Fri. May 10th, 2024

Episode 15


By; Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s Pov:


I looked around and after another moment of thought, I lifted him from the floor


with his phone.


Wow! Quite a weight.


I placed his hand around my shoulder, making his wealth relax on me. Then, I started trudging with him.


I kept dragging him along, using a lot of effort and after a while, we got to aunt Tessy’s house and I dropped him on the floor.


I took in a deep breath with my hands at akimbo. My back was now aching a lot.


I brought out the house keys and opened the door, taking him into the house. It was just a one bedroom apartment but it was quite spacious.


I laid him on the bed and noticed he was now heating up. I unbuttoned his shirt and left to get a bowl of cold water and napkin.


When I returned, I found him restless; but his eyes were still closed. “Please, Jocelyn; hold on…I’ll get some help…hold on…don’t let go…Jocelyn; please…” he muttered pathetically.


I stared at him and felt pity. He was really going through a lot of pains.


I sat on the edge of the bed and placed the wet napkin on his head.



I watched him as he struggled and tears filled my eyes. Why was he this tormented by Jocelyn’s absence?


I continued dipping and placing the napkin on his head and after a while, he seemed to calm down. He finally became still and I felt a little relieved.


I decided to return the bowl and napkin, but just as I made to leave the bed, I felt a hand hold mine. It was Rodney’s.


“Please Jocelyn; don’t leave me” he said in a weak voice.


His eyes were still closed.


I stared at him and stared at the hands and smiled ruefully. I gently fred my hand from his and left to keep the bowl.


I returned and found him fast asleep. At last.


What would his reaction be when he wakes up and finds himself with me? I buttoned his shirt again and laid on the three seaters chair to sleep.


I woke up the next morning on the floor. I had turned and rolled off the chair while sleeping.


Hm. Funny sleeper.


I stood up and yawned and stretched and looked at Rodney on the bed. He was still sleeping. And he looked more at ease now. How cute he was in his sleep.


I went into the bathroom and washed my face, but when I returned to the sitting


room, I panicked at what I saw.


The bed was empty!


Rodney wasn’t there? Where the hell is he? He had been there a few minutes ago. What could have happened?


I was still there panicking when someone pushed me from behind and pinned me to the wall, holding my neck.


I choked and opened my eyes and found Rodney standing in front of me.


“Mr Rodney?” I struggled to say.


“You?” He asked with surprise and let go of me.


“It’s…its you? Why did you bring me here?” He asked as I coughed.


“Is that your way of thinking me for saving your life?” I asked peskily and took in a deep breath.


“I’m…I’m sorry” he mouthed.


“But how did I get here? What happened?”


“Um…don’t you remember anything from last night?” I asked.


“I…I think it was by the…” he paused and touched his head.


“Why were you there all alone, Mr Rodney?” I asked, since he had remained quiet.


“I was…I was just…It was nothing” he replied and sat on the bed.


“So, you found me on the road and brought me here?” He asked and I nodded. “This is my aunty’s house and coincidentally, where I had found you last night wasn’t far off from here. You were very cold and I couldn’t leave you out there at that moment because it was dangerous. My aunty’s presently not in town. So, that’s why I brought you here. I was just trying to be of help, Mr Rodney. I hope you don’t misunderstand me.” I enthused and he sighed. “Thanks” he said lowly.


“By the way,”:he continued.


“Did you see my phone?”


“Oh, yes. Here it is” I replied and gave the phone to him. I watched him silently as he turned it on and operated it. He actually sent a message to his mum:


“Don’t worry about me, mum. I’m fine. Just wanna be alone”.


And he switched it off again.


After that, he left the room, headed outside and I followed him behind.


He placed his hands at akimbo and closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. The compound – which had no gate – was very spacious and there was a tall tree planted there.


“This reminds me of a farm house Jocelyn and loved visiting” he said with an enfeebled smile and touched the little flowers that were planted at a corner. “Um…not to sound offensive, Mr Rodney; but you’re actually calling my aunt’s house a farmhouse” I said and he cracked. Yes, he cracked; but didn’t laugh.


“When will your aunt return?” he asked without looking at me.


I was still standing behind him.


“I don’t know. Maybe next week”. I replied and he left the flowers he was touching and turned to look at me.


“Could I ask for a favor; Audrey?” He said.


“Un…okay. Sure. What is it?”


“I’d love to spend a few days here. Is that okay with you?” My feet wobbled as I fought to maintain my stamina. Huh?


Was this a dream or what?


“Audrey?” He called, noticing I was lost in thoughts.


“Uh…Mr Rodney. ..why do you want to stay here?” I stuttered and he turned around, backing me.



“Well, I don’t know. I just…I just want to be alone. And besides, this kind of reminds me of Jocelyn. So, I just wanna be here;; for a couple of days or so”.He replied, but I still. Found it hard to comprehend.


Why would he want to be alone in such an isolated area?


Anyway, he had been of great help to her and I couldn’t say no to him. My aunt wasn’t around anyway. But, mum had better not find out about it.


“Um…its okay, Mr Rodney. You can stay here for the meantime. But in case you


need anything, you can just give me a call” I replied and he seemed surprised.


“Give you a call?” He asked; muddled.


“You wanna leave?”


“Well. ..yes. you said you wanted to be alone”. I replied.


“No. You’re not leaving.”


My heart skipped and I froze. What’s he talking about?


“M…Mr Rodney?” I stuttered.


“Yes. I mean; who’s gonna run all the errands for me? You’re staying with me, okay?” He replied and started walking into the house.


“And speaking of errands, come with me. I need you to get me some supplies” he added and walked in.


I placed my hand on my chest and tried to control my anxiety.


This is a dream; it has to be. Being alone with Mr Rodney for days? Was it really a reality?


“Audrey!” He called and I rushed in.




Who else is sensing trouble?


What do you think is gonna happen next?








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