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Leyla walked into the invincible room , she cast some incoherent words before she appeared in the council meeting in fallen fairies clan


‘ Leyla, what’s taking your time so much? I’m beginning to get furious


This is such a simple task and you can’t even do it? ‘ her mother pointed her trident at Leyla and she moved back in fear


I’m sorry mother, I have tried to kill the girl he married but it seems someone is protecting her ‘ she gulped and continued


I used almost all my powers to make sure that Finn doesn’t look for her before I’m done


But someone cleared my spell on him and he eventually saved her ‘ Leyla said with fright while looking at her sisters who were just grinning


She only took her eyes off them, ‘ if you can’t complete this task after three months..’ she looked at her mother inquisitively


Waiting to hear what her decision will be, ‘ Kayla will continue with it ‘ leyla’s gaze dropped


She looked shocked at the fact that her second older sister Kayla will continue with her mission



Kayla was the one Leyla hates the most, they fight almost everyday. ‘ I can’t allow this ‘ she said in a whisper


do you understand me? ‘ her mother’s voice thundered in the room, Leyla nodded in a haste and disappeared


your highness, I think princess Leyla doesn’t have an interest in this


Just tell her to stop and let Kayla continue it ‘ chief minister Loki said


let her use this last chance to get married to Finn, and if she isn’t able to do that, Kayla will take over. ‘ the queen stood up and they all crossed their hands on their shoulders till she left


Kayla and reila followed suit






My sister thinks someone was actually guarding Wanda but she doesn’t know I was actually behind it


I am still behind the previous ones she failed to do


She can never get suspicious of me, she thinks only her can get to the human world but I will foil all her hard work and take her place


I already fell in love with Finn even though I haven’t met him but I feel we are made for each other and no one can stop me from getting closer to him


Not even my mother






Who the hell does Kayla thinks she is? She thinks she can just come overnight and spoil everything I already prepared



No way, that won’t happen. I want mother to praise me in front of all court of officials , I want her to realize that I’m not just a small girl and I can do everything my sisters can do


I want her to know I’m worthy too, I’ve always volunteered myself to do any mission she asks my sisters to do


But I always ended up failing, I’m just a little sister that wants to be loved by her other sisters


I just want my mother to be proud of me too, I have to let her know that I can also do this. I can compete with my sisters too





Finn and Wanda both sat at the pool side with juices in their hands


this place is just so boring ‘ Wanda’s voice echoed around, they were both the only ones there


what do you suggest we do then? ‘ Finn asked looking tired


let’s play hide and seek ‘ Wanda said excitingly, Finn only looked at her like ‘ are you going nuts? ‘


stop giving me that stare, tell me if you aren’t playing with me ‘ she rolled her eyes and slipped her juice


but that’s for kids you know ‘ Finn complained


come on, stop being an asshole for a while and just join me in this


It’s fun but because you are just so rude won’t let you know ‘ Wanda stood up trying to leave but Finn held her hand


okay , let’s try it ‘ he stood up too and they both started to play, Wanda ran around laughing



Finn laughed too and he enjoyed the game, Finn didn’t know she was already behind him then he turned and their lips crushed together








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