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Chapter 2












Seunnzzy’s POV




DESMOND >>>>>> { M.I.A }




After leaving Junior’s Mansion I ride my bike heading to the next potential which is Joseph.


It wasn’t long then I realized that Joseph isn’t in Nigeria as recently, that means if I’m to go over to the state I’m going to need my ship.


Before I can do that I need to meet with someone first which is MIA, Desmond’s location is somehow tricky.


I expects something like that from someone of his caliber, I know finding him might be hard which is why I keep tabs on him most.


I turned my bike around and ride to Desmond’s location, it took me two hours before reaching his Mansion.


I got down then knocked on the gate but no one responded, I knocked several times hoping for someone to respond but no one did.


I don’t think they are around” I heard someone said from behind then I turned and see a lady.


Hi, do you know their whereabouts?” I asked.


Nah, three days ago I saw them driving out and since then they never came back” she said.


Oh…thank you” I said.


” You’re welcome” she replied then left.


Since they are not around there’s only one place they could be and luckily I know exactly where that is.


I mounted my bike and ride away to the private resort owned by Desmond, the resort is located near the seaside.


I ride for another one and half hours before reaching the resort and when I reached there I parked the bike.


I can’t take my bike any longer which means I’ll have to walk over before I can reached the house.


There are trees all over the place and I keep walking in the lonely environment and the only sound I could hear is the sound of a bird chirping.


I keep walking then I saw the house up ahead then as I took the next step a high pitch sound blare out.


I looked around the place looking for what’s wrong then I saw a device attached to the trees and I sighed.


Thermal sensor cameras, to detects heat signature…… cool” I said to myself.


Your hands up in the air and Get down on your knees” I heard a female voice.


This is a private property, don’t you think you’re trespassing” she said.


I come in peace Mrs Rolland” I said.


Your hands up in the air Now, and get down on your knees, believe me I won’t say it the third time” she said then I heed to her.


All this is not necessary, Mrs Rolland” I said kneeling with both my hands up then she came out pointing a gun at me.


who are you and what do you want?” She asked looking around.


My name is Seunnzzy and you can rest assured that I came alone” I said.


And you expect me to believe you?” She said getting closer to me.


I know you don’t trust easily, especially a stranger like me” I replied.


How did you find us?” She asked.


I have my ways of finding people” I replied.


Really, how about you tell me What you want?” She asked.


I came to meet your husband…..I need to meet him, there’s something I need to discuss with him” I said.


Sorry to disappoint you, but my husband is kinda indisposed at the moment, you will have to come back later” she replied.


I can’t there’s no time…… I’d like to wait cause what I have to tell him is very important” I replied.


Oh really, okay then here…..put that on your wrists” she said throwing a handcuffs to me.


I don’t think this is really necessary, Mrs Rolland” I said.


I’ll be the judge of that now put that damn thing on” she replied.


I did as she asked then she moved closer to me then searched me from head to toe looking for a weapon.


I told you I come in peace” I said.


We will see about that, now get up” she said then I stood up to my feet.



Walk” she Said leading me towards the house then she took me round the house instead of the front door.


She took me behind the house where a hidden passage is which is just under the house.


Basement, really” I said.


Move it” she said then I keep walking under it.


I find your hospitality kinda amusing Mrs Rolland” I said as I walk.


You’re welcome….. I’m glad you like it” she replied then we reached the bunker and she locked me to a pole.


I really need to see your husband Mrs Rolland, all this isn’t necessary” I said.


Sit down and try to be comfortable, you will see him when he’s back” she said then left.


Great, I guess I made a mistake coming to this place” I said the moment she left.




An hour later I heard voices at the entrance of the basement, a voice which I recognized to be that of Desmond da Silva.


Are you sure about that?”


Yes, but he said he wants to speak with you”


what did you get off him?”


Nothing, but you need to speak with him”


They both came over then I looked up to see just the face I was hoping to see and I smiled.


Good afternoon Mr Rolland” I said.


Yeah…..looks like you know us and unfortunately we know nothing about you, don’t you think that’s unfair?” Desmond said.



My name is Seunnzzy and I’m here to tell you something very important” I said.


Yeah my wife told me you wanted to see me but let’s put aside first”


Sorry my wife had to lock you down here, you’ll have to forgive her cause she’s just following defensive protocol” Desmond said.


I understand” I replied.


Great, so tell me…..this is a private property….we came here for holidays and no one knows we are here……. how did you find us?” He asked.


I’ve been keeping tabs on you for some time now, so when I reached your house and realized that you’re not around I have a hunch you might be here” I said.


You’ve been stalking me?” Desmond said.


Not exactly, more like I’ve observing you” I said.


What is it you’re observing?” He asked.


Don’t take this the wrong way Mr Rolland, but you’re a very important person and I just did that just in case I might need your help” I said.


I see, now tell me…….you said you wanted discuss something important, what is it?” He asked.


Can I be released now?, At least now you know I meant no harm” I requested then he collected the key from his wife.


Are you sure about this?” Jane asked.


It’s okay….. let’s hear what he has to say” Desmond said then he uncuffed me.


Thank you” I said.



Follow me” he said then I followed them, they lead inside their house and i saw two little girls and a year old boy.


Goodness, why don’t you take your siblings to your room, daddy have a guest” Jane said.


Okay” the girl replied then they went away.


Have your seat” Jane said then I sat down.


Remind me of your name again” Desmond said.


It’s Seunnzzy” I answered.


Yeah right, so tell me…..what is so important that you have to tell me?” He asked.


I know how skillful you are and what you’ve done in the past, right now I’m telling you the credibility of your skillfulness is needed” I said and he furrow his brow.


