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Chapter 1












Author’s POV




Seunnzzy prepared himself and was ready to come down to earth, he wanted to come to earth without drawing much attention.


He took a mini space ship and geared himself before dropping the ship into the space which came down to Nigeria.


In about an hour later the ship touch down in a deep forest and seunnzzy came out of the ship.


He brought out a powerbike in the ship then he uses some leaves to cover the ship for it not to be recognized.


Then he left the place and look through the GPS to know exactly where he is, he ignited the bike and drove off.




Seunnzzy’s POV








The First person on my radar is Mary, Philip’s daughter and I needed her for this so I ride over to her college.


In about an hour later I reached the university and blend in for me to find her easily, as I entered i started looking for Mary.


I asked a few people around showing them her picture but some didn’t seem to recognize her while others pointed me to a direction.


After a while asking around i saw her sitting with some of her friends then I decided not to interrupt her.


I sat down in a corner and was watching her movement then all of a sudden I couldn’t see her among her friends.


I stood up then tried to look for her around then I went to the girls she was sitting with.


Hi ladies, where’s that girl that was sitting with you earlier?” I asked the girls.


Who are you talking about?” One of the girls asked.


Mary, she was sitting with you just now” I said.


First of all she’s not our friend, she’s just explaining some things to us, we tried being her friend but she’s just too………..”


Hello……can you just tell me where she went?” I said interrupting her.


She went that way” the girl said pointing to a direction.


Thank you” I said then went to the direction she pointed.


Just as I reached the building someone pulled me by my shirt and hit me to the wall then I realized she’s the one.



Who are you and why are you spying on me?” Mary said pointing a knife to my throat.


Hello Mary, so nice to finally meet you” I said and she was surprised.


How do you know my name?” She asked.


It’s a long story Mary, if you can just put down the knife…. I’ll explain to you” I said then she released her grip.


Who are you?” She asked.


My name is Seunnzzy and I need your help” I said smiling at her.


What are you talking about?” She asked.


There’s a war coming and I need your help” I said and she contorted her face.


You’re crazy…….stay away from me and If I see you anywhere around me… will regret it” she said and turned to leave.


I know about your powers” I said then stopped in her track.


What do you just say?” She said.


I said I know about your powers and we are going to need it in this coming war” I said.


Stay away from me, you’re crazy” she said and she left.




I guess I have to try another way since this doesn’t work, maybe I should talk to someone older concerning her.


I went back to my bike and ride the bike to Philip’s house.


In about some minutes later I reached the place then knocked on the gate and after a while a lady came out.


Good morning Mrs Johnson” I greeted.


Morning, who are you?” She asked confused.


My name is Seunnzzy and I’d like to see your husband… he at home?” I asked.


Yeah….hold on a sec” she replied then went back inside.


After a while the gate opened and I saw Philip with his wife beside him.


Good morning Mr Johnson” I said.


Good morning, I don’t think I’ve seen you Before” Philip said.


Yes you’re right, you haven’t but there’s something very important I’d like to discuss with you” I said.


Alright then, come in” he invited then I entered and followed them inside the house.


Please be seated” he offered.


Thanks” I replied then sat down.


What should I offer you?” His wife Ruby asked.


I’m good but thanks” I replied.


So tell me, what’s so important?” Philip asked.


I think you should know, there’s a war coming” I said and they were confused.


War?” They both chorused.


What war?” Philip asked.


This is unlike any war you’ve ever experience and if we don’t stop it, alot of lives will be lost” I said.


What!, Why are you telling us this?…….if there’s a war coming, you’re to discuss it with the government” Philip said.



You don’t understand Mr Johnson, humans don’t have what it takes to fight them, humans can’t fight them not on their own” I said.


Who are they?” Philip asked.


They are called Chronicoms, and they are coming en masse” I answered.


How do you know about this?” He asked.


I’m Working in an organization that detects something like that, we need to act fast before it’s too late” I said.


You said humans can’t fight them then why are you telling us” Ruby asked.


I know all about your history Mr Johnson” I said and he looked surprised.


What are you talking about?” He asked.


I know about your powers, your demonic power.. trust me Mr Johnson I know” I said.


How do you know about that?” He asked.


Like I said earlier I worked in an organization that detects something like that” I said.


So you’ve been stalking us all this while?” He asked.


I wouldn’t use the word stalking it’s more like observing” I said.


Well sorry to disappoint you, I don’t have my powers anymore…… I’m human like everyone else” he said.


I know that, but there’s someone else better than you and stronger than you” I said and he furrow his brow.


What do you mean?” Ruby asked.



I mean your daughter Mr Johnson, Mary, she’s just like you but not a demon type, she’s changing and her powers are growing” I said.


What the hell are you talking about?” He asked.


I guess she didn’t tell you about it, when she turned eighteen her powers started manifesting” I said.


