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I felt attracted to her within that short period of time


She isn’t that beautiful but she looks just like a goddess, I find myself longing to hold her. What feeling is this?


She looked at me weirdly and I quickly smiled


uhmm bye? ‘ I said trying to place my words


bye? Are you kidding me? I have nowhere to go ‘ she blurted


and how am I supposed to know that? ‘


will you follow me? ‘ I asked her and she was dumbfounded for minutes


I don’t even know who you are


Or where you are going ‘ Katrina scoffed and picked up her small backpack that fell off her back


She started walking slowly away from me and finding her Way out of the forest.


I don’t know why I have suddenly developed some kind of feelings I’m not not sure about, I felt pity for her then I ran towards her and carried her in a bridal style


I cleared the thick bushes on my way and finally found my horse, I placed her on it and I also got on the horse



She almost jumped down because of the closeness, I looked into her eyes and she quickly lowered her gaze


” where are you taking me to? ‘ she asked with no fright in her voice


to my kingdom ‘ I said and hit the horse which started running fast and our journey to mount light started






I feel so attracted to him, he is the definition of perfection. Father and mother sent me to look for my soulmate


So funny how am I supposed to recognise him? Now I found someone my heart keeps beating for


Should I follow him or find the one who will save my kingdom? I’m really confused.


I felt someone tapping my shoulder and I quickly waved my thoughts aside


why did you stop? ‘ I asked him, he brought his head close to my neck and I almost fell


His breath were fresh on my skin and it gave me a tickling effect


wh…wha..what are you trying to do? ‘ I stuttered and he smiled, ‘ I just wanted to know why you are deep in thought ‘ he said plainly


it’s none of your concern, just focus on where you are going to ‘ I said and he arched his brows, I furrowed my brows too and he smirked.


let’s get going ‘ he said and this time he was a lot more faster.


We got amidst the market place and everyone was busy with one thing or the other, this place is more like a mount


Or is this mount light?


we have arrived, welcome to mount light ‘ he said close to my ears, my heart almost pumped out of happiness.


The gods are really helping me, father and mother didn’t give me a map to get to mount light


I was just traveling around to nowhere for over a month without getting a hang of how to get to mount light.


I haven’t met a single person for the past one month, he is the first person I saw.


The horse started moving slowly now and everyone that noticed us kept bowing


Which means he must either be an official or the son of a high ranking official in court.


I looked up at him, he only smiled down to me staring at me. I looked away immediately , his ocean blue eyes are tempting


I smiled to myself at how deeply I had fell for him. We got closer to a big fortress looking like palace


He got down from the horse and carried me down too, I followed him behind and the gates was opened widely for us


you are welcome your highness ‘ I heard the guards say


highness? ‘ oh my goodness he is a prince and I have been so rude to him but he never took it out on me


Is that why he brought me here? To punish me?


‘ what are you doing still standing there? ‘ he asked and I went to meet him



We both walked in and he took me to a room and asked some maids to prepare me food and a warm bath


I will come back later ‘ he said and left. The room looks more beautiful compared to mine in Mount fire





The king was in a council meeting with his court officials when the priestess requested an audience with the king


bring her in ‘ the king said on his throne, the priestess walked in quickly and knelt down before him


my king, she is finally here. She is in the palace right now ‘ the priestess said with happiness


who? What do you mean? ‘ king Reid asked in confusion


the crown prince’s soul mate whom we have been looking for is right under our nose, here in this palace. The crown prince found her ‘ the priestess said


King Reid busted out in laughter with joy, ‘ guards ‘ he summoned them and they trooped in


‘ bring the crown prince ‘…’no your majesty, we must go and see him ourselves ‘ the priestess objected


then let’s get going ‘ he smiled and stood up leaving the court while the priestess followed him








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