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James sighed and walked up to Tracey sitting beside her.


“so now we’re complete and we can start a our sleep– where’s Kaden?” Esther asked.


“I’m in here” his voice yelled from the kitchen and Esther smiled


“okay, we can start our sleepover by watching a very romantic but yet a sad movie” Esther smiled.


“don’t tell me it’s.. Titanic” Kaden said walking out of the kitchen with chocolate stains on his lips.


“oh yes it is” Esther beamed and her hand reached for his lips and she cleaned the stain for him and cleaned it on his shirt.


“you’ll be paying for my laundry this week” he said and walked passed her.


“C’mon Esther, we watch Titanic like every sleepover you hold, who hasn’t seen


Titanic” Tracey said


“me?” Naomi said lowly.


“really?” Esther and Tracey said at the same time. Esther with a smile, Tracey with a frown.



“yeah” Naomi said and Tracey rolled her eyes. “we can’t use because of her to repeat a movie we’ve seen a zillion times”.


“Tracey, don’t be such a lamie, she hasn’t seen it, and my cousin too right Suzie?” Esther asked Suzie who’s been too busy with her phone, “I’ve watched it like about two times but I don’t mind if I watch it again” Suzie said and Tracey huffed. “but isn’t it better if we wa–


“I haven’t seen it” I cut Tracey and she turned to me. “but Sam.. Tracey tried to say but she stopped talking when I looked away.


“great! We’re so watching Titanic” Esther yelled happily and the doorbell ringed.


“that must be the chicken” Lucas said and hurried to the door.


Surprisingly Esther said we should head to the movie room which everyone knew about but I didn’t, and while going upstairs, Naomi stood side by side with me and whispered if it was James who sat beside Tracey and I told her it was him.. Her.


We got to the movie room which was dark and had a dim light with a huge very huge flat screen TV and everyone suddenly took their spot on the long couch opposite the TV leaving, me Naomi and James standing.


“you three can sit on the floor” Tracey smiled and I rolled my eyes at her before sitting down, Naomi sat down in the middle of James and I while Esther went to play the movie.


“hey guys I brought meat” Lucas walked in, and gave everyone a box of deep fried chicken covered in curry and tomato paste.


“okay guys get to your position I’m about to play it” Esther half yelled and everyone went to their seat, seeing that everyone is occupied Lucas sat beside me. The movie started and through Naomi’s face I could feel James glances. The movie seemed boring at first but when the main character jack and rose met I found myself more interested in it, Rose wanted to do everything for Jack, she wanted to be with Jack, she loved jack, she was such a loyal girlfriend… Just like.. The movie got everyone even Tracey who complained about it, I was so lost in it until Lucas tapped me making me turn to him.


“are you gonna eat that?” he asked pointing to my chicken.


“here” I gave it to him and he smiled, I turned back to the movie and I was lost in it again.


*. *. .* .*


Everywhere became quiet at the last part of the movie where half of the entire cast had died leaving only Rose and Jack.


Jack was cold in the sea, holding on to his love rose who was lying on a door floating on the water and who was crying and shedding tears for the boy she loves



with her dear life to stay awake cause it looked like he’s dying.. He’s going to die out cold. I found my body shivering during part and when he finally died I cried more than Rose did.


“Sam are you okay?” Esther asked me pausing the movie.


“I’m sorry, excuse me” I said before standing up and walking out of the room. “Sam..” I heard Naomi’s voice behind me and she caught me at the stair case. “I’m sorry for crying, I’m sorry for embarrassing you, I really a– “it’s okay” she hugged me.


“I know it’s because of him.. her” Naomi said and I cried even more.


I hugged her tightly and she pat my back.


“Sam..” I heard her voice called me and I sniffed and looked up to see James. “can we talk?” he. .. She.. Asked, I’m not to familiar with her feminine side so I’ll just refer her as he.


“I have nothing to talk you about” I said and he sighed.


