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High priestess rina’s pov
I went to meet his majesty to explain the situation of things to him.
what do you mean? You can’t foresee what would happen to them or this mount?
he asked and I nodded
mount light has always counted on you because you are our only hope of predicting what would happen to us
Now, you can’t see anything which means your inner sight has been blocked ‘ his majesty said
I know someone blocked my sight, only people who practice black magic can do this which certainly means this is the handwork of the fallen fairies
They are blocking me from seeing things that would happen and they might be targeting reed and Katrina
your majesty, this is the work of the fallen fairies clan. We have to protect the both of them , katrina and reed. ‘ I told him and he nodded
But he looked confused, ‘ what should we do? If they are still in Mount light they won’t be safe because the fallen fairies will find all ways to kill them now that they are still unconscious ‘ he said wearily
I don’t know what to do, how are we going to save them?
They are the only hopes for mount light, but if we hide them how do we save mount light and mount fire from crumbling
They are just trying to ruin us. ‘ your majesty, we have to start preparing ourselves
Send a message to mount fire, we have to make a strong magical barrier which the fallen fairies clan won’t be able to break until we are able to save reed and Katrina ‘ I told him and he nodded then I left him
I have to gather the seven dukes who will help me with creating a barrier on our mount
I just hope they agree because this will exhaust all our powers for ten years before we can fully gain our powers back
I got to my manor and carried my pigeon from it’s cage then I wrote a letter which was sent to each of the dukes
I hope they agree before fallen fairies think of attacking us.
Fallen Fairies clan
I have done what you asked of me ‘ shaman Hera said and king Seth laughed uncontrollably
I wonder how mount light will survive, I will crush both mounts at a time. Then I will kill their saviors too, I have no cause to worry anymore ‘
your majesty, I will take my leave now. ‘ shaman Hera left, ‘ it’s time to gather my troops and head for mount light ‘ Seth stood up and wore his royal armor
Set for War, he took his sword and his wife rushed in, she looked surprised seeing him on an armor
your majesty, you are going to war? ‘ she asked suspiciously
yes my dear ‘
no you can’t, our daughters still need you. ‘ Queen Maya said and her three daughters walked in
Layla, Kayla and reila. ‘ father, please don’t go ‘ the young girls cried holding their father’s leg
I promise to come back, I will be back soon ‘ he said and kissed his wife’s forehead and went out
Queen Maya sank on the bed with tears in her eyes. She knows fighting mount light with no proper preparation is just like a death wish.
She drew her daughters close to her and pat them while silently praying for her husband.
Mount Fire
King lei already gathered his five most powerful dukes and together with him they started making a strong barrier which can’t be penetrated in hundred years to come.
They know they were risking their lives but this is the only way to protect the mount and to also protect Reed and Katrina.
It took them three hours to create the barrier , immediately it was created king Lei fell and died.
He has exhausted all his powers trying to create the barrier. The dukes carried the king’s dead body into the cold palace where he will stay for five years before he can be properly buried
This is the tradition of mount fire. The Queen wept profusely but there was nothing she could and now she misses Katrina more
She is her only child and the only hope for mount light.
Mount Light
The mount light had created their barrier which lasted for hours
The seven dukes alongside the priestess will be powerless for ten years
Because they had exhausted their powers on creating a hundred years barrier.
News reached mount light about king lei’s death and the king couldn’t help it but he cried as he has lost his childhood friend.
All these while, reed and Katrina were still unconscious
your majesty, this is the only way we can save reed and katrina ‘ the priestess said to the king who was already in white clothes mourning the death of his friend
which way? ‘ he asked looking uninterested in what the priestess was saying
transport them through time ‘ the priestess said.
Transport them through time? ‘
They will be transported through time, who knows what this means? ☺ Billionaire’s Bride

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