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Episode 5


(Pain in the ass)




ignore this story if you are not matured enough to read such story….




Amanda: (gasp) Oh my God!


They both stop and turn to her in shock….


Amanda :(yells) what the, Oh God! this is an eye sour (she clasp her hand over her mouth and runs out, closing the door behind her)


Kelly: (catching her breath) Daddy don’t mind her just continue, she can’t come between the both of us(she urge signalling with her hand for him to continue with his thrust, he place her right leg up on his shoulder and insert his D**k again and began to jerk his waist up and down thrusting harder and faster squeezing her left br**st with his left hand, while she moaned fondling with the tip of her p***y…….




Amanda ran to her room, she couldn’t believe her eyes, she tried to scream but nothing was coming out, her heart embarked on a 100 meter race as she clenched to the duvet…….


Amanda: (mumbling) Oh my God ! what the hell , why didn’t I realize the kind of man he was, oh my God ! what a bone I was not to realize he’s been molesting his daughter, Oh what a fool I was not to know that this is why she’s been acting that way, what a slut!!! Committing the worst sin ever, Incest. No way I can’t let this continue,oh God what am I going to do….


She adjust the pillow and lay back on the duvet as many thoughts found their way


into her head….




Seconds passed and minutes followed and into hours he kept thrusting, seconds later he groaned a loud one as his brain signaled that he was gonna cum… Kelly felt the warm liquid hit her pu**y wall as he collapsed on top of her….



Kelly: (whispers as they lay exhausted side by side) you won’t leave me, would you?


Mr Peter :(wraps his arm tightly around her waist) Never! I love you Kelly…


Kelly: (kisses ) I love you more Daddy….


She got up, pick her nightie and toss it to him, he use it and clean the love making


from his D**k while she heads to the bathroom to clean up…..


That night he didn’t go to his room, he spent the night with Kelly, she was nestling


in his arms for the whole night….


The Next Day


Amanda was already up and pacing in the room waiting for him to come in……


Seconds later Mr Peter walked into the room, with no sign of guilt written over his




Amanda: (yells throwing shoes at him) Are you done, Are you done f**king your daughter? What a shame, a big shame to parenthood, you are sleeping with your own daughter, what sort of father are you, how long have this been going on?


Mr Peter: (snaps) stop it, stop yelling at me…


Amanda : I won’t stop until you tell me how long you’ve been involve in this kind


of sacrilege…


Mr peter: Listen to me, I owe you no explanation, Kelly is my daughter, I do what


I wish with her….


Amanda :(gasp) Oh my God!


Mr Peter :(To himself) My beautiful Teresa, my heart and soul yearns for you, (to Amanda) Kelly is a replica of her beautiful mother and it’s only natural that I transfered the love I had for her mom to her…..


Amanda :(snaps) And the only way to show it is by molesting her…..


Mr peter: yes, yes you can’t understand because you were not there with us, see Kelly and I we’re there for each other, I can’t begin to explain this cause you won’t understand…..



Amanda: (furious) you’re a disgrace, shame on you, you’re a maniac, now I realize what you meant when you told me never to come between you and your daughter…..


Mr peter:(annoyed) Enough!


Amanda :(in the same spirit) it’s not enough, how did I not realize the kind of


parent you are, you’re a disgrace to parenthood ……


Mr peter: if you don’t stop this now, I’ll teach you the worst lesson you’ll ever experience in your life, do you understand that?


Amanda: you will do nothing, you cannot do anything, I am not scared of you




Mr peter:(chuckles) Oh really?


Amanda: yes and I can decide to walk out of this marriage if I so wish and don’t


forget if I leave, I leave with your career, you remember that…..


She made to walk out but he dragged her back….


Mr peter:(bellows) come back here, don’t you ever walk out on me do you understand that, let me tell you something, you can have all the connections to get me where I want and make me the governor of this state but it won’t be enough to bring you out from where am going to burry you deep down, do you understand that? Now all you need to do is sit your ass down and be dutiful as a wife and stop being nosy, what I do with my daughter is no business of yours so keep quiet and play the game with me, now get out(push her and walk out of the room)


Amanda:(To his back) f**k you asshole, damn you, if you think that am gonna sit here and watch you molest your daughter, then you have another thing coming peter… (Hits her knuckles against the wall, in annoyance) Damn it, Damn it……


Still That Morning


Kelly walk majestically to the kitchen and met Amanda making muffins, she didn’t say a word to her but rather walked to the fridge and pour herself a glass of juice, Amanda follows her with her eyes as she crosses over to the already made muffins and picked one of it….



Amanda:(watch her with murder in her eyes) look at you, impudent whore, so you still have the cheek to show your disgusting face this morning and even touch my own thing…..


Kelly:(scoffs) And why would I want to hide my pretty face if I may ask you?


Amanda:(with utter disgust) you are the cheapest slut that I’ve ever seen, you are a


disgrace to all the girls out there….


Kelly:(chuckles flicking her hand in dismissal) oh please, Amanda don’t crack me up and did I hear you say I touched your thing, let me tell you something (drops glass of juice) this house and everything in it belongs to my dad and whatever belong to my dad, belongs to me, (points to herself) And do I need to remind you that you’re not needed here, by the way do I sense jealousy in your voice….


Amanda: (chuckles softly) Oh really, me(points to herself) jealous of you….


Kelly: yes and I must confess, it looks good on you..


Amanda :(retorts) In your dreams, I can never be jealous of you, jealous of you screwing your dad ewww that’s gross , I don’t know I just pity and hate you, I hate you …


Kelly:(Drops juice) you know what? I think that feeling is very very mutual because I hate you too, okay now that you know that he’s f**king me and that you’re no longer needed,why don’t you just burger off, just f**k off(yells) get out…


Amanda: cheap slut, whore! Your mom will be raving with anger in her grave, for what you’ve turn out to be, a twisted father f**king slut!!!!!


Kelly: leave my mom out of this..


Amanda: (scoffs) Did I hear You say mom?


Kelly: I said leave her out of this……


Amanda: you still call her mom after screwing her husband…..


Kelly furiously empties the glass of juice on her, she made to slap her but she quickly dash out of the kitchen as she carelessly drops the glass , it landed with a loud crashing noise on the floor, shattering on impact..


Amanda: (wipes her face with her hand) you just stepped on the tail of a cobra ,


get ready for its venom……






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