“please.” he added.


I glance at Naomi and she gave me a “go on” look and she smiled.


“I’ll be in the movie room” Naomi said and walked away leaving James and I. I sat down on the stairs and cleaned my eyes, opening my eyes I found James sitting beside me and he released a sad sigh. “first of all I’m sorry” he said but I kept quiet.


“why did you do it” I finally say, “why did you dress up as a boy and deceived me?” I added.


“seriously it wasn’t my intention to date you, well it was but I didn’t mean to break your heart, and I’ve been dressing up as a boy ever since I was little, my mom gave birth to ten boys and then she went for her second sonogram when she was pregnant for me and was told she was going to give birth to a boy, so she kept all my brothers stuff for me and bought some other things but miraculously I was a girl when she gave birth to me, since she couldn’t return the boy stuff she bought I wore and used them like that and at four years I liked the way I looked like a boy and when my hair started to grow longer I demanded for it to be cut short like all my other brothers, and then when puberty hit me it was just worse I already loved the way I feel, act and look as a boy i didn’t want to be a girl, everyday I got prettier and someone could easily tell I’m a girl cause of my boob’s, so I started to buy chest binders and it helped cause it was the only thing standing in my way, but I couldn’t do anything my face, someone could easily guess I’m a girl cause I look nothing like a boy.. And I’ve never for once think about the future, I didn’t even think about liking someone, until I met you, you had no clue of me being a girl



while everyone knew, I’ve always thought about this… how can a girl fall for a girl, but the feeling’s all mutual.. i don’t know but I think it’s the same feeling you get when also falling a guy,.. I am sorry Sam, for making you a Les… I didn’t mean too, I was afraid to tell you cause I liked you too much”. He sniffed and I glance at her and saw the little tears that pricked Her eyes. Finally I referred to him as “her”. Still I didn’t say anything cause I didn’t know what to say,


“and the only thing I just want you to know is that I am so sorry, and what I ask for is your forgiveness, cause I really didn’t mean to hurt you this way, I am sorry Sam” she said and sniffed loudly, I gaze at HER and watch her bright eyes get circulated by tears, and another tears dropped from my eyes when I stopped myself from almost kissing her and I looked away.


“but why did you take that chances, sooner or later you’re going to grow up and you can’t be a boy forever cause you’re a girl and you can never hide that fact that you’re a girl, so why were you so stupid to realise that?” I cried and she sighed and looked away.


“I’m just so sorry” she said.


“well.. I sniffed and stood up. “you asked for my forgiveness but no, I will never forgive you” I said before walking back upstairs.


I made sure I cleaned my tears dry before walking back into the movie room and I sat beside Naomi, and laid my head on her shoulder.


“how did it go?” she asked. But I just sighed not being able to speak.


The movie that was being played looked interesting but I was interested and they’ve already gone half way, I kept thinking about James, she told me her reasons for dressing up as a boy and wasn’t entirely Her fault since it was part of her up bringing, but she had the chance to stop but she didn’t so it was part of her fault.. She turned me into lesbian and made herself into a dyke. I can’t believe this..


If only James was a boy, then all would be well, we wouldn’t be fighting and this sleepover would have hold so much meaning and no one would have shed any tears. And we’ll all remember this day as a gr– everyone suddenly gasped snapping me out of my reverie and I had to look at the TV and see what was going on, seeing a girl holding a knife stained with blood and licking it, I adverted my eyes else where and somehow it landed on Kaden and I found him staring at me. He tilt his head awkwardly at me and I sniffed and looked away.


Before I knew it a hand touched my shoulder And I looked up to see Kaden beside me.


“can we talk outside?” he said and I sighed.



“Kaden can you move. Your butt is in the way” Esther yelled and I stood up walking outside with Kaden, we both walk upstairs to a room and after entering the room Kaden close the door, I noticed it was Esther’s room cause it looked girly and has a big fancy writing on the wall that says “Esther”. Kaden walked up to the bed and sat down.


