Sat. Jul 20th, 2024


I was so very happy to see Cindy.

Luck is really always on my side

I’m not gonna be lonely anymore

We were still in our tight hug

Cindy : I miss you, miss you, miss you miss YOU so so so so much

We disengaged but still holding each other’s hands.

Cindy : how’s Audrey. I hope she’s fine. She’s still sassy and scary right? I really miss her, especially when we fight for food

I laughed happily

Me: Audrey is fine dear. She misses you too. She’s a waitress

Cindy : I’m glad you’re here Blue. Come on I’ll show you around.

She pulled me along and brought me out of the room.

We went to places she used to work and she told me what she normally do around the castle. We sneaked into places we shouldn’t go and hid from guards when necessary.

It was really fun

Soon it was time for lunch.

She took me to the servants dinning hall.

Really large with tables and chairs as if it was a restaurant.

All the servants eat their meals there.

Me: whoahh

Cindy : yeah right. Pretty cool and awesome. The food is really good. But this isn’t all the maids. Some still have to attend to other duties. So when this ones are through they can take over and then they’ll eat

Me: just like shifts?

Cindy: yeah. Just like shifts. What batch are you Blue?

Me: batch 3

Cindy : I’m in batch 4. Batch 1 and two take care of the lower floors while 3 and 4 take care of the upper floors. 5 and 6 are responsible for the outside. That includes the gardeners, etc.

Me: ohhh

I noticed that the uniforms were different. Some were red and white, the others were blue and white though that one was rare. The chefs, janitors, gardeners, etc uniforms were detectable and easily recognizable

Me: uhmm, why are they two uniforms for maids?

Cindy : red and white are normal maids, attending to anyone. There’s actually the gold maids, they’re very special. You hardly see them. They’re for the queen and sometimes attend to the king. You only see them when the queen is coming outside.

Me: and the Blue and white

Cindy : oh that’s the Prince’s maids, they only work in his chambers




Oh no!

I think Cindy noticed the fright displayed on my face

Cindy : what’s that face for? Tell me the color of your uniform

I relaxed my face but wasn’t relaxed inwardly

Me: ohh, uhmm Blue and White

Cindy : oh my goodness! That’s so lovely. You’re going to be working with the prince. But I think they hardly see him. I mean, they aren’t allowed into the actual chamber always.

I was so scared. Really scared

I think my heart beat could even be heard externally. I suddenly became quiet, I knew Cindy was talking but I couldn’t comprehend a word.

We were already at the vendor and taken our food already. I think the chef asked about me, cause I wasn’t on my uniform.

I’m sure Cindy took care of it.

I was just thinking of a way to dodge the prince. If possible not work in his chambers.

Lunch was soon over, I hardly ate anything.

Cindy helped me out

I decided to help her with the rest of her work.

We went to the toilets were the janitor wanted her to take care of.

We met the janitor on the way

Cindy : I’m going to wash them not because I’m willing to listen to you but because my friend is working here now and I’m so happy to see her.

Cindy hugged me and I smiled and pushed her away

I greeted the him

Me: hi sir

Janitor : hi. You’re welcome here

He smiled and I smiled broadly

Me: thank you sir

Janitor : you know what? Cindy, don’t worry about the toilets anymore. I’ll have other maids to do it. Spend time with your friend

Cindy : really? Thank you so much. Blue you’re the best goodluck charm ever

I laughed and thanked the janitor

We left and went to do other things

Next day, Derek called me and told me not to be nervous that the prince was nice.

I breathed in and thanked him.

I wore my uniform and headed out to his chambers.

I got there and a fellow maid came to me and showed me the manual and how everything works.

I was just to mop and clean everything with some other maids.

I thanked her and went to begin.

I began to mop immediately and clean some statues.

I admired the hall

So awesome

I really felt free

The castle is just full of beauty

I finished up and went to view the door I saw. The designs were perfect.

I used my fingers to trace the ornaments on the door when it mistakenly opened and I fell down in the room.


I just don’t get it.

What is Derek saying

He’s handing over the girl to me.

He wants me to take care of her because he never could

He told me everything concerning her from the first day he knew her till my birthday night when he saw her again.

He said she was dismissed along with her friend when he wasn’t at home and that he doesn’t know why.

Well the girl seems nice

But I really don’t wanna get involved with her

She might be a source of joy to Derek and Belinda but maybe not to me.

I went to the living room and sat on my long cushion facing the TV.

I was using my phone and didn’t concentrate on the TV at all.

I was frightened when my door opened suddenly.

I looked over and saw a maid lying face down.

Me: jeez

She sat up and rubbed her head then looked around

Maid : whoahh, so Blue. I love it

Me: excuse me

I guess she didn’t see me there cause she got startled, screamed and crawled back on her butt.

I looked closely

The Blue Maid

Blue: I’m so sorry Prince. I’m really sorry. I didn’t know it would open. I’m so sorry prince


She’s scared

But I’m not a monster

She tried standing up and I think I saw shades of tears in her eyes.

As she tried to stand, I moved up and got closer to her.

She was really scared, visibly shivering

I held out my hand to her

She looked up at me

Blue : huh?

Me: come on, give me your hand. Let me help you up

She brought down her head and I smiled

She shyly placed her soft hand in mine and I pulled her up

She was still shaking

To be continued

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