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yes, transport them through time ‘ the priestess said and sat on a chair opposite the king


She continued ‘ we have to transport them to the future, and wipe their memories. There, then would be safe


The fallen fairies don’t have the ability to go to the future unless they possess someone ‘


and you think that’s the only way to keep them safe? ‘ the king asked and the priestess nodded


they will be safe, they will have guardians who will act as their parents till they fully have their powers, then they would attack the fallen fairies before they think of breaking the hundred years barrier ‘ the priestess said further


then what are you waiting for, Do that right away ‘ he said immediately


yes, your majesty ‘ she left in a hurry, four palace workers were selected to act as their parents



The priestess commenced and said some spells which created a portal, a portal to the human world.


A portal to the future, she became more and more engrossed in her chants as she shuts her eyes closed.


few minutes later, the four palace workers ( two males and two females ) vanished into thin air


They didn’t pass through the portal, reed and katrina’s body was raised up by an unseen force which pushed them into the portal


It’s in the portal where they will be reborn and their memories of the past life will be erased.


The priestess closed the portal after they were gone. Then she prepared to watch how the fallen fairies clan will try to break the barrier.


News was already sent to the king that soldiers of fallen fairies clan were heading towards their mount


He went to sit on the highest seat on his long tower, with the priestess by his side and other officials


King Seth wondered why he didn’t see any soldiers around but he doesn’t know what was going to hit him


They matched towards the gates of mount light and the soldiers tried to break in but they bounced back and fell flat on the floor


King Seth was furious and tried a spell to break the barrier , moved towards the gate and placed his hands on it and casts a spell with black Magic but he didn’t know it made the barrier more stronger


The force coming out from the barrier hits him and his soldiers, they all fell down lifelessly.



King Reid came down of his tower and went to his room to rejoice.


The priestess smiled as she was rest assured that they were safe now.



Flashback Ends



High priestess Rina explained further to them, ‘ davina who is your girlfriend isn’t the real Davina, she is being possessed by princess Layla of the fallen fairies clan ‘ she said and Finn looked shocked


I knew it, I knew there was something odd about her ‘ Wanda said and priestess Rina nodded


Roland, your boyfriend, is striking a deal with Layla ( Davina ) to marry you and take all your father’s wealth to pay his debt ‘ Wanda sat on the bed trying to comprehend what the priestess was telling her


Roland? How could he? ‘


it seems we have both been betrayed ‘ Finn said, Wanda sniffed and straightened her eyes which was getting wet with tears


you both have to start training how to use your power then we will find a day to get Layla out of Davina’s body, after that we would get Roland arrested


Then we would prepare for the great war with the fallen fairies clan ‘ the priestess said, Wanda and Finn sighed and they both stood up


we are ready ‘ they both chorused, the priestess smiled and turned her back


stay in this room and meditate till you are able to control your powers. And beware of any stranger around you


Princess Kayla, who is Leila’s sister will try all possible schemes to get close to you


I will be leaving now ‘ she vanished into thin air immediately


I’m always around, call me whenever you need me ‘ her voice echoed around every corner of the room


There was an intense silence between Finn and Wanda, they both stared at themselves for few minutes before taking their gaze off each other


I… I…i will start meditating now ‘ Wanda said and sat with her legs crossed like the Buddha priests


me t..’ finn’s phone rang and he sighed as he saw the name of the caller



Davina’s Pov



I felt something was wrong so I decided to call Finn, it took a long time before he picked the call


hey love ‘ I said to him and his voice seems cracked like something had just happened to him


hi ‘ he simply said, hi? Finn has never said hi to me on phone


What brought about this change in him?, or could it be?


what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong? ‘ I asked him and he took long before he answered my question


no, I just woke up. It’s been a long day and I’m really tired, can you please call me back later babe? ‘ he said and I felt relieved


I thought he found out about me


yeah, sure. Bye baby ‘ I said and hung up. I fell onto my bed and stretched my body on it.


Time to take a walk, I jumped up and went out of my room.



Finn’s pov



Davina almost suspected that I knew something about her so I had to quickly lie so she won’t feel paranoid


I can’t let her be suspicious now, I just have to continue acting like the old Finn. But now, I got to concentrate on controlling my power


I won’t let Davina or Leila’s evil schemes prevail.


I looked over at Wanda’s side and she wasn’t there, I sat comfortably on the bed and started meditating


The earlier the better.




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