“what do you want with me?” I asked.


“come sit” he ordered and I glared at him before taking a sit beside him but not too close.


“I can tell something is wrong with you and James” he said like he cared.


“you mean Janice?” I scoffed.


“oh… .. You know” he added.


“you all knew but you didn’t tell me” I said holding the urge to cry again.


“look, I’m not a bad person Samantha, I really wanted to tell you cause I couldn’t bare to watch the girl I love, love her fellow girl” he sighed and I turned to him. He loved James?!!


“we all wanted to tell you but James didn’t want us to. She said she liked you and that made me hate you the more” he said calmly and I moved my hair back. “then why didn’t you tell her you loved her if you did love her, maybe that would have changed some things and we wouldn’t have dated” I huffed and he laughed. “I tried but you made everything so difficult for me so don’t try to act like its my fault okay?” Kaden laughed.


“I’m not saying its your fault. I mean even though I was being a little bit of a bitch you should have found a way, cause now I feel like tearing myself apart cause I still like James and even as a girl, I still do and that is driving me crazy” I yelled and an unexpected tear dropped.


“well I don’t know what to say now cause even though I try telling her now she won’t love me cause the people we love never love us back that is the saddest thing in life” Kaden explained and I start to cry.


“oh dang it.. . Please don’t cry..” he said holding me as my body slopped down to the floor.


“I’m really hurt” I said and he sighed.


“it’s okay, look be thankful for hard things in life, try not too look at them as bad things but as opportunity to grow and learn” Kaden explained and I look up at him “Huh?” I sniffed.


“also we should be thankful for the people who we fall in love with or who secretly falls in love with us cause we never chose to do so but the heavens do, so try not



too feel too bad about yourself cause it happened, it happened” Kaden said and I cleaned my tears. “just like Tracey’s in love with you” I mumbled. “what?” he leaned closer to me.


“nothing” I sniffed


“Tracey’s in love with me?” he asked.. So he heard me.


“I said nothing”.


“well too bad I heard it” he smiled


“and you’re really pretty Samantha, just wave your hand or smile while going home and you’ll get a tons of boyfriend” he laughed and I nudged him which made him laugh even more,


“uh what’s going on there?” I heard Victoria’s voice outside and a loud “shhhhhhh!!” following it.


Kaden told me to stay still and he walked quietly to the door and with force he opened it and Esther almost fell to her feet with Victoria behind her.


“Esther? Were you eavesdropping on our conversation” Kaden asked with a bit of humor in his voice.


“what.. Me?.. no way, I’m here to see you two and tell you we’re done watching the movie and everyone’s in the living room we’re going to play a game” she rushed her words before walking away, Victoria walked away following Kaden before me. We all got downstairs and Kaden helped me while getting down the two bricks of stairs.


“I can get down myself” I tell him.


“well if you can suddenly burst into tears why would I believe that” he said and I rolled my eyes.


I glance at James and she was looking at me and Kaden and seeing me she suddenly looked away. Naomi suddenly run up to me and we both sat on the floor beside a couch, molly Suzie and Kaden were sitting.


“okay guys.. Since we’re all here, we’ll all play the game of truth or dare”. Esther squeaked.


“that’s lame” Suzie said and Esther glared at her cousin.


“who holds a sleepover without playing truth or dare” Esther said angrily.


“most teenagers! How about we play seven minutes in heaven” Suzie smirked.


“ehh seven minutes in what now?” Jerold asked.


“seven minutes in heaven, it’s a game played among a group of people like us, and it’s played in a closet where two lucky opposite s£x get in a closet and make out for seven minute” Suzie explained.


“we all know that but we’re not doing that”. Esther blurted out.


“why not. That sounds like fun” Lucas chipped in.


“so you can try and make the hell out with Suzie, nice try Luke.. But sorry cousin I’m the host here so you gotta listen to anything I say, so sit” Esther said and gave her cousin a light push which made her fall back to the couch.


