Sat. Feb 10th, 2024


I still couldn’t believe it

How can my Blue Maid be missing from the very day I left?

That explains why her phone wasn’t going through

Was she abducted?

I was running crazy

Why didn’t I hear any of this?

The news

I couldn’t watch the news

I didn’t have time

I didn’t even have time for my phone

The only thing I wanted to do was to call Blue

I don’t think I turned on my data connection once since I left

But why didn’t Derek call me?

I called Derek immediately

dude what’s going on, what’s going on. Tell me

I was so frustrated

My anger and fear were just rising

Adrian, I have no idea. This is running me mad

ahhhh, Blue. Gosh, I’m so angry right now

her number isn’t going

I know, I have tried calling her

I rubbed my hand on my head frustratingly

I’m coming over now

Then he hung up

I threw my phone on my bed and sat facing my television.

The floor suddenly became cold to me.

Cold shivers ran round my whole body like electricity.

I buried my face in my palms and my elbows were resting on my thighs.

So many what if’s ran through my mind

What if she was abducted?

What if she ran away?

What if she’s truly scared of me and used this opportunity to go away?

What if she eloped with a guy?

What if she’s busy having fun with him now and I’m here worrying?

That last thought stabbed my heart so badly

I fell back on my bed and groaned

Blue why me?


And why I’m I feeling this way?

Why are you so important to me?

What have you done to me?

Blue I need to see you

I have to see you or I’m gonna blow up now

I rolled on my bed until I fell off the bed

I stood up and walked into the bathroom

I washed my face and kept splashing the water on my head and face

I need to drink

My eyes were closing

I staggered to the living room and sat down.

Then the door opened


He sat beside me

Me: where’s Blue?

Derek: I wish I knew, I’d be the happiest man on earth now

I rested my back on the cushion and closed my eyes

Derek: why is this hard on you?

My eyes opened and I immediately sat up and looked at him

Me: what?

Derek: I asked why this is hard on you

Me: are you seriously asking that

He sat up and looked keenly at me

Derek: tell me, are you in love with her?

Me : huh

I wasn’t expecting that question at all

Derek: are you in love with Blue?

His tone was serious

I rubbed my temples and laughed

Me: we’re not talking about love her. Blue is just a friend

He sat back again

Derek: that’s a relief. Now I can get her

Me: what? You’re not going anywhere near her. You handed her over to me remember?

The thought of Blue being in Derek’s arm busted my brain

I mean Derek is a playboy and doesn’t deserve her, she’ll just die of heartbreak.

He laughed and stood up

Derek: you’re in love man.

He tapped my shoulder and moved to the bar

Me: no I’m not. What do you even know about love

He took a glass and poured himself a drink

Derek: it’s something you feel for a lady other than s£xual desires, or just friendship. Or family

Then he began to drink

I shook my head and looked away

Me: you’ve never been in love

Derek: yes I haven’t, but I was very close to being there when my desires broke everything

Me: huh, you never told me about it

Derek: I’m telling you now

Me: so who is she?

He sighed and sat on the chair adjacent me.

Derek: Blue

I was shocked

I froze with my mouth open

My heart suddenly began to beat faster

So Derek has eyes for Blue

I suddenly had a new feeling

I don’t know what it was




I don’t know what it was or why I felt it.

I looked at Derek and felt like squeezing him

My veins began to show up thick and turgid

My eyes turned red

Derek grinned and stood up

Derek : don’t feel bad man, I sent her away because I couldn’t control my desires for her. I’m not good for her dude, that’s why I wanted you to be there for her.

I’m not gonna stand in your way

Don’t hurt her cos I know you already love her

Then he dropped the glass and went to the bathroom.

I couldn’t talk

How does feelings that I couldn’t understand died down.

I bowed my head

Am I in love with Blue?

I closed my eyes and covered my face but all I could see was her face

Her blue eyes

I groaned and opened my eyes.

It was already late

I went to check on my father and ask the look of things.

He said the police was looking for her.

But I didn’t feel satisfied.

I wanted taking actions myself.

I needed to go outside casually so I was going back to my room to get some disguises when I bumped into Princess Gladys.

She was about falling when I held her

Her hands fell on my shoulders, one wrapped round my neck

My hand held her waist and the other on her back

Our faces were so close

How did that even happen?

Princess Gladys : Prince Adrian

I scoffed and was about releasing her but she held me tighter and wouldn’t let me go.

I wanted to take it easy on her so I didn’t hurt her if not, it was as easy as ABC to release myself from her

Me: what do you think you’re doing?

She seductively ran her hands on my chest.

I was getting irritated

I pushed her and she fell on the floor

I left her there and went away.

Derek was about leaving when I came, I told him what I wanted to do and he volunteered to follow me.

We left and went to hand over the case to a special detective who’ll take care of it.

We afterwards left and decided to chill at a restaurant

Derek : you’re so tense, relax a bit

I sighed and gulped my wine down.

Derek : you’re not the only one who wants to see Blue. Audrey and Belinda are killing themselves right now

Me: not the way I’m killing myself

Derek: it’s because you haven’t kissed her before

Me: what?

I stumped my fist on the table and the glasses vibrated

Derek moved his body backwards. I guess I frightened him

Derek : hey, I didn’t say anything wrong

Me: why did you say it’s because I haven’t kissed her before?

I was angry

Derek: it’s because…..

