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Two Months Later


Nuella’s POV

“You may now kiss your bride”. The pastor announced and Raymond kissed me. “Chocolate”. I whispered and he chuckled.

I was giggling as the crowd started clapping, it was like a dream come true, I was now married to Raymond, my dream man, I was his nanny but now, I’m his wife.


Jeanne’s POV

I was worried, Amazon was nowhere to be found. Where was she? Nuella would be married in no time to Raymond and I suppose to end her life right now. “Betty”. I said with a worried face.

“What’s wrong?”. She asked.

“I can’t find Amazon anywhere”. I replied.

“Really? I thought you guys agreed to meet here to escape and kill Nuella”. She said and I nodded.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, I can’t find her”. I replied.

“Just chill ok, Amazon doesn’t disappoint, if she tells you she’s going to help you, that’s it and besides she fears you”. She said and I nodded

“You’re right, I think I’ll wait a little longer but what if Nuella and Raymond are already married, it will be impossible”. I said and the door opened and Amazon walked in.

“Jeanne, let’s go, there’s an escape route”. She said and I smiled.

“See, I told ya, Amazon just amazes me, she never disappoints”. Betty said and I grinned.


Nuella’s POV

“Nuella”. He called out and I smiled and bent down.

“Davis, you’re now my son, I think it’s best if you call me mother”. I said and he smiled.

“Mother… Mom”. He said and I hugged him.

“That’s my dear little boy, now don’t press mom too much, I’m feeling uncomfortable, you know I’m still pregnant”. I said and he nodded and withdrew from me.

“I love you Mom”. He said and I smiled. “I love you more”. I replied.

“What are my two dearies saying?”. Raymond asked as he entered the room. “We were planning on how to make you happy” he said and I chuckled.

“Oh really?”. Raymond asked and jumped out on the bed.


“Oouch”. I felt a vibration in my stomach.

“Dad, stop, you shouldn’t be jumping on the bed, you might mistakenly hurt mom”. Davis said and I chuckled as Raymond nodded and brought his hair closer to my stomach.

“Did you hear that?”. He asked. “Hear what?”. I asked

“The baby just kicked, it’s a male for sure, he’s going to be an awesome footballer like uhh Ronaldo, Messi or uhh I’m not actually a fan of football”. Raymond said and we chuckled.

“Actually dad, it’s going to be a girl, she’ll be an awesome wrestler like Sasha banks, Becky Lynch”. Davis replied and I nudged him with an elbow and stood up and caressed my stomach.

“She’s going to be Cinderella in her own world, she’s going to be loved by all, she won’t experience the life that her parents went through”. I said and looked at Davis. “And you’ll be there to guide her”. I added and he smiled.

“Yes Mom”. I said and the door flung open and Almet walked in. “Brother”. I almost screamed in surprise as he hugged me.

“I couldn’t afford not to come to your wedding”. He said and looked at Raymond. “Hey bro, I know we haven’t met beforeandI ”

Almet didn’t wait for Raymond to finish his statement, he hugged him. “Thanks brother”. Raymond said.

“Just take care of my sister, that’s all I ask of you, she has a fragile heart, her heart is like gold and you Davis, you’re also my son, feel free to ask me anything you want, I’m always here for you”. Almet said and I smiled.

“I’ve missed you so much”. I said.

“Me too, I just couldn’t afford to miss the most precious day in your life and I’ve seen how much you love and cherish your husband”. He said and I nodded and looked at Raymond.

“I did right from the start, if cuteness was a person, it would be you, if we were given a chance in our next world, I’ll certainly choose you all over and over”. I said and he smiled.

“Thanks love, I love you so much”. Raymond confessed and I kissed him. “Nah, I don’t see that”. Davis muttered and closed his eyes. We chuckled. “You can open them now”. I said and he opened them.


Jeanne’s POV.


“Where are we even going? It’s like this tunnel doesn’t end”. I said and she laughed.

“It does end”. She replied.

“But we’ve been working for an hour”. I said.

“I thought you wanted to kill Nuella, it’s the only escape route I know and besides it would be best for us and we won’t get caught if we follow this road”. She said and I nodded as we continued going.

“Here we are”. She said after we stopped right in front of a wall. I was confused. “Amazon, are you kidding me? There’s no way out”. I said.

“And who said there’s a way out?”. She asked and chuckled.

“Now, you’re acting funny, let’s go back”. I said and she laughed and some group of boys came out from a small route. I looked shocked.

“There’s always a end for evil people”. She began. “I guess today’s your end”. She added.

“Amazon, we’re friends remember”. I said and she laughed.


“Friends, do you take me for a fool?”. Sheasked. “I don’t understandyou”.

“How can I be friends with someone who disgraced me and took the position of being head of bullies in less than a minute?”. She asked and my heart skipped a beat


To be continued

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