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I held my chest and wanted to fall but my mom quickly held me.

“what wrong with you Vanessa, let just pray Irene will survived,” my mom said as tears flowed down my cheeks.

“that’s not true, Irene is alive, my daughter is still alive,” i said in tears.

“of course she is,” my mom said as she held my shoulders while i opened my eyes, so it was all my imagination. The doctor came out with a sad look and i felt my heart beating faster i just hope he won’t tell me any bad news about her.

“doc, please save Irene,” i said in tears while he asked me to come over to his office with my mom. We sat down opposite to him and he looked at us.

“your daughter is in coma,” he said while i almost collaspe hearing that.

“why? my mom asked.

“look doctor she’s just five years, i mean how can she suffer this way,” i said in tears.

“she’ll soon regain back, she just need your prayers,” the doctor said while my mom held my hand.

“everything gonna be okay,” my mom said holding my hands, i wipe away my tears and they doctor directed us to her room. We walked in and sat beside her, i held her hands and cried out. “mommy want to see you alive again, please Irene do this for mommy and your grandmother,” i cried then turn to my mom and hug her.

“Irene will be fine,” my mom said while i said nothing but stared at her.



We’ve been in the hospital now for two weeks and i haven’t been myself, the doctor said some coma might last uptil a month and almost half a year, i kept wondering when my Irene will be awake. I and mom has been at the hospital everyday, i know prayer conquers all and i do believe God will bring back my daughter to life.

Late in the evening mom went home to prepare us dinner while i sat beside Irene throughout the whole day.

“mom..mommy,” i heard a sharp tiny voice that wake me up from my sleep, i smile when i notice it was my daughter.

“Irene, you’re awake,” i whisper then held her hand softly.

“where’s grandma and daddy? she asked.

“grandma went home to get us something to eat,” i said and she still ask about her daddy. Haven’t she remember he was the same person that caused her this pains. Gosh i hate Toby so much.

“you’r dad is not here, you need to rest Irene and stop asking too much questions,” i said while she smiled a bit.

“am glad you’re awake,” i said caressing her hair. I quickly rushed to call the doctor. The doctor came in with a nurse which he examine her and he assured me nothing much to worry about. My mom arrived and she was happy when i told her Irene was awake. We had dinner together while Irene was still on her bed and the doctor said she need some rest. This time i thank God for saving my daughter and i promise myself not to let anyone hurt her again.


Few weeks later Irene was discharged back home and we were so happy.

I needed to get a job so Irene could go back to school, mom was trying with the selling of flowers and newpapers she does. Irene sometimes followed her their.


Irene’s POV

Since am not in school yet i always insist to follow my grandma out to sell flowers and some other stuff in her shop but mommy doesn’t want that, i guess she’s still afraid and don’t want me to get hurt again but everything is over now since daddy is not here.

“bye flowers sir, flowers for your wife or kids,” i said to a man who stopped to buy from us, i left so happy because grandma was getting a lot of costumers because of me.

“hey little girl,” he said while i smiled and package the flower for him.

“am actually buying this because of you, you look pretty,” he said while i smiled and grandma chuckle too.

“you know how to attract costumers,” my grandma said while i smiled.

“it just simple grandma, you have to be smart,” i said while she smiled. I had a great time in the shop with grandma, meeting lots of people. Later in the evening i and grandmother went home and meet mom, she has already made dinner for us.

“Irene, you must be tired,” she said while i rolled my eyes then sit. Mommy doesn’t allow me to work i don’t actually know her problem.

“am fine mom, can’t you see am smiling,” i said faking a smile while she giggle and held my hand.

“you and your grandma look so tired, well just freshen up and come for dinner,” she said. “it as if mom usually read my mind, i took my bath and joined them for dinner mommy just made my favorite meal which is Noodles with egg sauce.

“wow, mother like no other, your food is always the best,” i said smiling, i finished the one on my plate and grandma added her own to me.

“you eat too much Irene,” mom said smiling while i giggle.

“yes mom, i want to grow fat,” i said busy with my meal which make my mom and grandma burst out laughing.

“have you gotten the job? grandma asked mom while her mode suddenly changed.

“no grandma, am just fed up, why can’t i get a job,” she said dropping her fork looking so sad.

“mom, just be little patience,” i said as i gulped down the water in my cup and stoop up and walked over to where mommy was seating.

“I love you mom and i know you’ll surely get a job,” i said while she smiled and hugged me.

“i have get you a new school,” mom said while i felt quite happy but at least i will be in school to fulfilled my mom’s dream just the way she always wanted.



Vanessa’s POV

I wish i could find something doing so i can help my daughter and my mom. I just hope things will work out good for me and my family at last.

The next morning i got Irene dressed up and i helped her comb her long dark hair.

