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I walked back into the cafeteria after listening to Tracy’s crap about James being a girl, I mean that is the worst choice of words to say to me if she wants me to break up with James.


I went back to seat with the others and sat down beside James, they all looked at me as I huffed angrily and push my hair back. “is everything okay?” James asked.


“everything is fine.. Actually it’s not” I said and he arched his brows at me.


“what’s wrong?” he asked.


“do you know what Tracey said about you?” I huffed.


“what?” James asked and stopped chewing his food looking at me strangely his eyes filled with curiousness


“she said you’re… I paused as Tracey walked to her seat, she glanced at me and then sighed.


“look Sam, I don’t have any bad intention towards you and what I said is hundred percent true,.. She paused and glanced at James then at me.. “but if you don’t want to believe it it’s fine, I’m a good person and that’s why I told you that. don’t think I have any bad intention towards you and I just didn’t want you to give me the silent treatment cause it seems like you’re going to and that’s why am apologizing.” Tracy continued and I sighed and turned away.


I wasn’t going to give her the silent treatment or whatsoever I hate that too.


“what’s going on, what’s she apologizing for, and what were you trying to say before she came” James asked and I turned to him. “never mind it’s nothing”.


“okay whatever you say” James said and glance at Tracey who was having a low conversation Victoria and Molly.


Lunch break was over and James and I walked back to class together, his hand wrapped around my shoulder.



“but can’t you at least tell Me what Tracey was saying about me then.” James asked.


“I told you it’s nothing just forget about it she’s just jealous about us” I said dryly.


“but it wouldn’t hurt to know” he said and I huffed. “fine she said you’re a girl” I rushed my words


“I mean isn’t that the most dumbest thing she could ever say to break us up” I added.


“y..yeah..” James said and rubbed his neck uncomfortably. “let’s just forget about that Tracy’s cra-cray sometimes” I smiled. “look.. Um.. Sam no matter what anyone tells you, you don’t have to believe them, you just have to believe me okay!” James said and I paused and rolled my eyes.


“James, do you think I’m just going to break up with you just because someone had to say something extremely stupid to me. C’mon I’m not that cheap and stupid” I said and he laughed.


“okay.. Looks like I have nothing to worry about” he smiled and placed his hand back on my shoulder and we both walked in class.


. We had various subjects and each subject teacher asking me why I wore the school�jersey instead of the school uniform and I had to explain heaven and earth for them.


Immediately school was over I got up and walked over to Catherine Tiana’s stupid friend.


“earth to Catherine” I said as she placed her backpack on her desk. “and hell to Samantha” she said and I gave her a sounding slap that everyone turned to us. And Tiana quickly rushed up to us stopping Catherine from hitting me back. I could have totally stopped her back, with my teeth and that wouldn’t be friendly.


“what is going on here.. Samantha what is wrong with you” Tiana said but I ignored.


“don’t test ME Cat urine or whatever your name is” I said in a threatening tone to Catherine.



“don’t ignore me and answer me. What’s going on?” Tiana hallowed and I turned to her swiftly.


“it’s none of your business”.


“oh. Really. As the class president I have Evey right to know about this” she said and I smirked. “okay then ask your lifeless friend what the problem is and don’t ask me”.


“okay Catherine what’s going on” Tiana ask Catherine softly.


“I don’t know I have no idea of what this bitch is yamming about” Catherine yelled.


“you’re the bitch, bitch. You’re the reason every teacher is questioning me today, you’re the one who spilled that red paint on me.” I yelled and I got her on the dot cause she couldn’t move or say anything and she’s the one. “really Catherine, were you the one who spilled the red paint on her?” I asked and Catherine scoffed “she needed a taste of her own medicine” . “a taste of my own medicine, god you need some punches right now slaps are too forgiving” I said and move my hair back.


“she’s sorry Sam, she’s not going to do that again” Tiana said while I glared at Catherine.


“shut the hell up Tiana, you’re not me and I’m not apologizing to her so you shouldn’t” Catherine said boldly


“what are you doing, the principal would flip if he heard something like that happened in the school” Tiana whispered to Catherine and I took a step closer to the both of them “oh the principal’s so going to hear about this but Catherine pick someone your own size next time, if you don’t want to get taste of your own poison” I warned and walked away. No one can bully me or control, not when I’m still alive even dead I’ll still be the bully. Before walking out of the class I looked around for James but I didn’t see him.


Where could he be’ I thought sadly, “Samantha!” I heard my name called by Victoria and turned to her a little bit disappointed it’s not James.


“what’s with the face” she asked as she linked Her hand together with mine.


“I can’t find James” I blurted.


“oh James left earlier with Tracey to drama class” she said and I paused.




“yeah I saw them with my own eyes” she said and I huffed and walked out of the class pulling her with me,


Tracey shouldn’t do anything stupid or say anything stupid or I’m gonna kill her.


I stormed into the drama class, with Victoria who was out of breath. Cause I was walking pretty fast..


The first people I spotted was James, Kaden and Tracey laughing together, since I started alvery academy that’s the sight that always anger me. “James” I called and they all turned.


“Sam..” he smiled.. “I was looking all over for you why didn’t you tell me when you were coming to drama class”. I asked letting go of Victoria’s arm. “I wanted to call you but Tracey–


“oh Tracey, can I have a word with you” I interrupted James immediately


and Tracey head snapped up at me.




“why are you doing all these?” I asked Tracey when we both alone at the


corner of the class.


“doing all what?” she asked.


