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Episode 10


“Mr Rodney, i… i dont think he might want to be of help. You know, i had a little issue with him So….”


“Well, you have to convince him, he cut her off.


“I think you need to act fast, miss Audrey because there’ll be another audition this evening and you need to be back before then.


Audrey stared at him and his cold eyes were staring back at her. What a mess, she looked at the file in her hands and looked back at him This was going to be really difficult.


“O…..okay, sir, she said pathetically as she bowed and left the room.


She leaned on the closed door from outside and heaved a sigh, How was she going to convince Dr Davis to sign the files for her? Why would Rodney even assign such a condition to her?


Maybe it was a plan between him and Dr Davis. Maybe Dr Davis had reported her to him and they decided to use this opportunity to punish her. This was clearly a punishment.


She decided to check him out at his clinic But, on reaching there, the nurses told her he wasnt around and was currently at home. She asked for the location of his house and after getting it, She left immediatly to look for it.


She was so nervous; going to a guy’s house alone and a guy She had wronged for that matter.


She sat in the cab, taking in deep breaths and finally, the cab pulled in front of the apartment. It was massive and beautiful as well, but her anxiety couldn’t let her admire It for long.


She walked towards the gate and knocked and the gate was opened but wasn’t let in yet.


“Hi i’m here to see Dr. Davis, She said to the grumpy-looking gateman.


“What’s your name? Are you Audrey?” he asked and Audrey nodded.


But, She was abacked. How did he get to know her name? Could It be possible Dr Davis was already aware of her coming?


The gateman made a brief call and after that, he let her in.


“He’s inside”, he told her, pointing to the door and Audrey left after thanking him. She walked to the door and knocked nervously and a deep voice said from inside;


“come in.”


She pushed the door and the first sight she caught was him sitting on the couch, smiling. His legs were crossed and held a glass of wine.


“Good…..Good day, sir;” she greeted nervously as she walked fully into the


dazzling sitting room and stood in front of him.


“Audrey!” he exclaimed.


“What a pleasant surprise. How’re you doing?”


“I’m…..i’m ok”.


“Hmmm i never knew you could sound this nice”; he said and paused, giving himself sometime to chuckle.


“So, What’s brings you here? He continued and Audrey cleared her throat. “Uhm…….first of all, i want to apologize for What’s happened the other day. I’m


not really that kind of a person. I….. was just in a bad mood. Please, forgive me; i


promise it wont happen again.”


“Of course, it wont, not when you need a favour from me” He said with a smirk and drank from his glass.


“Rodney told me you’d be coming her to get my signature on the file.” He said and Audrey felt a little relieved.


“He did? Well, that great; sign it” she said ecstatically and stretch the file to him


but only laughed and didnt receive it.


“You are so funny” he said.


“Rodney only told me you’d be coming with the files. He never told me to to sign them, The choice is mine to make;”


Huh? Oh God! Was this going to be a difficult task?


“But…. aren’t you going to sign them? She asked with confused eyes and Davis


smiled and stood up.


“Follow me” he said and let her to the dinning which was just behind the sitting room.


He was putting on a short and a white vest and he was good looking too, He couldn’t be above 29 years of age.


They got to the dinning and Audrey’s eyes glittered at the foods arranged on the table.


“Take a seat; lets have lunch; Davis told her as he took a sit for himself.


Audrey swallowed hard and remained standing.


“Uh…. i….i dont think there any need for this, sir…. i’m not really hungry.”


“You need my help,right? So,i’d suggest you do what i say. Now, sit” he said in a calm voice and Audrey was compelled to sit.



He dished out food from the big plate into a smaller plate and gave it to Audrey and after that,he also dished out food for himself.


The food were appetizing and since Davis wanted her to eat; she decided not to go against it anymore.


She took in and spoonful of it and wow! It was delectable.


“So tell me about yourself,Audrey” he said with a pie in his mouth and Audrey stared at him.


“Myself?” She asked, surprised!


“What do you want to know about me?”


“Everything about yourself, past, your family, just something interesting”


“Well there’s nothing much to know about me. “I’m Audrey Donald, I’m 25, only child of Myself loving parents although, My father’s late. He died when i was eleven years old. I stay with my mum who’s a ganitress.i also have a sister that stay with us and her name is Rachael. She’s my cousin sis and has been living with us for ten years now.


“I don’t really know much about her childhood, but her parents are dead and her mum was my mum’s younger sister and So, we’re kind of closely related; Audrey said with mouthful of food and she gulped it down with wine.


Davis wasn’t really eating but just focused on staring at her asked she spoke.


“Tell me more about your childhood,” he said to her and she want on.


“My childhood? It was kind of boring, i might say and that because i didn’t have much friends i grew up her in L.A but we’re relocated to North America when i was 7 and that was where my father died.


Things were pretty tough for us back there but fortunately, one of my aunties here in L.A found the ganitress work for my mum and that was how we moved back here to L.A.


“Hold on, why’re asking all these questions?” She asked, but Davis didn’t say anything immediaty as he was staring into her eyes.


“Sir?” She called and he blinked and took his eyes to his food.


“Sir, are you alright?”


“Of course; I’m fine” he replied with his voice sounding a little rough.


“So, where’s the file you want me to sign?” He asked and Audrey gave it to him without reluctancy.


He signed them immediately and gave it back to her.


“Oh, my God! Thank you So much, Sir i really appreciate. Thanks a lot”. “You’re welcome you can leave when You’re done with your meal.” “Okay, Sir Thanks.”




Audrey walked out of the gate, beaming with smiles. She held the file to her chest as if her like depended on it.


Finally, she’ll be part of the contest again. And this time around, she was going to make sure there’d be not more complications again.


She headed back to the hotel So she could return the file to Rodney, but on reaching there, she felt perturbed because she has no idea where he could be and she needed to give him the file as soon as possible before the evening contest started.


Maybe he’d be at home, she thought and took a cab headed to his apartment. TBC.





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