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Nuella’s POV

“I love you Davis, I wish I was the one who gave birth to you”. I said and I noticed a drop of tears fell from his eyes on my hand.

I looked at him shocked.

“Did I say something wrong?”. I asked


“Do you love my dad?”. He asked.

The question took my back a little bit, I looked at him with shock and confusion. How could a four year old kid ask this kind of question?

“I like your dad”. I simply said. How could I love a man who maltreat women and makes them feel worthless… How could I love someone who wants me to undertake 50 tasks within a day? Am I machine or a robot?


“I know why you don’t love my dad”. He said. “Why?”. I asked with a grin.

“Because he makes you feel worthless”. He said and I stood up shocked. Now, I’m starting to think this boy here in front of me is a wizard… Should I call the cops?


How did he know my mind?

How did he use the exact same word I used in my mind?

“You’re starting to seem weird”. I said and he smiled and asked why.

“How did you know that he makes me feel worthless, your reasoning is the same level with adults”. I said and he blushed.

“I just happen to know placing myself in your shoes, I don’t know about love but I feel I can’t value someone who makes me feel worthless”. He said and I smiled and took his hand.

“Don’t worry, it’s you I love and I’m going to make you feel that motherly love you never had”. I said and drop of tears fell from his eyes.

“What’s wrong?”. I asked.

“I wish you were the one who gave birth to me”. Davis said and I felt hurt and sat on the bed.

“Davis, God has a plan for everyone on Earth, he had a reason for making your mom leave you when you were born, he also has a reason for making me set foot in this house”. He said.


“You might be the one to change my father” he said and I smiled.

“Do you know that the day you found me outside your gate, my parents disowned me”. I said and he stared in shock.

“That means we’re almost the same” He said and I shook my head negatively. “Your father is rich, my parents are poor”. I said and he nodded.

“Time to sleep dear, I’ll continue tomorrow morning”. I said and left the room. End of Nuella’s POV


Davis’s POV

I looked happily as she left the room.. She was perfect for my dad, she was excellent…

Why wouldn’t dad see it?

I held my Bible and knelt down. “Father Lord

Please enable my dad to love Nuella

I know you’re the only one who has such power to do so Thank you Lord

For you’ve answered my prayers” End of Davis’s POV

The Next Morning Raymond’s POV

It was Saturday… No work… Now I can monitor that girl and see if she has any interior motive aside from taking care of myself.

I stood up and went to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and having a quick shower… Then I wore an house cloth and came out of my room.

The whole house was sparkling… She’s really neat …

I went to check on Davis, he was still sleeping but why was the house quiet… I’ve not heard or seen Nuella around in the house…

Where’s she?

End of Raymond’s POV

I ran to the gate after hearing Sandra shouting and banging the gate like a mad woman… I prayed in my heart that Raymond should not find me.


I opened the gate and found an angry Sandra at the entrance…


“How did you find me here?”. I asked peeping back to make sure Raymond wasn’t coming.

“How won’t I find you, thief?”. She said and my heart beat.


Sandra was the woman whom i bought clothes from … I had totally forgotten that I was owing her some money.

“Please, I’ll pay you, please go”. I begged but she didn’t refuse… She just kept on shouting that I should give her money…

“Please, my boss is around”. I begged but she didn’t listen…

Suddenly, I saw Raymond coming and i felt like dying… Infact, I’m dead… “Sandra, you’ve killed me”. I muttered but she didn’t even answer… She kept on calling me a thief…


“What’s going on here?”. Raymond asked and I avoided his gaze.

“She’s owing me some money for the clothes she bought”. Sandra said and Raymond frowned.


“Please when next, you’re knocking on a rich man’s, make sure you use a glove because your poverty fills the air”. He said and Sandra kept quiet immediately as if a remote was controlling her… Davis came to hug me.


“I need my money”. Sandra started again. “Nuella, what’s happening?”. Davisasked.

“Uhh, I…..” I didn’t know how to explain it to the boy…

“Davis, they’re just displaying their poor attitude”. Raymond said and I looked at him with an angry look.

“Your maid is owing me money and she’s yet to pay, she’s a thief”. Sandra said and Davis shot her an evil stare.

“If you open your mouth and say a word about my mother again, I’ll have you arrested”. Davis said and Raymond gasped.

I couldn’t believe it..

He didn’t just stand for me… He called me his mother


To be continued

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