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I stared at my finger nails as Evans drove me home, I couldn’t cry neither could I laugh.


Why would she dress up as a boy i mean who does that.


Tears dropped on my finger and my heart felt heavy, and I really really liked him, he was nice playful and sweet with me. I really, really liked him… I still do, but now he’s a girl. This is all messed up and confusing..


I got home that day and met my mom, Peter and his mom in the living room, I didn’t know I cried a lot in the limo that my mom noticed my red eyes and nose. “g…good..d afte.. I tried to greet but I sniffed and hiccuped ..


“oh my goodness, Samantha” my mom stood up and walked up to me.


“what happened to you? Why us your face like this?” my mom asked and gently place her hand on my cheek but I moved back and raised my head at her, she’s a little, just a little taller than me so it wasn’t neck killing. “nothing” I lied.


“really?” Peters mom interfered and I nod, I mean is it that obvious that I cried. “Yeah” I said and glance at Peter who was gazing at me with his lips parted open, he immediately close them when he caught my gaze but I looked away.


“did the project not go well?” my mom asked.


“it went perfectly fine, I just need to be alone” I said and a few droplet of tears crawled down my cheeks making my mom gasped.


“Joyce dear please excuse me” she said to Peters mom and followed me upstairs to my room, I got on my bed and start to remove my shoes.


“didn’t you get the message I want to be alone” I almost yelled and my mom closed the door and sat down beside me.


“please Sam, what’s wrong you have to tell me”


“it’s nothing” I sniffed.


“nothing but you keep crying, tell me so I can help” she said and I sighed and moved my hair back.


“you can’t help mom, there’s nothing you can do” I said and she sighed.


“but you used to tell me everything but ever since you started this school, you tell me nothing Now!” my half yelled and I sniffed.


“that was then, this is now, I grew up mom i don’t need to tell you everything now” I said boldly and my mom sighed.


“oh really? You grew up? See let me tell you something you don’t know you may grow up but not to me you might even get older get married, have kids but you’ll never grow up not to me because I am your mother and you’ll always be my little girl” my mom said and I gaze at her before looking away, the thought of James made me sob And I shook my head negatively. “I’m sorry I can’t”.


“fine suit yourself” my mom said angrily and stood up, we both heard a knock on my door and my mom walked up to it and opened it.


“oh hey Mrs kr– before Naomi could complete her words my mom walked passed her while Naomi walked in quietly with her bag and slowly close the door.


“I don’t remember offending your mom any– Naomi kept quiet when I suddenly hugged her and start to cry on her shoulder.


“okay this is new..” she said slowly dropping her bag and patting my back.


“what’s wrong?” she asked.


“J..James” I said and she moved back immediately.


“he broke up with you?” she asked but I shook my head and moved to the bed and slowly sit down so she’ll sit next to me and she did. “so…?


“I broke up with him.. Her” I sniffed.


“Huh?” Naomi leaned her head forward not getting me.



“turns out Jame’s not who I thought he was” I said swallowing the heaviness in my throat. And drying my tears with my palm.


“what is he then? Is he one of those gangster or street– “he’s a girl” I blurted out and hee jaw dropped. “I’m sorry come again” she said.


“James is a girl and he.. She’s been lying to me by dressing up as a boy and dating me and today she revealed who she truly is and that’s explains why a boy could hold such a feminine beauty” I said and breathed in, this is so not fair for me. “but wait!.. What?.. But.. How.. Did she cover up this whole part..” Naomi said gesturing her hands over her chest


“she’s been wearing chest binders and she’s not the big boob’s type” I said lowly and Naomi nodded understandably.


“oh my god, so she’s a lesbian and she used you as her girlfriend since she knew no-one would want to date her, and since you were clueless of her identity she hit the red card, I am so sorry sam” Naomi said giving me a side hug.


“and it was just so embarrassing I couldn’t say it to my mom and don’t apologize it’s not your fault” I sniffed and start to shes useless tears, it’s not gonna turn a girl into a boy.


