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Nuella’s POV

I smiled as Raymond leaned on the wall.

He was getting better and I was happy. “Hey”. He said.

“Hi”. I replied. “I heard you’ve eaten so I came, Davis is around, he’ll be soon be here, he’s with my personal assistant”. I said and he smiled.

“Thanks, you’re a really a precious gem, I’m so lucky to have you take care of my son”. He said.

“Thanks Mr Raymond”. I replied and he chuckled.

“How about you call me Raymond, I don’t really like it when he called me Mister”. He said and I smiled.

“Fine, I’ll just call you Raymond instead”. I replied and he smiled. “Thanks for understanding”. I said and Davis entered.

“Dad”. He called out.

“Come give your dad a hug”. I said and he ran and hugged me. “It’s finally over”. He said and I smiled.


“You made the right decision, Jeanne deserved to be punished”. I said and he nodded and sat on my hospital bed.

“You’re right”. He said.

“I’m always here for you”. Nuella said and he smiled. “Thanks Nuella”. He said.

“Let me get you something”. Nuella said but as she reached the door, she held her head and screamed in agony.

“Nuella, what’s wrong?”. I asked She fainted.

Jeanne’s POV

“It’s lunch time, let’s go”. Betty said. “Hope there are no bullies?”. I asked.

“Everyone here is a bully but there’s a head, they call her Amazon, she has an undefeated streak of being the head of bullies”. She said and I chuckled. “Let’s see if she’ll face me”. I said.

“She definitely would, she hates to see new faces in the prison, I rememberedwhen I came here newly”. I said as we entered a bright room, there was chairs and foods on every table, one couldn’t choose what she’d eat. I and Betty sat down facing each other.

“What happened when you came here newly?”. I asked

“I was just new and you know, no one was there to tell me to beware of Amazon, she challenged me like this right here, she threw my food and I was damn hungry, that was the only food i supposed to eat. I grew furious and slapped her.”

I chuckled.

“You slapped her, I bet she’d kill you”. I mocked and Betty laughed.

“If she killed me, I wouldn’t be here talking to you, after I slapped her, she became furious and carried me up like a baby, I was so embarrassed that day. She then threw me to the wall, she carries a knife up and down. Don’t dare her”. She said and I laughed.

“I don’t care”. I replied. “I can’t take her down, in case you don’t know, I’ll instill fear in the prisoners mind when I’m done with her”. I added.

“Don’t challenge her you might regret it”. She said. “I’m not afraid of anything”.

“Talk of the devil”. She said as the door opened and I giant woman entered, I was shocked, well, I was not still afraid.

Almet’s POV

“Hello Nuella”. I said as I picked the call.


“This is Raymond, I used nuella’s number to call you”. He said and I became angry.

“What have you done to my sister? You bastard”. I asked slamming my car’s door shut.

“I haven’t done anything to her, she’s becoming funny this days, at first she vomited, now she’s fainted, she’s unconscious right now”. He said.

“What have you done to her?”. I asked angrily.

“Nothing, the doctor has conducted a test, I want to know what happened to her”. He said.

“Ok, please call me when you have any information and make sure you take care of my sister, I heard that jeanne is in prison so I’ll be back soon”. I said.

“Ok Almet, I’ve not met you before and I’ll love to meet you”. He said and I hissed. “Whatever”. I replied and cut the line.

Jeanne’s POV

I watched as she entered the room and asked a female prisoner to stand up, she sat down and munched the food right in front of her.

“What nonsense? She’s so proud”. I said loudly and before Betty could stop me, Amazon stood up and looked at me. She walked towards me.

“Who are you?”. She asked in a fierce tone. “Sorry, is that a question or what?”. I asked.

She threw my table and Betty stood up and went far from us.

“How dare you challenge me? You’re just a nobody”. She said and I laughed and walked to the middle.

“Do you want to be threatened by this beast forever? Do you want to let her trouble you? Do you like how she’s making you feel inferior? Everyone of us came here because we’re criminals, we didn’t come here to be ruled by a criminal, we didn’t come here to be trampled upon. We have our stands and together we can win”. I said and Amazon started clapping.

“Bravo, what a wonderful speech but I’m still the head, no one’s going to listen to you, they all fear me cause I own them”. She said and I chuckled.

“Own them? They’re the owners of themselves, if you want us to dealwith Amazon, raise up your hands”. I said and Amazonchuckled.

“No one’s going to raise up their hands”. She mocked, then all of a sudden, the prisoners started raising their hands one by one and Ismiled.

Amazon looked shocked.

“Now”. I screamed and made the first attack. Davis’s POV


“Mr Raymond, I’ve conducted the test and the results are out”. The doctor said with an excited look.

How can he be happy when Nuella is unconscious? “What happened to her?”. Dad asked worried. “She’s pregnant, Mr Raymond, she’s pregnant”.


To be continued

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