Why?….what for?” He asked.


There’s a war coming and if we don’t act fast……..the world will collapse” I said.


I don’t think I understand what you’re talking about…….. What do you mean a war?” He asked.


There are a league of highly synthetic combatant planning to invade your world very and we must them” I said.


How do you know about this?” He asked.


I worked for an organization that detects something like that, Mr Rolland…..I know you always find it hard to believe a stranger but I want you to trust me on this” I said.


…….since you know alot about me you should also know that….. I’ve retired……I don’t do this anymore”



Can’t you tend this over to the government?” He asked.


It’s nothing human resources can handle” I replied.


What about me, do I look like a robot or any supernatural being?” He said.


Like I said earlier Mr Rolland, your skillfulness is unlikely and it is highly required” I Said.


How many are this synthetic combatant?” He asked.


I’m not certain” I replied.


Can you just give me a clue?” He asked.


Maybe thousand or more” I replied and his eyes bulged out.


Are you Crazy?… expect me to fight thousand people alone” he said.


I never said you’re alone in this, I’ve been gathering others as well” I said.


Others…..then Why am I so important?” He asked.


We need what’s in your head, your smartness, strategy, and versatility……we could really use your help” I said.


Here, come to this address in two days time just in case you have a change of heart, this is an opportunity to save not only your family but the universe as well” I said then stand to my feet.


This mission how long will it take?” He asked.


Five days hopefully or maybe a week” I replied.


You should know you are not being forced to do this but I really hope you make the right decision”


I’ll take my leave now……Peace be unto you” I said then made my way out.




After leaving Desmond’s Resort area I hop on my bike then i ignited the engine and drove off.


If I’m to go after Joseph I’m going to need my jet cause Joseph is currently not in Nigeria, so I ride back to where I parked it.


About some hours later I reached the place then take away the leaves I used to shielded it.


I entered the ship then kicked it on then I did the inspection before taking off, making sure the plane is in good condition to fly.


When ready to fly, I took the seat in the cockpit, I check the yoke (control stick),rudder pedals, throttle and all other controls are in good working condition and ready to engage.


I made sure the pedal is in good working condition and also for the landing gear as well.


I levitated the plane high enough before advancement then I took off towards the


coordinates of Joseph.




JOSEPH >>>>>>>> {J.O.E}


{Few hours Later}




The plane arrives in California then I landed in a secure location where the plane won’t be detected.


I got down from the plane then bring out my bike and ride to the hidden Portal which lead to J-Fortress.


I got to the portal then I got off my bike and entered through the Portal and within a sec I found myself in J-fortress.



Just as I entered an alarm blares up around the place which means I’ve been detected.


Wow, twice in a day” I muttered then suddenly I see warriors surrounding me with weapons in their hands.


Identify yourself” one of them said.


Uhm…. I’m just me”


Who are you and how dare you enter this holy sanctuary?” One of the men said.


Forgive me for trespassing but I do have an important discussion with your king…..the Lion Joe” I said.


And what business do you have with the LION JOE ?” He asked.


Like I said it’s between your king and i” I replied.


Restrain him and bring him to Lion Joe” the man said then one of them cuffed both my hands together.


I followed them through the beautiful environment as the people around keep staring at him as they took me away.


Few minutes later, they brought me to the palace and I saw Joseph on the throne.


L’chaim the Lion Joe” the guy said kneeling before him.


What do we have here Job?”Joseph said.


JOE, this man trespassed into our kingdom just now” he said.


How is that possible?…. humans can’t do that” Joseph said.


yes JOE but this man did and he’s not even a Joeans and he said he has a message for you” the guy said.


Is that so?” Joseph asked facing me.


Yes JOE” I replied.


Who are you and what are you doing in my kingdom?” Joseph said.


My name is Seunnzzy and if you don’t mind Lion Joe, I’d like to speak with you in private” I said.


What’s so important that you can’t say it now?” He asked.


It’s very important that I speak to you alone on this” I said then he signalled to the guy to uncuffed me.


LEAVE US” he commanded then everyone left us alone except a lady beside him.


Whatever it is you wish to say…..say it now” he said.


There’s a war coming” I said and he looked confused.


What war?……I defeated the vampires what other war are you referring to?” He asked.


This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or encounter……this war is way bigger than you and I” I said.


JOE…… it’s clear this man knows nothing of what he’s talking about” Josephine said.


I’m very positive on this” I countered.


How do you know about this war?” He asked.


I worked in an organization which detects things like that…..have you heard of Chronicom?” I said.


NO, what are they?” He asked.



They are highly synthetic semi-robotic being whose main intention is to overtake this world”


And if we don’t act fast to put an end to them, your world will be lost including everyone in it unless we do something about it” I said.


How do we stop it?” He asked.


I’ve been organizing a team of special people like you to help take them down, which is why I came to you” I said.


How do you know about us?……we are hidden to the society” Joseph said.


Obviously you’re not, the organization I worked for detects something supernatural,…that’s how I know” I replied.


You’re saying there are others like me?” He asked.


No, not really…..but they are also special in their ways……this team will help us stop this threat” I said.


Here, be at this address in two days just in case you decided to join, this is an opportunity to save the universe again just like you did before” I said giving him a paper with an address.


You’re not fighting for your family or your kingdom anymore……. you’re fighting to save the universe”


I really hope you make he right decision on this……the faith of the world lies on you, Peace be unto you” I said then turned to leave.


I left the J-fortress the same way I entered then ride back to the plane which I took back to Nigeria.


I’ve invited them all to this task but remaining just one man left……..JOHN the priest.


















{World In Danger}





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