“we’re all playing truth or dare and I already bought the cards so my money Is not wasting..” she said and from nowhere she brought out a stack of cards brought out a small table and placed it in the middle of the living room. “okay everyone gather around the table” she announced like a reporter and everyone’s gathered around it sitting on the floor except me, James Suzie. “Suzie get down here now!” Esther ordered.


“my mom can’t control me that way, so who are you?” Suzie said standing up and walking away.


“please?” Esther added.


“I’ll be back, let me grab those gummy bears first” she smiled and Esther breathed a sigh of relief.


“what about you two?” Esther asked referring to James and I.


“oh just forget about them” Kaden said.


“no can’t do” Esther said, stood up and went to drag James.


“I’m not playing just pretend I’m not here” James groaned.


“but you’re here and the first person in my invite list so get up” she said and pulled him up.


“come join us Sam” Naomi beckoned.


“no it’s okay” I sighed.


“C’mon” she said and dragged me with force making me fall on top of her. I got angry and she apologized with a smile.. “I’m really sorry, just play with us okay” she said and I sighed and squeeze myself to sit down in between Kaden and Naomi and Kaden shifted a bit making me sit comfortably and at the same time James was sitting beside Esther. And Suzie walked in.


“okay we’re complete, and Now I’ll shuffle the cards” Esther said and did so, she said and place the card on the table, before bringing out a round board that look like a round compass clock and it had spinning arrow in the middle, she placed ten cards on the round board facing them back and at the back of the card, the capital letter “T” Or “D” was writing on the back of the card, if one of the card is T, the other one is, D. Which we all know stands for truth and dare.


“so who’s going first?” Esther asked and Lucas immediately raised his hand. “well okay! Spin the arrow” she said and Lucas smiled and pushed the big board arrow which started to spin slowly round and round until it stopped at a card that



had T at the back and Lucas smiled and picked up the card.. “okay read what’s inside” molly said excitedly and Lucas read it slowly. “truthfully name the worst thing you’ve ever done to a girl”.


“that’s easy, I don’t have a girlfriend neither have I done anything to a girl” Lucas smiled.


“really?!!”, Tracey, Esther, Kaden and Victoria said at the same time.


“yeah” Lucas grinned nervously.


“well okay since, I’m good with memories I’ll help you, remember sixth grade when you told us you had a crush on Alisa the school’s beauty queen, and when you wanted to go say hi to her you puked on her lunch” Tracey said boldly and everyone laughed. Including James who smiled. “that was years ago” Lucas said angrily.


“you’re a boy and she’s a girl and that was crazy, so that makes it the most craziest thing you’ve ever done to a girl” Tracey smiled.


“and yeah I should totally read the statement of not being able to complete your task” Esther said and brought a card to get face.


“if any member of the game failed to complete his/her task, he or she will pay fifty cent” Esther read and smiled after.


“but I have no money on me” Lucas whined, “then take off your shirt” Esther said,


Lucas tried to object but after Esther gave him a look he did so. “I will make sure


you take off yours too I won’t mind if you go naked or if you’re a girl” Lucas said


angrily like a child.


“pervert” Jerold laughed.


“Samantha, you seem bored why don’t you go next” Esther smiled.


“uh.. N-no it’s ok– Naomi hit me and I stopped talking “just spin the arrow” she said and I sighed and did,


the arrow stopped at a card with D at the back and I breathed in before taking the card, I’ve never play this game before, and it doesn’t seem fun to me. “read the card” Victoria squeaked.


“uhm okay.. I said and start to read the card “dare you to kiss the person by your left” I read and turned to my left to see Kaden’s surprised eyes.


“uh.. See that’s not possible” Kaden said with a nervous laugh.


“well Sam, If you’re not going to do it take off your shirt” Lucas said angrily. And I


turned to Kaden.






. Last episode to go



Finally ☺






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