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Wanda was already dressed in her simple armless white gown with a Ruby necklace which she made herself


She is a jewelry designer, so she knows the best for herself


Her makeup was very heavy which made her looked much more beautiful. Her face was moody no smiles at hell


Why will she smile? When she is being forced to do what she doesn’t want, she sighed heavily and stood up


Her father entered her room and smiled at her, she only rolled her eyeballs maliciously and look elsewhere


Wanda, I know you hate me right now for this but I am not permitted to tell you the reason why we are doing this


I will tell you when the time is right, and when you find out you will thank me yourself ” her father patted her shoulder and she removed his hand from her shoulder


” don’t give me that dad, enough of it


I’ve done your wishes as an obedient daughter, now what? Just let me focus on today’s event



Can we go now? ” she said rudely, her father only smiled and shook is head like he felt pity for her


let’s go ” he said and took her right hand and Wanda walked carefully beside him still with her rude countenance




Wanda’s Pov



I walked into the church with dad’s hand on mine, I saw Finn already there with his blue suit


Can he ever do without wearing blue at all? He looked at me like he was dumbfounded or something


Who cares, I just feel like strangling him right there. I saw Davina at the utmost front seat with her sunglasses looking horrible


I wonder how Finn fell for this zombie looking woman, she removed her glasses when I was getting closer to where she was


She turned back, I looked at her and our eyes met


She smirked and I felt I saw something flash in her eyeball, maybe it’s my imagination


I focused on the altar and here we are, in front of Finn.


Do you, Finn Salvatore accept Wanda Frederick as Your lawfully wedded wife to love her in pain and in happiness till death separate you? ” the pastor read from a paper he was holding


Finn looked at me and held the ring in his hands, I just managed to frown and look downward


yes, I do ” he said and slipped the ring in my fourth finger, I felt his soft hand on mine and It felt like I was electrocuted, my body shook



But I quickly controlled myself


Do you Wanda Frederick accept Finn Salvatore as Your lawfully wedded husband to love him in pain and in happiness till death separate you? ” the pastor faced me now


yes I do ” I said and slipped the ring in his finger too, I saw his face changed immediately I touched him, I saw his ocean blue eyes changed to deep blue


He shook like my hand had effect on him, his eyes changed back to it’s normal form immediately


Did he also felt what I felt? , I took it off my mind and I froze at what the pastor said next


” you may now kiss your bride ” my eyes widened at the statement


Kiss Finn? No way, he smiled at me and held my waist but this time it felt like something was moving around me


I don’t know but this feels quite strange, I feel something surging through me and I don’t know how to explain it


He hugged me and placed his mouth on my cheek making it look like a kiss, I heaved a sigh of relief


We both walked down the altar, his face has changed now. He looked like something happened to him


He was smiling earlier but now his expression has changed , what’s wrong?


Wanda, why do you even care?” my subconscious mind told me, well why do I care if his expression changed or not?


We just danced slowly to the music being played, he didn’t look at me rather he seemed like he was bothered about something



We received a lot of gifts, the wedding was very glamorous, many important people were there


I saw Roland earlier looking very angry but now I can’t see him anymore


I have to explain things to him after this honeymoon in Spain


Finn finally left to meet his friends while I just greeted guests and went to meet mom


I have no friends, in case you don’t know I’m a loner and my secretary Mona is the only one I talk to about my issues


I never had Friends since I was little, because I don’t know how to make friends. I’m just one weird person


Mom looked at me beaming with smiles, but there were signs of tears in her eyes


my daughter is married now, I won’t get to see her often anymore ” she said and burst into tears


don’t cry mom, I will always visit you and dad. You know you both mean everything to me ” I said and she grinned a little


She gave me advices as a mother should, and thanked her for everything she had said


Now it’s time to leave for my husband’s house, Finn came to meet me, I hugged dad and mom for the last time then I went with him into his car







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