“wait, I’ll get you a glass of water, it helps when it comes to situation like this” Naomi said and stood up. She walked out leaving the door open and I sighed and stood up to go close the door but paused when my teary eyes saw my mom stepping Naomi stated the staircase.


“what did she say is wrong with her?” my mom asked her.


“huh? Is anything wrong with her?” Naomi asked playing dumb.


“don’t try to hide the truth from me Naomi, I deserve to know I’m her mom I know she told you about it cause she’s your best friend and you guys tell each other everything and you think I didn’t see the way she hugged you when you walked in, I deserve that hug so spill it” my mother half yelled but lowered her voice.


“Mrs kress.. I’m sorry but you don’t have to know” Naomi replied and my mom sighed.


“please.. I’m worried about my baby I need to know whats bothering her” my mom


pleaded and Naomi sighed.


“okay fine”..


Wait. She’s not gonna tell my mom is she?.


“Her boyfriend broke up with her the end” Naomi said and my mom almost tried to


hide her smile.


“oh really,”.



“yep” Naomi said and walked passed her and I slowly closed the door and went to sit on the bed, I heard a small knock at first I thought it was in my head but I realise I was wrong when I heard it again. “it’s open” I said lowly and the door slowly open and Peter walked in.


“hi I brought you water” he said handing me a glass of water.


“it’s okay Naomi alr– I sighed and took it from him.


“thanks” I said and dropped it on my drawer, he tried to go but I called him back and he turned with a smile.


“what would you do if the person you’re dating now is a guy and he’s been tricking


you” I asked and his mouth parted open


“what?” .


“it’s nothing” I said, smiled falsely, “you can go”..


“oh okay..” he said and started to walk out but he stopped as he got to the door.


And he turned.


“well if the person I was dating is a guy and had been tricking me then I’ll let him explain why he’s been tricking me and then whatever his reasons may be ill tell him to go to hell, but that can never happen cause I can never date a guy” he said, smiled and walked away.


I sighed and fell on my bed staring at the ceiling, I heard as my door suddenly closed and Naomi’s voice followed .


“wasn’t that your mom’s friend son? what was that cute dude doing in here?”


“cute?” I said sitting up and sighing.


“yeah isn’t he? ” she replied.


“well he brought me a glass of water” I said and glance at Naomi’s glass of water. “awwn looks like I’m a little late, well I’ll just have it to myself” Naomi said and drank the whole glass and so did I..


“so the reason I came here is because of the sleepover your mom said I was going to have with you but not at home and that’s why I came here but not knowing I’d meet you in this kind of situation..” Naomi explained and I sighed for the hundredth time.


“it’s Esther’s sleepover and I was supposed to go this evening and even though I love sleepovers, I can’t go to this one cause James’s going to be there and I don’t want to see him” I Explained without crying, thank god.


“well I have to say, the sleepover is going to be a big distraction over James and you staying at home alone will make you suicidal and if James is going to be at that sleepover then he’s crazy and he’s just toying with your feelings, but if he isn’t



at that sleepover then he’s probably at him thinking about what he’s done to you” Naomi said and I pondered about the whole thing. . “yeah, you’re right.” I said and she smiled.


“so are we going?” she asked and I nod.


“great” she beamed.


“and Naomi stop using the word «he» for James use her.. and her real name is Janice” I tell her.


“oh” she said and looked away awkwardly.


“but thank you for coming ,you really made me feel okay a bit” I said and she smiled.


“I’m your best friend, that’s what people like us do” she said with a small laugh making me smile.


Naomi and I remained like that until my mom yelled my name from downstairs and I found myself walking down with Naomi behind me..


“there’s a girl on the home phone and she wants to talk to you, she said her name’s Esther Lopez” my mum said and handed me the phone. “hello” I said lowly.


