she walked in, feeling more confident.


Rodney was sitting there, in the midst of the other assistants and had an inscrutable expression.


Audrey took the microphone and stood in front if them, taking in a deep breath.


This was her last opportunity and she couldn’t lose it; never.


Shw stared at the instrumentalists and took her eyes back to the judges. Taking in a second deep breath, She began singing her favorite- love story by Taylor Swift.


“we were both young when I first saw you


I close my eyes and the flashback starts


I’m standing there


On a balcony in summer air


See the lights,


See the party,


the ball gowns


See you make your way through the crowd and say hello Little did I know


that you were Romeo, you went throwing pebbles


And my daddy said


Stay away from Juliet…


Rodney’s eyes grew wild as he heard her singing and his mind flashed to Jocelyn immediately.


At that moment, it felt like she was the one singing.


That ws her favourite song – their love story.


Audrey was the first person singing it to his hearing after he lost Jocelyn.


He kept starring at her with disbelieving eyes as she went on singing and she sang


it so perfectly – just like Jocelyn.


Who was she?




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