“first you said stupid things about James and now you’re dragging him along with you and what, you’re telling more stupid things now” I stated and she rolled her eyes.


“are you trying to break us up?” I asked.


“Yes, yes I am, I don’t want you guys together” she stated and I gasped loudly.


“you’re a such a—


“good friend, look Samantha, maybe you don’t know but for all this, you’ll totally thank me later” Tracey interrupted me, tapped my shoulder and walked away.


“good friend my butt” I primped, and walked up to my seat beside James and Lucas as the drama teacher walked in



“good afternoon, as you all know today we’re going to be rehearsing for the school play which is..


“the frog price..” the class replied and he smiled.


“good.. I’ve picked the other casts yesterday and now I’ll be picking the main characters today, you there stand up” he said and pointed to Kaden who asked “me?” to be sure and after the drama teacher nodded he sighed and stood up..


“Esther Lopez please on your feet” the drama teacher instructed and Esther stood up tiredly.


“you’re going to be the frog prince, and you’re going to be the princess” the drama teacher said to Kaden and Esther.


“what?. But sir I don’t want to be the frog p– “prince?” the teacher interrupted Kaden and he nods.


“boy. you’re perfect for the frog prince” the drama teacher smiled weirdly “I might be perfect for the frog prince but I don’t have that acting skill” Kaden said and the drama teacher rolled his eyes.


“non-sense!! I’m not your drama teacher for nothing, I’m going to posses you with the spirit of acting son,” the drama teacher smiled. James laughed lightly as he glance at Kaden who was wearing a sick face. “Kaden hates plays” James whispered to me.


“and I don’t care” I whispered back to him and he rolled his eyes at me. “are you still mad at Tracey?” he asked.


“I’m not mad at Tracey am mad at you!” I stated.


“me? What the hell did I do” James whispered


“but I don’t want to be part of the pla— “shhh.. ” the drama teacher interrupted Kaden and heavens he was looking at James and I.


“you, stand up.” he said to James and James glance at me before standing up.


“I was mistaken. You’re the prefect one, before becoming a frog the prince was young, beautiful, charming and petite.. And that’s you, you’re the new frog prince” the drama teacher said dramatically and excitedly and James



jaw dropped. (Join Group)


“what me?” James almost laughed.


“yeah you got a problem with that” the drama teacher asked and James nod. “if you dare complain about anything like this douche here, I’m gonna reduce your grade marks for this term” the drama teacher threatened.


“if that’s the case, my mouth are sealed sir” James said and everyone giggled.


“and you Esther Lopez, you’re the princess”.


Wait if James is the frog prince and Esther is the princess that means they’re gonna kiss at the ending scene and I can’t let that happen. I have to be princess.


“uhm sir, if I may” I stood up and the drama teacher turned to me.


“and you’re?” he asked.


“Samantha.. Samantha kress.” I tell him.


“okay the newbie, do I happen to have any business with you?” he asked and I nod. “which is?”


“I’d like to be the princess” I said and he smiled.


“as you can see miss kress the princess role is already taken by the school’s president” the drama teacher announced and I balled my fist..


“she didn’t pick the role instead you chose the role for her and that’s not fair” I said and voice echoed but little murmurs start to rise.


“are you trying to tutor me in what’s right or wrong?” the drama teacher asked feeling a little mad. He can be mad for all I care I just want to be beside my James.


“I am not trying to tutor you sir, but sometimes the younger ones are the best when it comes to saying the right thing, I’ve been a member of this school for almost a month and I’ve heard things about you like giving Esther the lead role anytime there’s a school play and that’s partiality sir, it’s not fair if I may say” I said boldly and James nodded at me. “what.. You little girl what do you know.” he yelled angrily.



“I don’t know a lot but with the little I know, I’ll not hesitate to share that, Esther’s the school President and she has a lot on her plate, doing most of the school jobs and just giving her the school play’s lead role is another job to her plate have you ever wondered or have you ever thought of the idea of asking her if she wants to be lead role, cause it seems like you don’t car about her health if you haven’t thought of that” I narrated and glance at Esther who was gazing at me and giving me a happy smile.


“what are you talking about I do care about our president’s health” the teacher said and I arched my brows. “then ask her the billion dollar question” I said and he glared a me before turning to Esther. “Esther, would you like to be the princess of this year’s sch–


“no sir, I don’t want to” Esther interrupted him and I wore a happy smile. “but why?”


“Samantha’s right, everything she just said is right,” Esther replied and the drama teacher glared at me before saying.


“okay, fine’ your stupid wish has come to pass, you’re the new princess, you happy??!”


“more than happy” I smirked,



The drama teacher gave a boy in the twelfth grade the role of my father, the king and gave Victoria the queen. He gave the other main role to some people I don’t know and we did a little rehearsal before school was FINALLY over,


Esther quickly rushed to me stopping me from going out.


“thanks for today” she said


“thanks for what?” I asked


“for standing up for me somehow, I mean no one has ever stood up to the drama teacher like that even me and being the school’s president is hard work and I really couldn’t tell him I didn’t want a part in the school’s play. But then you helped me, thank you for that” she explained and I smiled “it was nothing, he needed someone like me” I said and she laughed



“but I’m really grateful, and you’re such a perfect role for the princess, it’s a good thing you fought for your place” she said and I smiled.


I didn’t fight for her or stood up for her, I stood up for myself because of


James, I like him so much and seeing another girl kiss him for a school play


is just a like nightmare for me.









(being perfect)









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