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Nuella’s POV

“Hey, what are you doing?”. A guy ran inside and pushed her.

“Let me teach this prostitute a lesson”. She said as the guy pushed her to the bed. “Don’t ever abuse my sister again, do you hear me? She’s not a prostitute”. He shouted and my heart beat slowly. Did I just hear sister? No, I’m actually confused right now… What did he mean by sister? And besides this is a Muslim guy, I’m a Christian, he must be joking..

“Sister?”. I asked surprised.

“Yes, I am your brother”. He replied and our eyes met..

“You’re mistaken, I’m a Christian, you’re a Muslim”. I said and he smiled and bent down caressing my cheeks.

“Zehra, you seemed to have forgotten about me”. He said and my heart beat.


“I’m not your brother and I’m not a Muslim, If this is a prank, stop this, do you think Mr Raymond would let this slip away, I’m sure the cops must be looking for me now”. I said and he smiled and stood up.

“Do you sometimes get all this flashbacks?”. He asked and my heart beat. I used to get flashbacks and sometimes I see two kids playing together.

“I used to get flashbacks and it hurts”. I said and he chuckled. “What do you see?”. He asked and I looked at him.

“Two small children, one Is older than the other, they’re both Muslims”. I said and he smiled.

“If I’m correct, the boy is older than the girl” He said and my heart skipped a beat. “Yes and how did you know that I’m your sister”. I asked as he narrated the story to me… I was shocked.

“I later found out you were rescued by some poor farmers who adopted you and raised you up, that’s the same reason I came here, you’re from turkey and you’re a Muslim”. He said and I looked away.

“I don’t believe you”. I replied.

“Will you believe me when you see your real father?”. He asked and went outside.. Jeanne looked at me with evil in her heart.

“Hey, watch out cause I might eventually kill you”. She said.

“And also watch out cause I’m the criminal’s brother and I can ask him to kill you”. I said and she gasped.

“This wrench”. She said. The guy walked in with his laptop and connected it to Skype, he wanted a video call.

“You’re going to see your father soon”. He said.

“Isn’t he our father?”. I asked. “Why are you always saying he’s my father?”. I asked again.

“He’s not a good father and he’ll never be till the day he dies”. He said and I gasped.

A man appeared on the screen, he was tortured and almost dying. “That can’t possibly be my dad” I said and he chuckled.

“Dad, I’ve found your daughter, I’ve found Zehra”. He said and the man looked at the screen and tried to stand when some men came out from no where and pushed him.

“What are you doing to our dad?”. I asked terrified.

“Zehra. Zehra”. The man called out slowly and I stared at the screen.”Please

forgive me”. The man added.

“He’s being so dramatic, such a drama king”. He said and closed the computer.


“How can you treat out dad like that?”. I asked.

“An irresponsible father is supposed to be treated like that”. He replied.

“What would you call Jeanne, a responsible mother?”. I asked as she tried to slap me but he stopped her.

“I don’t think I’ve told you my name, I’m Almet”. He said.

“If I’m your sister, I wouldn’t be kidnapped, no if I’m your sister, you wouldn’t tie me like a prisoner”. I said and he chuckled.

“Oops”. He said and loosened the rope from my body and I stood up…

“You just have to sit calm while I make something for your to eat”. He said and I nodded and sat on the bed.

“I know you won’t poison me, will ya”. I asked and he looked at me for some seconds.

“Of course I won’t”. He said and smiled evily going out with Jeanne.

Almet’s POV

“How are you sure she’s not going to escape?”. Jeanne asked and I smiled. “She won’t and she will”. I said and Jeanne looked confused.

“Please explain, I don’t understand”. She said and I laughed.

“She won’t try to escape for now because she’ll need a suitable plan, then she’ll try to escape but she won’t be successful because she’s not familiar with this place”. I said and Jeanne still looked confused.

“I need to get Davis out of there, you’ve gotten your sister”. She said and I nodded. “Nuella or let me say Zehra would be the one to kill Raymond and bring Davis for you because of her dad”. I said and laughed.

Raymond’s POV

“And I’m telling you something and you’re blabbing incoherently”. I said and he frowned.

“This city is big and even if we conduct a search for her, we won’t find her in time”. The detective said and I got angry.

“Do you something if we don’t find her in time”. I said and paused. “You’ll regret ever being alive”. I said as Davis came to meet me. He was already crying. “Davis, what’s wrong?”. I asked.

“I miss Nuella”. He said in muffled tears and I sighed.

“You heard the little boy, Nuella’s life could be in danger or something, just look for her and I’m willing to double the amount I’m giving you”. I said and he nodded. “Davis, the police are searching for her, we’ll find her soon”. I said but he still looked worried.


“I’m worried for her father, she isn’t a troublesome person, I don’t think she had a fight with someone who would want to take her life so I believe she isn’t dead and she’ll be found soon”. He said and I kissed him on the cheek.

To be continued

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