Wed. May 29th, 2024

Today is such a hectic one, I’m damn tired right now I got home and met everywhere silent
I just forgot that I live alone, with three maids and a security guard As I made my way to my room one of my maids spilled milk on me
holy shit ” I cursed under my breath
do well and use your filthy eyes while walking alright
You are still new else you would have been fired right now ” she fidgeted ” get the hell outta my sight ”
“y..yes sir ” she stuttered and scurried away from me
I shook my head and walked up to my room, I opened the door to my room which is painted blue
Blue is my best color, It just makes me feel like a royalty
I took off my jacket and my trouser then went into the bathroom, I always prepare my bath myself
I crept into the expensive Jacuzzi and relaxed my tired mind
I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth of the water, the ringing of my phone spoiled the relaxation moment
I picked it up ” hello ”
” Finn, I want to see you in the next thirty minutes” he said over the phone
That’s my dad, my face turned sour immediately
I was already planning on having a nice time with Davina and then dad decided to ruin everything
dad, I don’t…”
get your ass over here in thirty minutes ” he hung up
Oh well, what do I have to do? I have no choice, I have to go meet him now else I would be in bigger trouble if I’m a minute late
I came out of my Jacuzzi and went to my room, I dried myself up in a hurry and I randomly picked a royal blue oversized sweater and a sky blue jean
I jelled my blue hair to the back leaving some strands leaning on my temple
I checked myself out in the mirror before me and I looked as charming as ever, Davina is so lucky
I picked my car key and headed straight to the door, I went into my car and drove out of the mansion
Finn entered the Salvatore mansion and he met his parents sitting discussing something he doesn’t get a hang of
hey mom, dad ” Finn hugged his mom and sat beside her
I missed you mom ” he rested his head on her shoulder
don’t lie to me finn
If your dad had not called you, you won’t
ever think of coming home ” his mother rolled her eyeballs
” you know that’s not true mom
Dad has kept me in charge of his companies
I have to do everything I can to make him proud of me. This is the reason why I couldn’t come to see you at times ”
He flashed his ocean blue eyes and his mother knocked him
” don’t give me those eyes
It won’t work ” Finn laughed at his mother’s statement
His father cleared his throat, Finn quickly sat up straight and his smile faded
i called you here for something Not to chit chat with your mother ”
yeah, I know that dad ” he nodded
you know Wanda Frederick right? ”
Yea, I know her
That clumsy and dumb girl ”
well, I and her father had made a marriage contract between you two
She’s your fiancee now ” his father grinned but finn’s expression changed
what the f**k dad? ”
Finn, the F word ” he warned
I’m sorry, but dad.. ”
not buts Finn, you know you have to follow everything I say
Else I’m gonna disown you ” his father gave him most cruel expression with his face
Finn looked so bitter but he could do nothing, he has to do everything he asks of her or he is going to be in trouble
” okay dad, but at least I have to know about her before I can agree to marry her ”
I know that, you both have a date tonight , Claudia will forward the address to you
Make sure you do your best to impress her ”
Finn only nodded and bade his mother goodbye
” but Finn, you should at least wait a little more ”
no mom, I have to prepare for this unexpected stupid date ” Finn’s voice echoed as he walked out of the house
You must all be wondering why I didn’t argue with my dad about the marriage
Well, that’s a story for another day but right now I just have to go on a date with this Wanda girl and just make dad happy
Even if we get married, she herself will ask for a divorce after I’ve made her life miserable in the house
Claudia, my secretary or my dad’s private bodyguard sent me an address, I guess that’s it.
I won’t change my clothes, I don’t even need to look my best because all girls trip for me, you can call me a Greek god.
Now let’s get prepared
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