“hey Sam, just calling you to remind you of my sleepover, and it’s start by 7:pm on the dot I’m just calling you to give you my address.” she rapped through the phone. “okay which is?”


“P21 Boston lane, not so far from school” she said and I nod.




“okay bye, I’m gonna hang up now”


“okay.. Wa..wait!” I half yelled and she sighed “what?” she said dryly.


“how did you ever get my house number?” I asked..


“hello.!!. I’m the school president, and FYI I stole your resume and peeped at it” she said and laughed a bit.


“okay whatever, I’ll see you at seven” I said and hanged up before she could say whatever she wanted to say.


“that was the girl, the one having the sleepover” I said giving my mom back the phone


“oh okay” my mom said and watched me walk away dragging Naomi with me.


I didn’t know what to do but I was glad Naomi came cause she filled up my head with when she was in camp. And with all the activities and fun she was telling me about I wished I was in that camp, at least to get myself distracted, I don’t know why I never sit down and listen to Naomi like this.. Telling me a lot my head filled up with a lot of camping imaginations and before I knew it I fell asleep.


*. *. *. *. *. *.


“hey.. Hey Sam” I heard a tired voice call me.


“what is it?” I groaned still sleeping.


“it’s 6:25pm.. We need to get ready” Naomi said and pinched my arm which my blood rise and I opened my eyes.


“why would you do that, don’t you know it hurts” I whined and glared at her but she was busy getting out of the bed. “I slept too but I actually know my limit, check the time we’re late” she said before entering the bathroom.


I sighed and got up from my bed. I don’t feel like going to that sleepover, but since Naomi said its going to be a distraction I’m gonna give it a try. “I’m ready” Naomi yelled from the bathroom and walked out.


“well then let’s go” I said.


“you’re not gonna brush your hair or powder your face or..


“we’re going to a sleepover Naomi not a fashion show.” I said and she shrugged.


“wow you’ve changed” she said walking passed me and picking up her bag.


“what do you mean?” I asked.


“nothing” she smiles. We both walked downstairs and Beatrice had already put my stuff in the limo and after drinking a glass of orange juice and water. Naomi and I walked out.


Evans opened the limo door for Naomi and I and we both got in and Naomi couldn’t suddenly help her weird grin as she gaze at every nook and cranny in the car.


“stop acting like a weirdo it’s not the first time you’re entering my limo” I rolled my eyes.


“actually it is” she said seriously.


“oh.. I.. I didn’t know” I said lowly and looked away.


“where to miss?” Evans asked me.


“oh” I said and suddenly brought out my phone and typed in the address before showing it to him. “use my GPS this time it’s better” I said and he took the phone from me, smiled and walked to the front before getting in.


*. After minutes of driving the limo stopped in front of a huge house, bigger than my parent’s and a small “whoa” escaped Naomi’s lips. “all these rich kids” she smiled.


I got down and looked at the address in front of the house and it was correct.


“thanks Evans” I said from the window and he smiled and handed me my phone.


“C’mon Naomi” I and she got down from the car and handed me my bag.



“you’ll come back tomorrow morning but I’m not sure of myself, so I can call you” I tell Evans and he nod before driving away.


We both walked inside the building and Walked to the Front door, I was pressing the doorbell when the door opened


“Samantha!” Victoria said happily hugging me and making me push Naomi a bit.


“ouch?” Naomi said picking up her bag that fell down.


“oh my god, I’m sorry..sorry” Victoria said disengaging the hug and helping Naomi pick her bag before she could.


“it’s okay. It’s not like my head fell” Naomi laughed, she’s nervous.


“who’s this?” Victoria whispered to me.


“she’s my friend, Naomi, I invited her” I replied.


“great Esther’s going to be psyched.. the more the merrier, she was a bit bummed since she didn’t see you or James earlier , but now you’re here and I don’t think James is coming. We’ve all tried calling him but he’s not picking up” victoria explained and I glance at Naomi who Gave a “I told ya” look. “who are you talking too vic–


I heard Lucas voice behind us and he smiled seeing me.


