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“who the heck are you,” i almost yelled at him but realise that wasn’t good of me.

“humm.. thanks anyway,” i said then managed to stood up, it already getting dark and they sky is filled up with so much dark clouds.

“hey who are you? your name? he asked while i smiled and walked away. I don’t tell strangers my name, i said then quickly left to catch up with Rita and Collins.

“hey guys i almost died,” i said while Rita seems shocked to hear that.

“what happen? Collins asked.

“i almost get drown in the sea,” i said

“am sorry for leaving, i was just carried away,” Rita said then hugged me.

“seems it gonna rain heavily,” i said as i packed my stuff and changed back to my dress, i quickly took a cab back home. I arrived home 7pm, i know mom will be so mad at me.

“what took you so long Irene,” mom said as i walked in.

“am sorry mom,” i quickly said then hugged her.

“what happen? she asked. While i told her the whole story.

“am not gonna allow you go their again, it so dangerous Irene,” she yelled at me.

“am sorry mom,” i said while she hug me back, i know she was just scared of losing me.

“where’s grandma? i asked.

“she’s already asleep,” she said while i hurried to my room, i took a warm shower and changed into my night gown, soon it began ro rain so heavily than i thought. I look through the door and smile to myself. I don’t know but my mom told when i was born it rained so heavily that evening, on the 25th of February.

“Irene you’re a child of destiny and therefore you need to be more careful,” what my mom once told me flash through my brain. I sat on my bed and picked up my bible then read a few verse. I picked up the novel given to me by my room and read few pages before i fall asleep.


Vanessa’s POV

I went to check up on Irene in her room and saw her sleeping with the novel i gave her close to her, the rain was still falling so heavy, i closed the book and kept it on her drawer while i cover her with a duvet.

“always be a good girl Irene, even in your dreams,” i said then kissed her cheeks before i go.




Irene’s POV

The cool breeze caress my hair and and soft skin, i slowy open my eyes and saw my window wide open, this grandma handwork. i quickly stood up from the bed trying to recall the dream i had last night but couldn’t i know it such a terrible dream but i couldn’t even remember anything about that. I rubbed my eyes then say my prayers as usual, i quickly took my bath, the weather was damn cool. I remember mom want me to join the church choir since i had a good voice. I stood at my window and smile. “good morning world! i yelled smiling to myself.

“crazy girl,” grandma said as she walked in.

“good morning grandma,” i said smiling.

“dear you look so happy today,” she said.

“not really am just trying to look so happy, i had a terrible nightmare, so am going to church,” i said then headed out and meet my mom at the sitting room.

“good morning sweet mom,” i said smiling then kissed her cheeks.

“how was your night sweetheart? mom asked while i replied cheerful.

“i need to go for the choir practice,” i said smiling.

“make sure you pay more attention, remember first impression matters,” mom said while i winked at her then smiled before leaving.

I arrived to the church at St. George. I walked in to the practice room which was large and i join the choir members. I do love singing. After the practice Sean offer to teach me how to play the piano and some other instrument cos am interested in that, i could say he’s perfect when doing that, i just sat down quietly and watch him play it, the way his fingers moved on the keyboard were just amazing.

“just try this, using this key,” he said as i moved a bit closer to him, he place his fingers on mine teaching me how to play it. It took us like an hour and i was already tired.

“maybe we can continue this tomorrow or some other time,” i said and he nodded. I used to know Sean as a cool guy, i know him as our church member and we’ve been quite a good friends.

The weather was so cool and enjoyable, Sean has decided to escort me back home, atleast i have someone to talk with as we stroll back home which was so much fun.

“so Sean how did you know how to play all these, i mean the guitar, the keyboard,” i said while he glance at me then smiled.

“by my dad, his a music freak, you can also learn this in the church if you don’t have any of the instrument at home,” he said while i nodded, my arms were folded and i was feeling so cold, i guess Sean notice that cos he removed his seude jacket and help me put it on.

“thanks Sean,” i said smiling. ” so are you planing going to college? i asked while he nodded.

“care for some coffee,” he said pointing at a coffee shop opposite to us. I just nodded while we walked in and we order some coffee to warm us. It was so much fun to be around Sean and i think i like him for that. We later return back home and i introduce him to my mom as a friend. I made lunch myself and we had lunch together before he later left.



I sat down looking at myself in my medium size mirror.

“Irene,” my mom said as she walked in and sat on a stool beside me.

“i have something to give you,” she said while i smiled.

“have this,” she said giving me a shining diamond necklace which looks so beautiful, it also look so expensive and i wonder where on earth mom get such necklace.

“Beautiful mom, who gave you this? i asked while she smiled.

“it Robbie,” she said, she did told me about Robbie being her first love.

“you still kept his necklace safe? i asked while she smiled then held my hands.

“if you love someone no matter how you got seperated, you’ll do everything to value and keep what he gave you safe, so have this because you’re all i have now,” she said as she put on the necklace around my neck.

“thank you mom,” i smiled as look at myself in the mirror.

‘i just look like a princess right? i asked while she smiled.

“more beautiful than any princess, you’re a priceless jewel that can’t be bought with any amount of money,” she said which make me felt so special.

“the best mom ever, i love you mom,” i said then touched the necklace and smiled to myself.

“i will also keep this safe and maybe pass it to my children ,” i said while she chuckle.

“can i tell you something? she asked while i nodded. “you look like him,” she said.

“like Robbie? maybe it just part of your imaginations mom, maybe it because you miss him so much,” i said while she smiled.

“i really don’t know but each time i see you as i also see him in you,” she said while i did nothing but to smile.

“come here my baby,” she said then pulled me closer to her for a hug.



Few days later i was so glad when mom broke the news of her getting a new job in a very good company which she’ll be paid well, i and grandma felt so happy and celebrate with her.

Mom was dressed in a black corset gown, she looks good in it, she’s look so young after all she’s still young and i wonder why she doesn’t want to get married again, maybe because of her past but what important is to see her happy always.

“ready for work, how did your mother look? she asked while i smiled.

“you look hot mom, i mean you just look like me, like a teenager am sure even your boss will gonna fall for you today,” i said while she was already blushing.

‘Irene is exactly right, you look beautiful. You know a beauitful woman like you shouldn’t stay single,” grandma said while i chuckle.

“i have to go, thanks for the compliments,” she smiled then picked her hand bag.

“love you mom, take care. Mkae sure you take the right bus and becareful,” i quickly rush my word like a child which make her laugh as she hurried out.

” i also need to dress up for school, so grandma take care too,’ I said then went to my room to dressed up, i couldn’t stop admiring the necklace my mom gave me, it look so beautiful and student at school kept asking where i got that from and that makes me feel special wearing such an expensive and beauitful necklace.




I was back from school so exhausted, and than goodness grandma has prepare dinner mom was also home and she told us everything went on good at work today, i guess she was tired cos she was already asleep in her room. I sat at the sitting room watching the news on the television.

“more eligible workers are needed at *High taste restuarant* OMG, One of the expensive restuarant in town. I think i want to work their cos the earn much.

“good salary paid at $50 each week. OMG, we gonna be damn rich, i just hope mom will allow me work their. I picked up my phone and typed *High taste restuarant* On the goggle search to read about it and then clicked to know who owned the restuarant, i once hear about the Almazons who owned it. * by Mr. DAVE Lincoln Almazons but currently belongs to his son Christopher.** Wow, i clicked on the picture of the Christoper, he’s damn handsome or probably super handsome, but he looked so familiar.. OMG His the same person that save me at the beach…




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