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. Episode {5}



Justin Brown POV


I rushed down from my car and ran into the house.


I pressed the door bell but no one answered me .


That’s weird “. I thought and user my hand to message my hot and pepprish monster.


“Fuck, who did this to me ?”I groaned as bead of sweat roll down my face.


I turned to go when the door opened slightly.


I rushed back towards the door and opened it.


Immediately i stepped into the house something smelly and sticky poured on me.


I looked up and noticed a bucket hanging on the tip of the door, I tried to move again and the bucket fell on my head.


” Ahhhhhhhhh”. I screamed and noticed someone laughing silently.


I turned to the direction and noticed the stupid babysitter and Cassandra laughing.


Cassandra you are grounded for 2 months and as for the stupid and dumb brain babysitter, you are fired!!!”. I yelled and went upstairs.


I got my room and immediately entered the bathroom.


I turned the shower on with my cloths on, the water fell freely but it smells like shampoo.



I ignored the smell and started scrubbing my hair and body with my hand.


I opened my eyes to check myself in the mirror.


I closed my eyes back immediately.


” Soooooaaaaaaapppppp”. I yelled and tried reaching for my towel.


I tried walking to the place I hanged my towel but I tripped and hit my head on the floor.


Caaaassssaaannnndddraaa”. I yelled so loud and almost immediately I heard the door open and laughter followed.


Cassandra am sorry, just help me get my towel”. I said at the point of tears.


I heard chuckles.


” Here”. Someone said and I grabbed the towel from her.


I cleaned my face and stood up heading towards the mirror.


My face looks swollen and red.


I can’t believe that crazy girl did this to me.


” Who did this?”. I asked codly as I turned around.


The both of them were silent and were both playing with their nails.


Who the f**k did this!!!?”. I yelled and they flinched, but they still remained silent.


You guys don’t wanna talk right , let me start with my stupid little sister”. I said



Cassandra as from now on you will not leave your room untill am happy, you are such a little rascal and I don’t want you to make me hate you, if you ever leave that room then you are going to Grandma place.


Now go to that f**king room of yours and give me your phone and laptop, all the pads to your video game, all the dolls and doll house… As a matter of fact get me all your f**king toys,when I mean all I mean everything that you can play with, failure to do so you are going I grandma place!!!”. I yelled as tears rolled down her face.


And lastly did you grab my words!!!!?”. I yelled at her as she flinched but I cared less.


Yes”. She said in a tiny voice as tears roll down her face.


Justin am ….”.


Out”. I said




Get thef**k out of my room”. I yelled again and she ran out in tears.


Then I faced the crazy girl mom asked to babysit my lil sister.


You”. I said as I point at her.


Hey ugly face, don’t f**king point at me”. She said as she chewed her gum noisely.


I was shocked but I quickly change my face to a straight one.


” I don’t have much to say.


When you get out of my room now, go to the room my mom gave to you, pack everything that’s yours and get the f**k out if my house”.


And let me remind you of something, I own the company where your brother wants to rewrite his professional exams, so just tell him when you get home that he



his disqualified and if I disqualify him means no company would take him in”. I said and made to go out when she did something that shocked me to the bone.


She went on her knee and her eyes Became glossy.


Punish me and leave my brother out of this. Pls am begging you, Justin pls. I would do anything”. She said in a cracked voice as tears roll down her face.


I was touched by her tears and my nager melt away as she cried.


I wanted to lift her up and wiped her tears but hell no she must suffer for what she did.


Anything??”. I asked with a evil smirk on my face.


Yes anything”. She replied cleaning her tears.


Kiss me “. I said before I could stop myself.


WHAT!!!!!”. she yelled.















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