Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 1


Sub: Step mom






Mr Peter Official Entourage drove into the compound,Kelly peeps through the


window and saw her Dad, she ran all the way down to welcome him…..



Kelly: Hey Daddy (she yelled as she jumped into his arms for a hug)


She had really missed him since he went on his trip……


Mr Peter: Hey baby (gives her a peck on the cheek)


Kelly: Oh my gosh!…I miss you so much Daddy


Mr Peter: (whispers) oh my baby, I miss you more, I miss everything we shared together, I couldn’t help but think about you( bites her slowly on her ear)


Kelly: (giggles) Awwnn….. Daddy I miss you too…


Amanda steps down from the car to join them Mr Peter: (looking around) so how is it going?


Kelly: (pouting her lips and straightening his collar) Am very, very lonely, this house is too big Daddy you left me for so long but now you’re here it’s gonna be fun…..


Mr Peter:(grins) yeah that’s good to know.


Amanda:(interrupts making her presence known) I guess you never lied about the


love you shared with your daughter…..




Amanda:(smiling broadly) I hope both of you will let me share a bit of it?


Kelly:(tilts her head trying to know who the visitor is) who are you if I may ask?


Amanda:(offering Kelly an handshake) I’m Amanda….


Mr Peter: (introducing the ladies to each other) Now sweetheart meet my daughter


Kelly and Kelly here is Amanda my new wife….


Kelly:(gasp) what? No…… no…… no(shaking her head) No Daddy come on you’re


joking, you know (trying not to believe)


Mr Peter:(frowns) C’mon sweety just get some manners and say hello to your step




Kelly:(flares) she is not my step mom, will never be my stepmom, geez Daddy what were you thinking getting married (Amanda watch in surprise) you’re too old, she’s here for the money (out of jealousy) Daddy you know that, you’re going to regret it, don’t say I didn’t tell you… (Walks away)



Amanda: (confused at Kelly’s reaction) Did I do something wrong?


Mr Peter: No sweetheart she’s a little bit surprise about you, she’ll adjust okay……


Amanda: okay








Kelly:(to herself, admist sobs) why on Earth did he bring that bitch into this house


She ran upstairs and slammed the door shut before flinging the stuffed toys off her bed and jamming the pillow over her head..


How dare he! I’ve always known Dad to always keep to his words, why the sudden change now…. (She sat up and wipe her tears) i just hate him now, I hate him (she


clutch her teddy bear then she heard her door knob twist so she turned to the door and saw her Dad coming in) what are you doing here Daddy. I cannot remember inviting you to my room, what are you doing here your wife needs you more go away………..


Mr Peter: (wearily) sweetheart don’t talk like that honey listen I know that I should have told you before bringing Amanda in but you see it just became necessary that I marry her…… (he Sits on the bed)


Kelly:(cries) Oh God Daddy please don’t even say that to me okay, just go away, go away I don’t ever want to see you again go and get married to whoever you want to get married to, I hope they satisfy you, Daddy you promised me that nobody would ever gonna come between the love you had for mom, I gave my whole life to you and you’re giving it all away, you’ve just failed all of us…


Mr Peter: Kelly calm down (makes to touch her but she brush his hands away)


Kelly:(with dilating pupils) Kelly, Amanda is not here to replace you and your mom, it’s far from it, see no one can ever replace you or your mom okay, but see my political career had made it necessary for me to have a partner and besides Amanda can really help in career, she has links….


Kelly: (gets up) okay I understand Daddy, (mimicking) necessary for you to have a wife, she can really help Carrier, she has links, (nods) okay are you telling me that your marriage to her is out of convenient……


Mr Peter: (stutter) ke…… lly



Kelly: (shakes head) no Daddy look me straight into my eyes and tell me that you


are married to that bitch because of convenient…..


Mr Peter: (slightly annoyed) you know that I love you, so relax, don’t you trust




Kelly: (yells) I just don’t know how to trust you, I don’t know you Daddy I hate




Mr Peter: (yells back) I love you baby….


Kelly: (yells) Get out……


She grows the stuffed toy, picks her clutch bag and storms out angrily……..


Mr Peter: (shouts to her back) come back baby, come back, I love you baby…..






Daddy Sex Toy 18+





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