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Finn already accepted his fate and sat quietly allowing Layla to do what ever she wants with him
She brought out a golden rifle and was about to cast a spell on him to collect his powers
An external force hit her from the back and she coughed out blood, she turned and saw her sister Kayla
Kayla? ‘ she asked surprised, her sister smiled at her
why are you doing this? You are hindering my work ‘ she shouted at the top of her voice
I’m doing this because I love Finn and I don’t want war between our sects. I feel that what we are doing is not right, please stop it Leyla ‘ Kayla begged Leyla but she doesn’t seem convinced
I don’t care, our clan will be destroyed if I don’t take his powers ‘
it’s better for our clan to be destroyed than to keep practicing evil Leyla, I will lay down my life if it warrants it ‘ Kayla was set to fight leyla
Finn looked at them in surprise, he doesn’t understand what was happening. He just kept viewing the show in front of him
then I have no choice Kayla ‘ Leyla stood up and started fighting with her sister, priestess rina has already been freed by Kayla
She came to the spot and gave Finn few of her powers and transported him back to mount light
go and save Wanda, I wi take care of things here ‘ Kayla said and the priestess vanished
Priestess Rina was still struggling with how to free herself from the eternal rope of bondage which Layla had used to tie her down
Then she saw Kayla who came and untied her, only someone who practices dark magic can untie the eternal rope of bondage
‘ why are you betraying your clan? ‘ priestess Rina asked kayla
She sighed and explained to her that she never wanted the fights between their sects and she loves Finn
‘ but.. ‘
‘ no, its fine. I’m willing to lay down my life than for thousands of people to die ‘ she said and tears dropped from her eyes
promise me that if I eventually die, you will perform my last rites for me and bury me on mount light’s soil ‘ she said
no you won’t die ‘ priestess Rina assured
just promise ‘
I promise you that ‘ Rina told her and she smiled
thank you ‘ Kayla said and disappeared before Rina could say anything
Wanda sat on a chair with some documents in front of her and a pen beside it
‘ sign it now ‘ Roland shouted for the umpteenth time, Wanda didn’t give in to him
Roland had forced Wanda’s parents to sign the documents that container the details of their properties
It remains only Wanda’s signature
‘ I won’t ‘ Wanda shouted back amidst sobs
Roland slapped her hard on her face which made the corner of her lips bleed
I still won’t sign it you beast. I hate you, I regret loving you ‘ Wanda spat on him He slapped her again making her fall from the chair and hit her head on the floor
Her head started bleeding, ‘ hit me all you want but you won’t get my signature on those damn papers ‘ Wanda smiled with pain
Her head was hurting her, ‘ sign those papers Wanda. Sign it now ‘ he said and dragged her up, he punched her add and blood oozed out of her mouth
I won’t sign it ‘ she said slowly
you are quite stubborn ‘ Roland said and was about to hit her again when he stood glued to the spot
what’s happening? ‘ he asked in fright and looked around, the cops got there and arrested Roland but before they could turn they couldn’t find wanda
how did this happen? ‘ they were all wowed but couldn’t do anything and left with Roland in handcuffs
Priestess Rina carried wanda to finn’s house , when she got there she found Kayla’s dead body on the floor
She felt sad and carried her body and she vanished into thin air with Wanda.
Priestess Rina did what Kayla asked of her and buried her in Mount light.
After the burial, they all gathered their army for the big war with fallen fairies sect.
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