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Davis’s POV

“Don’t worried Nuella, I’ll make sure I bring Jeanne to justice”. I said but her face still looked worried.

“Jeanne is not someone to trust, she might end up doing something to you” Nuellas said.

“And that’s exactly what, i want her to maltreat me so I’ll have evidence to put her in court, you need to keep all these evidences, once we have more, we’ll be able to put my mom in prison”. I said and Nuella nodded.

“Just don’t get hurt”. “I won’t”. I replied.


Jeanne’s POV

Davis must have probably changed his mind. I chuckled, how could he reject me for that poor bitch called Nuella, I’m enjoying this.

I drove into Raymond’s compound and saw Davis in torn clothes.

I got angry and came out of my car running to him. “What happened to you?”. I asked.

“Nuella beat me up for trying to eat when it wasn’t yet time”. He cried. “Where’s that lunatic?”. I asked loudly.

“She has gone out of the house and locked the door, I used her phone to call you to come over when she wasn’t there”. He said and I nodded.

“Of course, let’s go home” I said and grinned. I’ll kidnap Davis and leave the town, that’s for sure.

I got into the car and Davis entered too, I started the car’s engine and began driving.

“Mom, I’m really sorry for insulting you, I’m really sorry”. He pleaded and I laughed.

“Just know that you’re dead when we get home, after my meeting with my lawyer, I’ll come back home, then I’ll beat that pride out of you”. I said and he began crying.


“Sweetheart, save your tears for later cause you’ll need em”. I said loudly and laughed.

“Mom, please”. He begged.

“Please is not in my dictionary, once you’ve done something bad, you deserve the consequences”. I said.

“But ”

I cut in immediately. “Will you just keep shut? I’m driving and you blabbing can cause an accident”. I said. “I’m thinking of something Davis, should I sell you? You’re less important to me, Raymond isn’t important, I could sell you and leave this country, I’m sure you’ll be used as uhhh”


“You want to sell me?”. He asked with a soft voice.

“Of course, after four days, I’ll sell you, I can’t keep you in my house, you’ll be wasting my food, even that four days seem too long, perhaps three days isenough, I’ll get a buyer”. Isaid.

“But why?”. Heasked.

“Are you asking me? You’re as worthless as Raymond, after all, I didn’t ask to give birth to you, it was just a mistake of one night, just a night and one unfortunate being was brought into this world, you’re five years old right? I seem to have lost count”. I said and his eyes widened.

“Mom, I’m still your son”. He said and I chuckled.

“Yes, of course you’re my unfortunate son, my worthless son, I can’t believe I even gave birth to this dwarf”. I said and he gasped.


Almet’s POV

“Hello Nuella, I’m still away for some time, the police are still looking for me”. I said as I picked her call.

“I guess so”. She replied with a sad tone. “Where’s Raymond?” I asked.

“He’s been arrested, I guess he’s going through tough times now, I’m really scared for him”. She said.

“Don’t worry, Raymond won’t go to jail and as for Jeanne, I should have killed her a long time ago, where’s Davis? Hope he’s safe with you?”. I asked.

“No, he’s with Jeanne”. She said and I gasped. “What?”.

“It was his idea, he said he wanted to record all jeanne’s conversation with him, monitor her movements, look for letters that could implicate her”. She said


“Isn’t it risky, he’s just a kid, I’m scared for him too”. I said “He’s going do all that in six days”. .

“I’m sure he’ll succeed but don’t trust anyone even in your house, your nanny might be an informant, anyone can be your enemy even the ones you love most can be the reason of your downfall”. I said and cut the line. I needed to run, I could see the cops coming in mydirection.


Raymond’s POV

I looked at the cell, I was scared, it was full of mosquitoes, I was afraid I’ll develop a sickness.

There was a fat inmate but he happened to be their head in the cell, he was huge and ugly, I couldn’t believe if that man found love, even if he did find love, I’m sure love is going to disappear on seeing his ugly face.

“Cassio”. That was his name with his tough characteristics.

“That’s Mr Raymond Micoff”. I heard one of them whisper and they turned in my direction.

“He’s the one, how did he get here? I guess he’s also a criminal”. I heard another one say.


“And he’s proud”. The boss said. “When my wife wanted to give birth, he wasin

the hospital that day with his wife, she also wanted to give birth, the doctor refused to commence any operation without money while his wife was undergoing the treatment smoothly. I went over to him and begged him to help pay my wife’s bill, that man over there ordered his bodyguards to beat me to coma and guess what, my wife died together with her baby”. He added and my heart beat.

I could still remember.

That man would certainly kill me.

Lord! Save me

“I guess it’s time to pay him for all his crimes, I can’t find his bodyguards anywhere so I’ll beat him up just like he did five years ago”. He said and pointed to me. “You”. He said and my heart raced.

Even his voice could send a lion to it’s untimely death.

“Me?”. I asked getting up slowly. No, why am I afraid, I have integrity, I’ll beat him if he tries any nonsense.


To be continued.

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