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Davis POV

I shook my head negatively as I watched her in tears..

“You see, you can’t give up your life and you don’t want us to take him”. The leader said and dragged him.

“I will, I will give up my life for him… Kill me and spare him”. Nuella said and the leader dropped me on the floor and hit her hard on the head that she collapsed on the floor.

End of Davis’s POV


A week later Nuella’s POV

I slowly opened my two eyes, I was feeling uncomfortable, where was I?.. the last thing I remembered was their leader who hit me hard on my head… Davis? Hope they didn’t kidnap Davis?

“Nuella, dad she’s awake”. I heard Davis voice and I smiled in relief. Raymond came almost immediately.

“I’ll get the doctor for you”. He just said and went outside.

“Hi Mother, I’ve been bored without you, bored without your great foods”. Davis said and peeped back to check if no one was coming and when he saw no one coming…

He whispered to me “Dad doesn’t know how to cook, I just used to eat his food let me not starve, he prefers to eat in restaurants”. He said and I smiled.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m great, thanks to you, dad owes you a lot but he won’t say thank you, you should understand”. He said and I nodded.

“Ohh, what happened?”. I asked.

“It’s been a week now since you blacked out from that dangerous hit on your head… The men decided to still take me but the police men came quickly and arrested them, they killed a few of them” He said

“Thank God, nothing happened to you”. I said and he smiled and kissed me on the cheek.


“Why did you do it?”. He suddenly asked and I frowned not knowing what he meant.

“You sacrificed your life to save me”. He said and I smiled.

“I don’t know, I guess I really love you, I wish you were my son”. I said.

“You showed me the motherly love even my own mother wouldn’t show.. ” He said and Raymond came in with the doctor who examined me.

“She’s doing alright now, she just needs a little rest, she would be discharged later in the evening”. He said.

“Okay”. Raymond said and took Davis hand… “We’ll be here to take you home in the evening”. He added and I nodded as he went out with Davis who smiled at me. Is that how he behaves?

Is that how Raymond behaves?

No thank you to someone who risked her life To save his son’s life

No thank you

Well, that’s how billionaire’s behave… I said as I felt a slight headache on my head. The drips were still connected to me as the nurses gave me my drugs…

I smiled at the nurse..

She made me remember myself…

She was young and was already working She must be educated then…


What if Raymond finds out I’m not educated? What’s going to be his reaction?

End of nuella’s POV


Raymond’s POV

I held Davis hand as we entered the parlor…

“Davis, don’t forget to remind me to pick her from the hospital”. I said and Davis frowned.

“What’s making you sad?”. I asked.

“Dad, what you did was uncalled for?.. it was impish of you, you made a scruffy mistake” He said as I looked at him in annoyance.

“That’s why you were almost kidnapped, don’t use words like ‘impish’ or ‘scruffy’, they’ll know you’re a billionaire’s son”. I said and he frowned.

“Why didn’t you say thank you to Nuella, she sacrificed her life to save mine”. He said and looked at me in annoyance.


“She’s poor, I’m rich, get that into your thick skull, I can’t apologize to a poor girl but you’re right, what do you think I should do now?”. I asked leaning on the wall. “Cook for her”. Davis replied and I shot him a bad look.

“Are you trying to mock me?, You know I can’t cook, we eat in eateries almost all the time and I..”. I paused as he cut in.

“Well, she’s hungry, I mean she will be hungry, so cook for her”. He said and I paced round the house.

“Did she show you how to make sandwich?”. I asked him and he blinked. “Unfortunately, she didn’t”. He possibly lied just to embarrass me.

“I’m good at makingpancakesbut ”

“Thank God, you added but, the sugar quantity is to high to give diabetes to a person”. He mocked and I went straight to the kitchen.

“Watch the MasterChef cook”. I said praising myself as I brought out some ingredients frommycupboard. flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, salt,milk,

eggs,vegetableoil I combined all the dry ingredients such as flour,sugar,

baking powder, salt in a bowl andmixedwell Then I added the wetingredients

and whisked until smooth…

Davis helped me rinse a fry pan as I wore my apron..

I added a teaspoon of vegetable oil to the pan and swirl to coat. I cooked on the first side until bubbles appear on the surface, the edges begin to look dry, and the bottoms were golden-brown.

“Now this is the part where I hate” I said taking the sugar and sprinkling it on the pancake still heated.

Then I flipped to the other side and let it stay for 2 minutes before removing it from the pot….


I did the same routine with the rest….


To be continued

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