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Epilogue ✍ ✍



A week Later


Mitchell,Kelly, Keira and Jason are all standing in front of Amanda’s grave which is directly opposite Mr Peter’s,to offer her flowers..


Mitchell:(Drops flower on Amanda’s head stone) you were my only friend and even in death you’re still my friend,I will never stop loving you may your gentle soul rest in peace..


Both:(Keira and Jason drops theirs)Rip ma’am Keira: we’ll miss you..


Kelly:(sobs, biting her lips to muffle her cry)you were nothing but good to me,even when we were never getting along, you were still good to me,I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me knowing and unknowingly,you bought Jay into my life(steal a glance at Jason,he squeez her hand)and I’ll always be grateful for that, I’m sorry for all I’ve done to you and I hope you find a place in your good heart to forgive me, please accept my flowers it’ll make me really happy (drops flower and turn to Mr peter head stone (And you,I hate you,even in there I still hate you..


Jason:(holds her to stop her but she brush off his hand roughly)


Kelly:I hate you so much, you’ll rot in hell where you belong,moron…


Jason:Hey he’s still your dad..


Kelly:(Breaks into tears) he’s not


Jason:But he raised you up, that makes him your Dad, he’s dead now,you should


forgive him…


Kelly:Never(walks away)


Both:(Mitchell and Keira follows behind her)


Jason:(shakes head and mumbles as if talking to Mr peter)sorry she doesn’t want to forgive you,I guess you were too bad to her(walks away, hurrying behind Kelly)wait up babe..




Two weeks on



Kelly and Keira are both standing in front of Jason’s apartment, waiting for him to come back…


Keira:we should just go home,I don’t think he’s coming back any sooner…


Kelly:(shrugs)He is,Jay have never stood me out before, he’ll be here anytime from now..


Keira:I hope he will,cause my legs are hurting..


Kelly: when I told you to wear something fitting you didn’t wanna listen…


Jason:(drives in)


Keira:strappy sandals were the last thing on my mind…


Kelly: you’re the one complaining not me…


Keira:so now (turn and see Jason coming out of his car) speaking of the devil(smiles at Kelly) he’s here


Kelly:I told you he’s coming..


Keira:yes you did


Jason:(step down and hurries towards them)




Keira:(rolls eyes )


Jason:Hey cupcake (peck Kelly on her cheek,turn to Keira) what’s up babe Keira:Hey


Kelly:Jay you stood us out for Two unpleasant hours…


Jason: yeah who cares..


Keira: seriously (rolls eyes again)


Kelly: I’m not joking


Jason: And am not laughing either


Keira:(raise a brow)is this a joke?


Jason:Am I a comedian?



Kelly:oh God, you’re funny


Jason:indeed hilarious (kiss Kelly )I love you cupcake Kelly:(giggles)I love you too

Keira:(giggles) Awwnn


Jason:(to Kelly only)I know it’s just some month that we met,and all this had been a setup but cupcake I truly really love you


Kelly:oh you do?


Jason:(go down on one knee) cupcake I do(takes out a ring box from his pocket and opens it) would you marry me?


Keira:(Eyes almost pops out in surprise)


Kelly:(very happy, speechless,as tears flow down her cheek)


Keira:(whisper tucking on her hair)say yes,say yes…


Kelly:yes(jumps) I’ll marry you (stretch out a hand)


Jason:(slids the ring into her finger, gets up and hug her)I love you (disengage from the hug and kiss her)


Kelly:love you too (returns kiss)


Keira:(squirms)oh my God,this is so romantic..


Jason: I’m taking you out…




Keira:(clamor) can I come,can I please..




Kelly:why not


Jason:(walks her to the car and open the door for her).


Kelly:(steps in and sits magestically)


Keira:(takes the back sit)


Jason:(Enter car and kiss Kelly again)



Keira:(rolls eyes again )Love bird can we go now?


Jason:(revv car engine,smiles at Kelly and drives off)








(Wedding passes)


Fast forward ✍ ✍


(Wedding Night)


Jason:(sits on a chair in the room scrolling through his phone)


Kelly:(lies on the bed watching him).


They sit in silence….


Kelly:(invite amorouskily and huskily, breaking the silence) come to bed Jason:(sits without moving a muscle, undecided)


Kelly:(pulls her nightie over her head as if to prove a point,throw it on the floor and stood unashamedly naked in the light,her orb prominently outlined against her silk pant,with her braless boobs dancing quiverinngly on her chest)


Jason:(something rustled in the thicket of his short, throbbing with life) Kelly:(invites again, pouting her lips)babe come to bed let’s make babies…


Jason:(aflame,he got tremblingly to his feet with his short bulging and made for her)


Kelly:(move back ward towards the bed,then lying on it gently and trance like,their eyes locked in an inexpressible desire, instinctively,her left hand reached for the light switch, plunging the entire room into darkness and in the darkness they made love)








The End

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