Wed. May 29th, 2024

Wanda’s pov


He just kissed me, He stole my first kiss. I’ve dated Roland for months now and we never kissed but now Finn? He just…


My eyes remained wide opened, I pushed him away and ran to our room



finn’s pov



I can’t believe I did that, she looked like I offended her. But it was just a kiss and I didn’t mean to do it


Her lips were so soft though, the urge to kiss her again flashed through my mind and I quickly waved it off


I felt my cheeks burning, I’m not blushing am I? I touched my cheeks and smiled shyly



What’s up with me? This isn’t the first time I’m kissing a girl so why is my body heating up and reacting to it in such awkward way


I just shook my head






I don’t know but I feel it’s time we tell them who they actually are ” I told my friend Jay Salvatore who only glanced at me for few seconds and faced the TV


at least talk ” I said


what do you expect me to say? I don’t know what to do now


Should we tell them now and make them remember everything? ” he asked, I only sighed


you yourself know this is the only way to save them both from the claws of Jezebel


She has her eyes on them and now that they are married she will get her teeth more sharpened and aimed at them..” He pauses for a while and continued


the pain of remembering who they are The reason why they are on this earth


The sorrow of carrying the responsibility of each sects on their shoulders And the urge to fight the fallen fairies is something they can’t handle now


Let’s wait for Grandmaster’s order, only then can we know what to do ” I didn’t say any more words


I just watched the TV as he did too



Finn’s pov



I walked into our hotel suite and met Wanda on the bed with her face buried down on her pillow



I tried touching her shoulder and she flinched, I withdrew it and clenched it in a fist


She turned and sat up, she batted me with her eyelashes and I looked elsewhere


that was offensive you know ‘ I heard her say she moved closer to where I sat at the edge


h.. How.?’ I tried to get my voice together, ‘ it’s not like I did it purposely ‘


She rolled her eyes continuously which got me wondering what was wrong with her, it was just a kiss after all


it’s my first kiss ‘ she said shyly and hiding her face in her palms, probably she is just lying but then I remembered how she froze when my lips touched hers


you expect me to believe that? ‘ I asked and she gave me the ‘ like I care ‘ expression.


And all of a sudden I saw something flash across the room


It was so swift and I couldn’t decipher what actually happened just now


Someone is in this room but no one could be so fast that I won’t even see him or her. ‘ who is that? ‘ I yelled


I saw the person pass by again this time with force and heavy wind started blowing around the room, the lights were flickering every seconds


what’s happening? ‘ Wanda asked terrified ‘ I don’t know too, just hold me tight ‘ I told her and she rushed into my hands


I held her even though I’m scared too, this just looks like some horror scene. I gulped hard in terror, the wind got more intense and I saw the shadow of a woman behind the curtain


General pov



The shadow was moving closer to where Finn and Wanda were seated, Wanda didn’t let go of Finn a bit


He was already sweating , he couldn’t move from the same spot where he was


who are you? Just show your face ‘ Finn said trying to be brave


should I really do that? ‘ the voice asked and it shook around the whole room


stop making us scared of you ‘ Finn yelled and the shadow laughed


I’m not here to harm you, I’m here to protect you and make you understand few things ‘ she said and came out of the curtain


She looked elegant with a very fair skin, her hair was long coupled with full red lips, she smiled with a corner of her mouth


‘ I am Rina ‘








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