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Episode one



. Stacy POV


“Haaaaaaa”. I screamed as I felt cold water pour on me


I open my eyes and saw my step brother grinning like the fool he is.


Are you crazy?”. I yelled getting up from my bed.


Nah, you are the crazy one here, cus you are late to prepare breakfast “. He said I looked at him for a while and nodded.


Wait did you just nod ?, Like you just waved my word?”. He said with a suprised face.


You have a problem with that”. I replied and made my way to the bathroom.



I peeped and noticed he left my room already.


I immediately cracked my brain for the best way to make him pay for pouring water on me.


An idea crossed my mind and I smirked.


I brushed my teeth and made my way to the kitchen.


I checked the time table and saw its just a simple meal.






I was done few minutes later and prepared coffee.


I ran to my room and took the sedatives drug in my drawer.


I ran back to the coffee and dropped a tablet into it, I mix it together and made my way to Owens room, I was about to knock when an idea came to my mind.

I went back to the kitchen and dropped four more tablet into it.


Yes I think five is enough for him to miss his professional exam today, he is going to sleep and eventually forget about any medical exams “. I muttered and went to his room.


I knocked but got no reply , I knocked again but he refused to answer me.


If there is one thing I hate it’s being ignored I can kill for being ignored.


I pushed the door open and I met the idiot masturbating.


Fool, I know your foolish whores are too busy to come around this early morning, so you decided to satisfy your little needle “. I said and dropped the coffee on his bedstand.


What do you want crazy Stacy ?”. He asked and wrapped a towel round his little needle.



Owen you don’t need to wrap a towel round that needle, have seen the needle several times “. I said and rolled my eyes.


Did you just call my monster a needle ?”. He asked coming closer.


And what will you do about it ?”. I said and sat down on his bed.


I looked around and noticed his books scattered across the room.


The fool must have read although the night.


Stacy you made me coffee?”. He said more like a question.


Yes, I thought since you are writting an exam today,I should just make you coffee in case you decide to skip breakfast “. I lied and smirked inwardly.


He reached for the coffee and sipped from it.


Hmmn tastes nice , the milk is not too much “. He said and gulped down the whole coffe.


I will be in my room “. I said and turned to leave.


I was about opening the door when I heard a loud sound like someone fell.


I looked back and saw Owen on the floor, I laughed and closed the door.


Thank God mom and dad are not around.


I checked the time and realised am almost Late for school.






I checked my outfit in the mirror and nod my head in a satisfied way.


I picked my bag and checked if my instruments are complete.


I took the colour spray and dropped it in my bag { blue,green,red and yellow } , then I picked my favourite tool that is my pepper spray.



I ate breakfast and off to school.i decided to trek to school and not make use of my power bike.


I walked along the road and saw a girl clinging to a boy, I shake my head and formed an irritating face.


It rained last night so everywhere is muddy.


I was about crossing to the other side when a goat sped past me and splashed muddy water on my beautiful dress.


” What the hell!!!”. I shouted but the car did not stop.


I took a stone hastily and threw it at the car, luckily the stone met the car back glass.


The car stopped and I ran to the car, not waiting for the owner ..


I took my colour spray and started spraying.


Hey what are you doing ?”. Someone said but I ignored. I took a big stone and broke another glass.


Stacy have you lost your memory?”. A familiar voice said and I froze. Am so f**king doomed…


My craziness has led me to my doom and am so f**king doomed.














Stacy you are expelled from this school “. The principal said as I stated at him shocked.



The principal happens to be the one who splashed water on me.


Excuse me sir, I clearly said am sorry ,what more do you want ?”. I said to the Baldhead principal.


He didn’t answer me instead he stated going through some files on his table.


Hey bald head man am talking to you”. I shouted He raised his head with a suprised face.


Did you just call me bald head?”. He asked


Did I say it aloud ?”. I asked and hit my mouth.


Get out before I lose my temper “. He said codly but dangerously


Am sorry”. I said and made to sit.


Get out !!”. He yelled and I flinched.


Easy Mr Baldhead”. I said and threw a new gum into my mouth.


Call me that one last time and I will shatter your dreams “. He said


What he mean by shattering my dream is this :. My mom actually asked him to help me in gaining admission into one of those music schools.


I love singing so much and would do anything to become a musician.


Shatter bundle”. I said and removed the gum am chewing then paste it on his Baldhead.


I exit the office and made to leave when an idea crossed my mind.


Maybe I should teach the principal a very big lesson”. I said lowly and made my way to the school abandoned store house.



I brought out a big book and outlined my plan.


*. Hot pepper and water.


*. Spray his car and remove the battery


*. Remove or deflat his tyre.


*. Pipe out all his petrol.


*. And lastly beat up his arrogant son.


I looked through the list and settled on one{1,2,3}.


I began the necessary things and soon I was done.






“Haaaaaaaaa”. I screamed at the doorpost of his office.


Who is there?”. His stupid voice boom from the office


Aaaaaaaahhhh”. I screamed again and I heard his doorstep. I went to hide and watched all the show.


As soon as he opened the door the bucket of Hot pepper poured on him..


Ahhhhhhhhh, ehhhhh, help me”. He screamed and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


I watched the way he danced around like a madman,.


I saw the vice principal running towards him with some of the teachers.



“Don’t just stand like a fool help me, my eyes hurt “. He said and i burst into a silent laughter and made my way out of the school to the parking lot.


I looked around to see if anyone is there.


When I was sure no one is around, I took the colour spray from my bag and started painting.


I paint the car with so many colours and nod my head when I was satisfied.


I bent down and took out a strong needle, then I opened the cover of the air in the Tyre.


I opened the small cover and used the needle in it.






I smiled at my self for a job well done and made my way out of the school



















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: Goodness Ade







{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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