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Episode 5


[b] Val’s side of the story continues from the last episode [/ b]


‘’’what?’’ Vivian asked as I gently pushed her face away from mine. Somehow I felt a bit confused and embarrassed at the same time. It really was the first time a girl was making the first move on me, but then she was drunk. She was far from being in control of her mind.


‘’you are drunk. I think it’s time to go to bed’’ I breathed and helped her up.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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‘’come on Val, stop treating me like a baby. I’m not drunk’’ she insisted but I refused listening to her, instead I softly dragged her to her room.


There wasn’t any doubt the drink she had was telling on her and so the right thing to do was what I did by taking her to her room to rest. But on my way out of her room, I ran into Clara who was heading to her own room from the sitting room. She gave me one kind of suspicious look and smile that left me very nervous and defensive.


‘’hmmmmm I see you guys are hitting it off pretty well?’’ she asked.


‘’nooooo we were just drinking outside and she had way too much drink. I had to help her to her room. That’s it’’ I answered innocently while she shrugged.


‘’we have a lot to talk during breakfast tomorrow. I guess you won’t shy away from eating with me?’’ she asked with a


smile and walked past me before I could say anything.




I was restless all night long as I wondered what could be going on in Clara’s mind. I equally couldn’t help but wonder what Vivian’s game plan was all about. I was scared of losing my job for nothing and I knew I had to be extremely cautious when dealing with the two ladies because no matter how matured they looked, they still had a very fragile mind.




[b] 8am, the next day [/b]


As I headed to the dining room for breakfast, I ran into Vivian who smiled as soon as her eyes fell on me.


‘’I know I embarrassed myself yesterday. I’m so sorry’’ she apologized.


‘’oh it’s nothing’’ I answered politely, feeling relaxed. ‘’so we are cool with each other then?’’ she asked while I nodded. Together we headed to the dining room where Clara was waiting. To be candid I was very nervous and a bit uncomfortable having dinner with the two ladies but I had my cover to protect and had to act cool.


‘’you know I still find it difficult remembering you or your family?’’ Clara kind of asked as we faced the meal before us. Vivian quickly came to my rescue.


‘’don’t tell me you are really yet to figure out Val’s identity?. How come you allowed him to come here with us then?’’ she asked Clara who rolled her eyes.


‘’I’m sorry; it’s just that I need help in getting it together. He looks like the son of our family friend way back in Lagos but



it’s a long time ago nau. I guess 1993 period or so. I just want to be very sure’’ she insisted.


‘’but we have already discussed this issue in your room. Come on where are your manners?. Don’t you know you are embarrassing him?’’ Vivian pushed on.


‘’I’m so sorry Val. It’s just that I already forgot most of my childhood memories but concerning the job thing, I promise to talk to my dad about it. He will definitely get something for you before the week runs out. I promise you that’’ she assured me while I silently smiled. Of course there was nothing there to say. Vivian on her own part gave me a knowing look filled with unspoken words which I clearly understood. We were surely using Clara’s head without her knowing it. But it was all for her own good. My only problem and fear was Vivian who could eventually turn back to use all the secrets and lies against me.


‘’aww I have to go get more sauce’’ Vivian suddenly


breathed, standing up with a small plate.


‘’I will be back in a jiffy’’ she added and headed to the kitchen while Clara and I exchanged glances.


‘’she’s so much in love with you. Tell me the truth, you guys are dating right?’’ she asked curiously.


‘’no we are not’’ I truthfully answered, but instead of facing her food, she left her eyes on me waiting for me to explain further. And I had to come up with a pretty good defense.


‘’you see in my condition I can’t afford to be in any relationship. I have nothing to offer anyone and I can’t just take advantage of a beautiful and nice girl like Vivian because of my selfishness or maybe what I stood to gain



from her. Secondly i have no special feelings for her. I value her friendship and care but that’s it. I can’t deceive her and pretend to love her only for us to end up hating each other tomorrow. She’s way better off without me. She deserves the best guy. My priority now is to make out something for myself’’ I softly explained while she dropped her eyes as if my words found a place in her heart. It was just as if she was so touched.


Vivian showed up from the kitchen that very moment and stared at us with suspicion. It was just as if she perceived something, she noticed something that made her uncomfortable.


Yes I really had no strong feelings for Vivian but supposing


we met in a different circumstance or position, perhaps I


would have gladly tried her out but in this situation I couldn’t


risk it. What I felt for her wasn’t just enough to risk my job


and career for.


To be continued


Clara the state governor’s daughter


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