“oh Sam, you’re here”.


“hi” I smiled at him.


“who’s that?” Lucas asked.


“that’s my friend Na–


“I’m Naomi” Naomi interrupted me and I sighed and turned back to Victoria. “let’s go in” .


We all walked into the Lopez’s resident and Lucas closed the door.


“wow” I heard Naomi gasped and I smiled.


“oh my god, thank goodness you’re here.. And you brought an invite, you are so blessed sam” Esther said behind us and I turned “my pleasure” I smiled.


“and see that James I am going to chop his brains bit by bit if I get a hold of him” she said and I just smiled forcefully, the thought of seeing him is making my head hot, I don’t want to see him at all. We all got to the living room where I met, Tracey, Kaden, Jerold molly and a girl I don’t know, I introduced Naomi to them and found out the girl I don’t know is Esther’s cousin, or neice or.. I don’t know how she explained their relation but they’re related and her name is Susan but she preferred to be called Suzie.


“so my wonderful sleepover has just begun and I want everyone to help themselves with cookies, chips. Cake or chocolate, it’s in the fridge over there.. She said and



pointed to the direction.. “help yourselves I have some other business to attend to upstairs” she said and was about walking away when Lucas spoke up.


“Esthie, my private doctor said candy isn’t good for my body and he said I should take more meat like chicken and–


“if you want chicken. Just say so” Esther glared at him and threw her phone at him.


“there, order some I’ll pay” she said before walking away.


“that’s great!” Lucas said picking up the phone.


“they’re all just so pretty” Naomi whispered to me and I laughed.


“I can tell you’re nervous, don’t act too shy, too slow, or too psyched, just act like its you and me here alone, be yourself. Cause once you’re someone else there’s no going back” I whispered back and she smiled and nod. “thanks, I didn’t know you give great advice” she whispered and giggled.


“don’t tease me” I roll my eyes at her and she giggled and hugged me from behind. “I was just kidding”. She smiled


“so it’s seems like you’ve known each other for years now cause Samantha will never let someone hug her like that” Tracey said stirring Her melted ice-cream. And I glared at her.


“hey I’m just saying the truth” she added when she saw my glare.


“we’ve been friends since 1st grade” Naomi said.


“you went to the same school?” Jerold asked.


“no. We live close by” I replied sitting on one of the couch and pulling Naomi to sit beside me. And she did.


“well that explains it” Tracey smiled, and she looks so mature in house clothes, rather than school uniform.


“I brought cookies!!!” Victoria’s cheerful voice echoed through the living room and everyone rushed her including me, I needed sugar, Naomi sat still and I decided to get for her but Jerold suddenly beat me to it.


“hey cutie..i brought you a cookie” he said and handed her one.


“uh thanks?” Naomi said and glance at me. I gave them privacy and went to sit on another couch opposite theirs. But beside molly.


“Jerold’s totally hitting on your friend aren’t you going to do anything,?” molly asked crunching on her cookie..


“what do you want me to do? Slap Jerold and drag Naomi out, please she’s not a kid” I said tiredly not rested on the couch.


My eyes suddenly dart to tracey who got up from where she was sitting and walk up to Naomi and Jerold.



“hey Naomi.. Let me tell you things you don’t know about this fungus, he’s a real player and he breaks heart and then he’ll give excuses like you’re boring, so take note while you still have hands, you’re a friend of Sam that’s why I care” Tracey said and I couldn’t help but laugh, no one couldn’t help but laugh. “Tracey what’s your problem?” Jerold asked after a sigh.


“Tracey what’s your problem?” Tracey mimicked Jerold’s huge voice and we all laughed again and so did Naomi. But my laughter faded when molly walked in taking off her shoes.


“finally I brought the missing egg” she said as James, Janice walked inside and our


eyes met. You’ve got to be kidding me.












(Being perfect)







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