Me : because you’ve kissed her and you know how could it is, huh? So you think that if I had kissed her before now, I won’t feel too remorseful?

My voice was thick and harsh

Derek : what? No! That’s not it. Trust me, Blue haven’t done anything other than holding hands. Come on dude, chill

I rubbed my face

I gotta control my temper or I’ll release all my venom.

Me: sorry

Derek : you know I really gotta start my workout. I mean, ever since you came back with this body build, you’ve been intimidating me. Now I’m afraid of going boxing with you.

Haven’t you seen that I haven’t asked you to fight against me?

I cracked

Me: you’re sick in the head Derek

We later left the restaurant and I went home.

I was tired and had this very killing headache

I went to my room and crashed

The next three days were too busy for me

I didn’t even have time for myself

Plus a witch that kept reoccurring whenever I felt like resting

Gladys just wouldn’t let me be

I got tired of her and her problems.

I was tired of yelling and getting angry.

So whenever she came around, I tried to ignore everything she does or whatever she’s saying.

My detective said he has little clue on Blue’s disappearance.

She didn’t leave any trace behind

I wonder how

Everything was just too much for me to take in.

I began to feel sick

One week that Blue disappeared without hearing anything from her.

I was really sick

My eyes kept turning and closing

I was hospitalized and the doctor said my blood pressure was high.

I was confined to a hospital bed for four more days

Immediately I got out of the royal hospital, I called for my detective.

He said that he found out that the only family Blue has is her mother who lives in Aberdeen.

He got information from her friends and where she worked before.

In her files, her hometown and home address where there.

He said he was going to see her mother, that she might be with her and even though she wasnt, her mother should know her whereabouts or at least, give them a clue.

It was a good plan to me.

I agreed but insisted that I go and see her mother instead.

I wasn’t going to go with any security

Except for a few that must come with me

Just in case

After a long talk, the detective finally agreed.

I decided to set out on Saturday morning to Aberdeen.

It was already two weeks and I couldn’t wait to hear news about her.

On Saturday, I traveled to Aberdeen.

I located the house and met her mother trying to open her apartment door.

I was with a blue and white T-shirt and dark shades.

My body guards were dressed casually too but without shades.

I removed my glass and greeted her

Blue’s mom : how are you young man?

Me: I’m fine ma, please are you Mrs Nina Connor, Blue’s mom?

Blue’s mom : yes I am, but how may I help you?

She looked at us and saw that we weren’t commoners.

I’m sure she noticed that the two men were my bodyguards.

Me: I hope you’re away that she has been missing for two weeks now and…..

Blue’s mom : are you Prince Adrian?

She recognized me

I just knew she would but I’m sure Blue didn’t tell her about me

Me: yes ma’am, I am

She smiled

Blue’s mom : come inside, I knew you’d come. I told Blue you’d come

I smiled as I walked inside

Nice sitting room

Pretty average but nice.

Blue’s mom : what can I offer you?

Me: Blue, please offer me Blue

She laughed

I’ll be right back

She went upstairs

I was smiling uncontrollably

My Blue

She was safe

I looked round the room and saw a picture frame with her and her mother on it.

I smiled

Her mother came back in

Blue’s mom : follow me

I stood up and ordered the guards to stand by the door.

I went upstairs and saw a door with the inscription GARDEN

The door opened and I saw a lady squatting down with her back facing me

I closed the door.

Me: Blue

She turned and saw me.

My joy knew no bounds when I saw my Blue

My Blue Maid

She ran and hugged me

I felt warm

I held her like my whole life depended on it

My arms surrounded her

She began to cry

She misses me too

But why did she run away without telling anyone?

We finally unlocked and I looked down at her face.

I wiped her tears with my thumbs as her face was in my palms.

Her hands were on my waist

Me: it’s okay baby, I told you I don’t want my blue eyes to cry.

She smiled and touched her nose

She laughed and brought her head down to my chest.

Her hands moved to my shoulders then wrapped around my neck

Her head was bowed and was placed against my chest.

Me: Blue

Blue : yes

Her voice was so timid and gentle

I smiled and stoke her hair

Me: you have a lot of explaining to do my angel.

She looked up and I pecked her cheek and rubbed my thumb on the spot where I kissed.

Blue : how did you find me.

Me: do me a favor?

Blue : what?

Me: follow me to my personal house here in Aberdeen. Stay with me.

Blue : huh

Me: I’m gonna stay here for the next one week. I cleared my whole schedule to stay with you so don’t say no

Blue : my mom, I have to stay with her and…..

Me: remember, I’m the Prince and I order you to follow me. You’re still my maid

Then I wrapped my hand round her waist and drew her closer to me.

She bit my chin and we laughed

Me: okay sir

I would have frowned but since she called me sir on a friendly tone, it was okay.

I held her hand and pulled pulled her.

Me: let’s go take permission from mom

She followed me as we went down the stairs.

When we got to the living room I opened my mouth to tell her but

Blue’s mom : it’s okay prince, you can have her.

I smiled and carried her up straightly, the way I did before in the garden.

She screamed and laughed

I began to walk towards the door

Blue : oh no, my head

I made her legs to wrap around my waist and she hugged me.

This way, her head wasn’t going to hit the door post.

Her carried her away into the elevator and my guards used the stairs.

She just hung on my body like a baby.

Well she is my baby

My Blue Maid

To Be Continued

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