“mom i want to dye my hair,” she said smiling.

“to what colour? i asked

“any color, i don’t want a black hair,” she said while i smiled then held her cheeks softly.

“hey you’re too young for that, and beside you so beautiful like this,” i said looking at her, she somehow look a little like Robbie, but am confused i don’t know if that was my imagination or something else.

“mom, what about dad? don’t i have a father, you know when i was in my former school i used to be insulted by my mates,” she said sadly which breaks my heart.

“look your new school will gonna be different, i will personally punch anyone who try to insult you. you should just ignore them,” i said then hugged her.

“what about daddy, i know he might be a bad person don’t you like him again? remember he’s my father,” she said while i nodded my head i don’t know how to tell her the truth, she’s just too young to understand all these.

“okay Irene, we will sort this out,” i whisper to her.



Irene’s POV

My new school was great and i made lots of friends on my first day, mom has tried by giving me everything i asked for and helping me with my home work. I was actually a bright students at school and during our graduation my teachers, mom and grandma were their which we took lots of photographs, i was so glad i have a complete family even thou dad hasn’t showed up yet, i notice each time i asked mom about dad her mood suddendly changed to a bad one, so i stop asking about my father until the the day i clocked sixteen years. My mom sat me down and told me everything that happen to her, felt so much hatred for Dave or whatever he call himself but through it all am happy my mom has also not abandon me. At least i have her and grandma by my side.


“Wake up sleepy head,” i heard grandma voice which disturb me from my dreamland. I picked up an pillow and buried face in.

“grandma, i need to sleep,” i said then, yesterday was my birthday and i slept late.

“Irene..Arrghh.. lazy you, well enjoing your sleep,” she said then left while i smile to myself, i picked up my phone they one mom gave me as my birthday gift yesterday, with a novel title “The Woman in You”. I do love reading novels and my mom exactly bought me one, it quite an inspirational book. I picked up my dairy and copied my friends number to my new phone. I quickly took my bath and comb my hair.

“you’re awake already? mom asked as she walked in and sat beside me.

“yes mom, so how was your night? i asked her oiling my hair while she smiled.

“thanks for the phone again,” i smiled.

“and i haven’t give you that phone to misuse it,” she said.

“misuse! as how? i asked packing my hair in a ponytail.

“having boyfriends or calling them on phone,” she said while i rolled my eyes.

“i dont’ have any and …

“you wish to have one,” she cut me off.

“no one and i don’t intend to have one, am not a fan of all these, you should know your daughter too well mother,” i said applying light make up to my face.

“okay, so where are you going? mom asked.

“we are having a party at the beach, it just a today is Rita’s birthday party, nothing bad will gonna happen,” i said then applied a pinky gloss to my pink lips.

“you should be becareful, i don’t want to lose you now,” she said while i smiled. I put on my midi red gown with my flat slippers since am not having a heels.

“so how do i look mom? i asked then swirled around.

“look pretty dear, please take care of yourself,” she kissed my forehead then left. I picked my phone and put it in my purse then rushed outside, i meet grandma reading a newspaper at the sitting room.

“bye grandma,” i smiled then quickly left to avoid her questions, I know grandma will never allow me go there. I checked my time it was already three PM in the evening, i arrived at the beach and changed into something light for swimming. I put on a cross waist shirk and a light top. I was glad meeting lots of people and also seeing Rita my friend. The party went on well and i could say the beach view was so appealing and nice, the party ended by 6pm and everyone almost left. Rita was so worried not seeing her boyfriend Collins.

“let go swimming, am sure Collins will soon arrived” she said. Am not an expert in swimming but i guess i will just try it. The sea look so lovely and calm and it was so much fun. I and Rita went into the water to swim.

“am not used to swimming,” i said to her while she smiled and held my hand.

“it not difficult, so feel free,” she said while i smiled a bit.

“Hey Rita,” Collins called her who just arrived now. I know Rita smile seeing him as she quickly swim out leaving me in the water, she reach up to Collins who was waiting for her. My heart was beating much faster, i knew something bad will gonna happen, i quickly tried to swim out but the sea roiled and roared, and the wave that was calm immediately changed, i couldn’t swim anymore.

“Help!!! Rita,” i yelled her name but i guess she wasn’t hearing me, i was gradually drowning and my eyes were now close but i suddenly left like am held by someone, and was dragged out of the horrible sea by my unknown savior, maybe it Rita.

I quickly spat out water and on the person kneeling next to me, i quickly sat up feeling so dizzy, i could have get lost or died in the sea. I stood up to walk but try to fall which i was quickly held by the person that saved me.

“you’re still feeling too dizzy,” a manly voice said, i now realise it wasn’t Rita. I slowly raise my head a bit and saw the handsome face staring at me..




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