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Raymond’s POV

“It’s a pity he doesn’t have a wife”. Mr Albert said and I became embarrassed, I looked at the table and then at Davis, he looked sad and embarrassed also. “And he’s such a cute man, so who’s now the mother of Davis?”. She asked. “Can we get to business? I wouldn’t want to sack someone”. I said as thewaiter placed our food on thetable.

“I’m sorry Mr Raymond”. Albert said and opened the documents. Nuella’s POV

I sat on the bed.. Would my plan work? I’ve never killed someone and I was never ready to start with Raymond, i have to make them think I’m pregnant and delay their plan to kill Raymond. I have to protect Raymond and Davis by staying with them for some time. Almet wouldn’t kill me, he seemed wicked but I’m the only one who can kill Raymond so I’m not that useless to him.

And as for Jeanne, I’ll make her regret knowing my brother.

But I don’t really know how Almet found that I was his sister, I’ll definitely ask him later but now.

“What’s my little sister thinking?”. He asked.

“Nothing, I want to get a rest, I didn’t want to tell you in front of Jeanne but Raymond raped me, please don’t get annoyed”. I said and he got angry. “What?”. Almet raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“He raped me”. I said and started crying to make it look real.

“I’m sorry”. Almet said and sat on the bed with me caressing my cheek gently. “I’m afraid I might get pregnant”. I said and he looked at me shocked.

“If you’re pregnant, you won’t kill him”. He said and I shook my head negatively.


“I’ll kill him, I want to get married to a poor man who deserves my respect and not someone like Raymond”. I said and he nodded.

“Are you ready to kill him?”. He asked and I ran inside the bathroom.

Jeanne’s POV

“Where’s Nuella?”. I asked entering the room.

“She went to the bathroom, I think she vomited again”. He replied and my heart beat fastly.

“Why is she vomiting like a pregnant woman?”. I asked. “Because she’s pregnant”. He replied and I sank to the bed. “For who?”. I asked.

“Raymond, he raped her and she’s afraid she is pregnant”. He said and I didn’t want to believe it.

“She can’t be pregnant”. I replied.

“I know it’s hard to accept that she’s pregnant for your husband”. He said and I looked at her when she came out of the bathroom.

“If you’re pregnant, I won’t be able to get Davis out of that house and we won’t be able to kill Raymond”. I said and she sighed.

“I actually don’t know what to think”. She broke down in tears. “That beast raped me”.

“Almet, what should we do?”. I asked.

“I was thinking of taking her to the hospitalfor test ”

“That’s dangerous, the cops might be looking for Nuella now and taking her to the hospital is risky”. I said and he nodded.

“You’re right”. He replied. “I guess she has to stay with us for a long time”. He added.

“Yes please, I’ll stay with you, I don’t want to go back to that deveil”. Nuella cried out and I looked at Almet, he looked surprised.

“It’s getting dark outside, let’s put off the light and sleep”. I said as Nuella climbed her bed and Almet kissed her on the forehead.

“Sweet dreams sister”. He said.

“Thanks brother”. She replied. “I’m comfortable staying with my family”. She replied.

I know Almet loved his sister so much and this was getting me worried. I was starting to think that Nuella could work on his affection for her and kill us. “Almet, do you think we should believe Nuella?”. I asked as we went to the parlor. “I really don’t know but she doesn’t want to go back to Raymond”. He said as we satdown.


Nuella’s POV

I slowly came down from the bed and tiptoed to the parlor, I stood behind the door so I could hear their conversation.

“She’s my sister so why shouldn’t I believe her?”.

“I’m just saying, you don’t know what she’scapableof ”

He cut in “Jeanne, I won’t let you think bad about Zehra, she can’t hurt a fly or are you annoyed that she’s pregnant for your husband” He asked.

“I also want to give her all my riches, I think I’m changing, I’ve found my sister and I’ve found joy, I even want to release my dad, I’ve committed a lot of havoc, I want to make Nuella rich”. He said.

“And what of me? Has Nuella used a charm on you? I’ve stayed with you since I left Raymond and I don’t deserve anything, are you trying to say I don’t deserve your riches” She asked in a sad tone.

“Look Jeanne, Nuella is my sister, you’re my girlfriend, she’s family and you’re a friend”. He said.

“Fine, take care of her because she’s your sister”. Jeanne said. “All I know is that I don’t trust that girl”. She added. I tiptoed back to my room and climbed the bed.

Raymond’s POV

I opened the door and found Davis still awake. “Davis, why aren’t you asleep?”. I asked. “Nothing”. He said without smiling.

“Are you thinking of Nuella?”. I asked and sat near him. “I don’t know”. He replied.

“We need to forget about her, I’ll get you a new nanny tomorrow, the cops said they would continue searching for her but for the main time, a new nanny wouldbe here tomorrow”. I said and he went out of hisroom.

“Davis, come back here, I’m not done talking”. I called out but he didn’t even answer me. I sighed dejectedly.


To be continued

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