Sat. May 11th, 2024





Marcus and May had asked Miriam to move in with May since the house is large enough and Miriam’s rent expires in a few days.


Marcus also came around that morning because Barrister Abraham had phoned them the previous day, informing them that he would like to have an important meeting with them at Tony’s residence.



Soon after Marcus arrived, barrister Abraham also arrived. May served them coffee and the meeting began.


Barrister Abraham: first of all, I want to express my sincere sympathy to each and every one of you. The demise of Tony has indeed left a huge wound which time, in all its healing capacity, will be unable to heal.


Tony was more than just a client. I know you probably didn’t know this, but when I first met Tony, I was running my firm as a partnership with another barrister. After I worked for Tony for the first time, he was very impressed and asked why I didn’t have a firm solely in my name. I told him I didn’t have the funds to do so. Tony single handedly found me a property and paid the rent for 3 years. I mean the address we are currently in. You see I had more than a lawyer-client relationship with Tony…..(silence)….. (tears)


I’m so–rry. I didn’t mean to do this


May his soul rest in peace.


Tony has never wanted to die intestate, he had a Will prior to getting married. But after he got married, he amended his Will. Also, after he found out that he had lung cancer, he wrote a totally new Will. In fact, he did not write it, he recorded it and this last will is the valid one and I am here this morning to execute his Will.


When Tony first went to the hospital, he refused to be tested for cancer because he knew that since Marcus works there, he might find out. He instead went to Queen Mary ‘s hospital where he was diagnosed with cancer and started undergoing treatments. Not sure if you noticed when he shaved off his hair and stopped going to the gym. That was when he had his first Chemo but the disease had already gotten to a dangerous stage….


I think I will stop now and let you listen to his will.


(Barrister Abraham Brought out a recorder and switched it on.)


Tony’s recorded voice: not sure what time of the day it will be. But let me say good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Haha!


By the time you will be listening to this, I would be in the morgue. My darling May, if it was within my power, I wouldn’t have done this to you. I wouldn’t make you a young widow and i definitely wouldn’t make you a single mum.


I had no choice, dear wife. I had no choice. Forgive me.


Marcus the chronic bachelor! Man, I had wanted to see you get married. You denied me that privilege. Now apologise!


Marcus: (loudly) I’m so sorry bro!! ( breaks down in tears)


Tony’s recorded voice contd: this is how I want my assets distributed


One million pound in my building society account to be given to my son on the eve of his 21st birthday


(Join Group)


One hundred thousand pounds in my Lloyds Tsb savings account to Marcus’ first child. Girl or boy. To be given him or her one week after birth.


Twenty five thousand pounds in my Metro savings account to be given to Miriam my secretary .


My bungalow in Bedfordshire to Marcus.


Two hundred thousand in my santander account to be given to the church one week after my funeral.


My 3 bedroom flat in Chelsea, my five bedroom flat in EssΒ£x, 3 billion pounds in my barclays bank business account, my pension, my company and my property in Las Vegas all to my wife, Mrs May Tony Chukwuka.


My time with you all was short, but this isn’t goodbye. I will be watching over you from heaven. Hold on to your faith and we will be reunited in heaven. This isn’t goodbye.


I love you all.


Tony Chimaobi Chukwuka.




May: I don’t want these!! I want my Tony! Bring back my Tony. My Tony! My




Nothing means a thing to me!


Marcus: Not even the precious child you are carrying? (Hugs her) if it was within his power, he would not have left us. You heard him say it here.


Barrister Abraham: I’m so sorry, Madam. This is one thing we have no control over. So we must learn to accept and live with it.


Cherish the memories you had of him. I’m sure you have loads.


I could sit here and talk about Tony all day but I wish to take my leave now. We shut our firm on the day Marcus informed me of his passing and we will also do so on the day of his funeral, in honour of him.


Please do let me know of the funeral arrangement and if you need me to do anything at all, let me know.


I am always here for all your legal matters and that will be at no cost at all. Once again, accept my sincere condolences and may Tony’s kind heart rest in peace.


Marcus: Thank you, Barrister. I appreciate it.


(Miriam hugged May and they both cried in each other’s arms. Marcus consoled them before leaving the house with lots of tears resting on his blue shirt and many more hanging on his blood red eyes)


To be continued












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