She’s exactly what we need for this Mr Johnson……the world needs her” I said then the door opened and Mary entered.


Hi Dad” she said.


Hi baby, why don’t you go to your room first” he said then I turned and she see my face and her countenance changed.


You?” She said surprised.


Hi Mary” I said.


Mary, you know this man?” Ruby asked.


He’s a pervert, he came to my school today saying crazy things like a war coming” Mary said then Philip grabbed me by my shirt.


How dare you go to my daughter?, How dare you talk to her about things like that without coming to me first” he said aggressively.


Because there’s no time for all this, your world is in danger here, listen I know it’s wrong to go to her in the first place but we are running out of time”


You love your family and you will do everything to keep them safe I get that, but listen with what’s coming if you don’t act fast……..I hope you don’t regret it”


If you do love your family Mr Johnson then you have to let her do this, save your family Mr Johnson and save the universe as well”



Just in case you change your mind, come to this address……I’ll be waiting for you” I said giving him a paper with an address.


I hope you make the right decision Mr Johnson, Peace be into you” I said then went out of the house.


I hopped on my bike and drove to the next person on my list……Mr Junior






Author’s POV








Seunnzzy drove for some hours till he reached Mr Goodluck’s Mansion then he got down and knocked on the gate.


He knocked one more time then the security opened the gate.


Good morning” Seunnzzy greeted.


Who are you?” The man asked.


My name is Seunnzzy and I wished to see Mr Goodluck” Seunnzzy said.


Is he expecting you?” The man asked.


No but I believe he will want to see me” Seunnzzy said.


Wait here” the man said then he went into the house, a while later he came out opened the gate.


Come in” the man said then Seunnzzy entered.


Thank you” he said then went inside the mansion and saw Junior sitting on the couch.


Good morning Mr Goodluck” Seunnzzy greeted.


Yeah, please come in” Junior said.


Thank you for seeing me” Seunnzzy said.


Yeah, I don’t think we’ve met” Junior said dropping his laptop and turned to him.


No we haven’t, my name is Seunnzzy and i came to discuss something very important” Seunnzzy said.


Okayy, what can I do for you?” Junior asked.


There’s a war coming and we need your help” Seunnzzy Said.


war?….what do you mean war?” Junior asked.


there’s an army of Chronicoms preparing to attack your planet and if we don’t stop it on time…..they will succeed” Seunnzzy said.


Chronicoms?……I thought they were just myth, and you’re telling me they are real?” Junior said.


I’m telling you Mr Goodluck they are coming en masse and they need to be stopped before they get here” Seunnzzy said.


How do you know about this?” Junior asked.


I’m Working in an organization that detects things like such and we need your help” Seunnzzy said.


Why are you coming to me on this?, The government should be the one handling this but if you need money for sponsoring I’ll be more than happy to help” Junior said.


Humans can’t take on them, they are no Match for them but you however are something else entirely” Seunnzzy said.


What do you mean?” Junior asked.


I know about your powers Mr Goodluck” Seunnzzy said.



How do you know that?” Junior asked.


Like I said earlier I work in an organization that detects things like that, listen Mr Goodluck,”


you’ve save the world before and I’m asking you to do it one more time” Seunnzzy said just then Bisera and the kids entered.


Daddy” Gift shouted and went to hug Junior.


Hi darling” Bisera said then hugged him with the baby in her hand.


Hey there my little champ” Junior said touching the baby’s cheek.


It seems you have a visitor” Bisera said.


Good morning Mrs Goodluck” Seunnzzy said.



Dad, who is he?……I can’t read his mind” Gift said to her father through her mind.


Yeah baby, I’m trying as well but I couldn’t” Junior replied through his mind.



You mean you can’t?” She said surprised.



I’m trying but it’s like there’s nothing there” Junior replied.



Seunnzzy noticed the way they looked at him and he knew they are communicating through their minds.


You’re not human are you?” Gift asked.


You’re right, I’m not” Seunnzzy replied.


Lemme guess, you’re one of them….. Chronicoms” Junior said.


Yes, but I’m different” Seunnzzy replied.


What’s going on here? And why is a Chronicom in our house?” Bisera asked.


I’ll explain to you later dear” Junior said to his wife then turned to Seunnzzy.


How do I know this isn’t a trap?” Junior asked.


It’s not and you know that besides with your powers do you think anyone can trap you?” Seunnzzy said.


You’re not doing this for me Mr Goodluck, you’re doing this to protect your world and your family”


If this threat manage to come to your world, there won’t be anything to protect, this is the only chance we’ve got” Seunnzzy said.


Okay then, I’m in” Junior said and seunnzzy smiled.


You made the right decision, come to this address in two days” Seunnzzy said giving him a paper with an address.


Peace be unto you” Seunnzzy said then went out of the house.


He hopped on his bike and checked the next person on his list……….JOE.


















{World In Danger}



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