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I was going to check on Prince Adrian when I found out that the hall was crowded, so I had to take the elevator.

I took the elevator to his room and walked to his living room.

He wasn’t there.

Then suddenly the door opened and he walked in

I swiftly shifted and hide behind the dome of the dinning table.

I heard everything and was surprised but was much more angry.

A maid?

A stupid maid?

I was so infuriated

I peeped at them and saw that Adrian was really concerned about her.

What’s so special about her?

He also said he misses her

That’s so stupid

For goodness sake, she’s just a maid

I wanted to record everything that was happening so I checked round the room and saw security cameras.


I would hack into his system and watch them all

If they dare do what I’m thinking, I’ll skin them alive

I sneaked out and went to my room.

I hacked into his system and began to see what they were doing.

My anger and jealousy increased greatly

I pushed my laptop off my table as I screamed

I can’t watch the man I love so this nonsense

I’ll have to deal with her now or never

Adrian has to forget about her.

I stood up, arranged myself, my hair and dress then I smoothly went out to meet the queen.

She was drinking coffee and looking out the window

I bowed

Me: your highness

She smiled and touched my shoulder

Queen: have a seat my dear

I smiled and sat down

Queen: how are you doing princess

Me: I’m fine ma, how are you doing today?

Queen : well I’m fine. Just enjoying the view

Me: it’s beautiful

Queen : yes it is. So what brings you here?

I cleared my throat

Me: it’s about those maids you wanted to have assigned to me

Queen: ohhh, I remember

Then she smiled, she picked up the telephone on the table and punched some keys, she waited for about 30 seconds before it was picked

Manny, I need you to assign some maids to work for Princess Gladys please

ohhh, Royal maids ma?

yes royal maids

Then she hung up

She turned to me

Queen : don’t worry. They’ll be at your chamber soon

I smiled and stood to go

I bowed and left

I entered my chamber and waited for about 10mins before the maids arrived

I asked the chief maid to do me a favor

Me: there is a maid that I like and I want her to attend to me

Chief maid: yes princess, will ask her to attend to you

Me: good, her name is Blue. She’s a prince maid

The woman bowed and left

Soon she came back with the maid

I looked at her from head to toe

She’s pretty

And blue eyes

That’s why Adrian loves her

I scoffed and ordered her to change from that blue uniform

She did and I immediately ordered her to change everything in my room from white to red.

Blue : but your highness, I can’t do it by myself

Me: what? I ordered you to do it. You can’t object. Now do it and don’t do it with the help of any other Maid

Then I stormed out leaving her confused

I was going to teach her that she was a nobody and can never get the Prince to love her.

And besides, the royal family can only marry royalty

The prince is already mine

It’s just a matter of two weeks for our engagement party.

I smirked and left.

After about an hour, I went back inside and met her making a phone call and laughing happily.

She even sat on my bed


I walked in just as her phone call was over

Me: give me the phone

She handed it over to me as she stood up from my bed

I checked the call logs and it was Adrian who called

So she even has the guts to call him Adrian

Not Prince Adrian

And wait

Why does she even have his number?

And he was the one who called her


This is more serious than I thought

I got so angry and threw the phone into the bucket of water.

The water splashed on her face and she screamed

Blue : what was that for?

Me: oh so Prince Adrian has given you guts huh? You now talk to me like my mate right

My anger increased and I slapped her real bad

She held her cheek because it turned red immediately.

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Her eyes too turned red

Blue : but I didn’t disrespect you

Me: oh yes you did. You began to disrespect me the moment you thought you could have Prince Adrian. The very moment you started hanging out with him. How dare you do what I can’t do

Then I pushed her so hard that she stumbled backwards, hit the bucket of water and it poured out.

She was still trying to gain her balance when I grabbed her hand and pulled her forward.

She stepped on the spilled water and slipped.

She fell down and hit her head on the wall before slumping down

I watched her without any remorse.

I gently went round the wet floor and checked her.

She was bleeding from the head and nose.

I checked her pulse

She’s a strong girl.

I made a phone call and told the security men to allow my friends come into the castle.

I then called Luca

He’s a gangster

He came with one other guy and I told them to help me deposit her outside the city.

I told them I wanted her dead

Luca : you know what it takes right

Then he moved towards me

Me: not a step closer. How much do you want?

