Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

I was so happy when I realized that finally my dream was coming true.

My father talked his father into having us engaged.

According to whatever they agreed on, Birmingham and Edinburgh had things that the other kingdom needed.

So my father made a deal with him, that they should make use of each others resources and seal it with our marriage.

It would even make it easier if the two kingdoms have a relationship.

And if the one of the kings doesn’t give out his child for the marriage, the former will take it to the latter and he’ll be deprived of his kingship.

Actually they was really no need for adding marriage, but I convinced my father saying I’ll make him get lots of resources if I’m the wife of the heir to the throne

My plan worked

The king and queen invited me to their castle so they’ll tell Adrian about our fixed marriage.

I got here early this morning and moved into one of the large chambers.

If they was a princess, this should be hers.

I smiled to myself as the royal maids moved my things in place.

I settled down and called my friends on a video chat.

They were so happy for me.

We talked about things we’ll do when I marry Prince Adrian

I didn’t want him to know about my visit yet.

It was going to be a surprise

I stayed in the room for hours doing things that matter and doesn’t matter.

I didn’t even go out for lunch.

I had to order the maids to bring my food

It was dinner time

I was really happy

I dressed up and left for dinner

I was glad when I saw him coming out of the elevator.

I faced my food but gently looked up and smiled when he got closer to me. He looked so stunningly handsome

He kissed my hand and sat beside me.

His father soon announced our fixed marriage.

I was so excited but was shocked to see his reaction

He was so angry

His eyes turned red immediately

And his face all squeezed up.

His muscles popped out and his veins turgid showing that he was really really angry.


Just marriage?

I got annoyed when he carelessly referred to me as ‘woman’.

No one dares to call me that

No body even calls me Gladys except my father.

My friends always call me Princess Gladys

He has no right to call me anything apart from my name and he must add princess

I stood up and yelled at him but he didn’t even acknowledge me at all. He ignored me as if I was a screaming ant that cannot be heard.

He later stormed off. I tried to follow him and pacify him but my shoes, I couldn’t catch up with him.

I already lost my appetite so I went upstairs to my room.

I decided to go and see him.

I went to my French door and saw him heading to the garden.

I quickly changed and went there too.

On my way I saw a maid going to the garden too

I didn’t care

I was alone but the lights were really bright

I went into the garden but my dress got caught up in a thorn bush.

I yelled in frustration

I hate distractions

I tried to free my dress and also remove the thorns attached to it

It took me so long and I was really angry.

I’m a hot tempered person

I can even tear off the dress in anger.

I looked around and they were no servants around.

The guards were far away at their stations.

It seems the maids have all gone inside


Why and what was that Maid doing?

Why was she heading to the garden?

I quickly cleared off the necessary thorns and left the rest.

If the maid was going to get something, she should be back by now.

I hope it’s not what I’m thinking?

No way

Prince Adrian can’t make out with a maid and definitely not in the open garden

I gently walked farther into the garden until I heard voices.

I looked and gasped

Prince Adrian and the maid?


This is unbelievable

He shouldn’t be doing this?

I felt angry and jealous


Why should I be jealous of a maid who the Prince has made his whore.

I’m still going to be his wife and the envy of all ladies

I turned and left

I went back and changed

I went back to his room after an hour

It was locked

He wasn’t back yet

I went back to the garden

I secretly wished he was through with his whore.

I got to the entrance and saw them coming.

Holding hands

I was not happy to see that.

Men after using their whore just send them off not holding hands with them

I watched them bade each other good night and she left.

I stood behind the Prince and then he turned and saw me

We had a conversation and I’m sure my last words left him confused.

I hope he loves his throne

He either marries me or watch another lineage take his royalty away from him

And that whore

I’ll teach her a lesson on how to be a decent girl

To Be Continued

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