He called his amount and I immediately transferred it to his account.

I left the room for them.

And ordered that no made should come to my room.

They know exactly how to get the body out of the castle.


I was surprised when I was informed that I would be working for Princess Gladys.

I never knew Adrian had a sister

I went to her chamber and met her.

She looked mean and didn’t look friendly.

I did everything she asked me to do.

I was changing her pillow cases when a strange number called.

I picked it up and it was Adrian.

I was really happy

We talked for some time and I cut the call to save his number.

He called me back few minutes later again.

I laughed and asked him why

He said he began to miss me when he dropped the phone.

I told him I was busy so he promised to call back later.

Just then Princess Gladys walked in.

I was frightened

She demanded for my phone and I hastily stood up from her bed and handed it to her

She checked something then angrily threw the phone into the water.

The dirty water splashed on my face.

She did other mean things to me

Slapped me and accused me of something I know nothing about

What’s up with her and Adrian?

They must be fighting

But what does it have to do with me?

She pushed me and I slipped and fell down

I felt my head hitting the wall and that was all I could remember.

The next place I found myself was at the bottom of a river.

I don’t know how I got there.

I just found myself among sea rocks and weeds and sand.

Some fishes were swimming by.

I couldn’t comprehend

What happened?

I hastily checked myself

I was still human

For a second there, I thought I was still a mermaid, that I was still in Neptune’s city, that Rainbow didn’t die, that none of this happened.

I thought it was all a dream.

I sighed and tried to remember what happened

I then remembered what happened with Gladys.

I reached out to touch my hair but the place I touched hurt me so badly.

My nose also was hurting

I must have sustained injuries.

I tried to stand up but wasn’t balanced in the water.

I swung my hands and legs to be stable.

Did Princess Gladys think that I was dead and threw me into the water to drown?

Luckily, I wore my pearl that day.

I recited my wish

Thighs to tail

And feet to fins

Later I’ll walk

But now

I’ll swim.

My transformation quickly came up.

I needed to get out of her.

This water was different

It wasn’t the one I grew up in.

I touched my head and closed my eyes.

I tried to concentrate and track my mother.

I felt a sensation

And I could feel her somewhere in Aberdeen.

I opened my eyes and quickly began to swim faster than I ever did before.

I felt like Rainbow traded her tail with mine

I swam really fast

And in less than two hours, I was in Aberdeen.

The water became familiar.

Then I remembered that this was where I was about a year ago

When I first came to the shore.

I breathed in an swam out to the shore.

People were on the beach

I got scared and gently lowered myself back.

I didn’t dive because if I did, they would see my tail.

Mother hadn’t thought me the magic that changes someone’s appearance yet.

I would have changed into a pair of bikini and come out of the water casually as if I was part of the beach fun.

I was stranded

I won’t be able to stay here till they leave.

Suddenly I felt a presence in the water

A mermaid sensation

I turned and looked around

I tried to know who it was

I concentrated and then opened my eyes

My mother

I saw her swimming to me

I quickly swam to her

I hugged her and she held me passionately

Me: mother, I’m so scared

Ma’am Nina : it’s okay Blue, I’m here for you

She pacified me and we swam to a different direction.

We came out as humans and went to an apartment building.

We went up and got to her apartment.

She told me that she felt I was in trouble.

She sensed that I was in Aberdeen and she swam to me.

I explained to her everything that happened and I said that I’ll never go back to Edinburgh that they hate me

Then she pointed out that Derek loves me, that Belinda cherishes me, she said Cindy and Audrey are my best friends.

She then said Adrian was coming for me

Me: how mother? He can’t find me

She smiled

Ma’am Nina : he will there.

Then she left me

I wanted to heal myself but I was too weak and so I slept off.

I stayed with mother for the next two weeks.

I didn’t want to come to Edinburgh

I was just missing them all

On Thursday evening, I went to the garden my mother planted.

I was playing with a blue flower

Then I heard a masculine voice called my name

I quickly looked back and saw Adrian, standing so tall and handsome.

I don’t know what strengthened me but I ran to him and hugged him so tightly

I began to cry

I was just so emotional

Adrian hugged me back, he wrapped his strong arms around me and I suddenly felt secure.

I wonder how he found me

To Be Continued

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