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“Wear this”. Raymond said as he threw a beautiful gown to me.

“I …. I….” I tried to complain but his stern look shut me up… I couldn’t dress in front of him, does he want to see my nakedness. I shook my head negatively.

“Sir, I can’t dress when you’re here”. I said and he quickly left the room with Davis who was giggling.

I wore the gown and looked at the mirror, I was looking beautiful.

The door opened and a lady walked in. “Who are you?”. I asked as she smiled. “I’ve been sent by Mr Raymond to be your make up artist” she said as she closed the door and motioned for me to sit as she brought out a long false eyelashes and carefully placed them to make my eyelashes to look long. She applied an oily powder on my face before she applied the dry power. She made my hair curl and designed it.

I smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror again, I had never been so beautiful but the make-up enhanced by beauty.

“Thank you”. I muttered.

“Congratulations on your wedding to Mr Raymond”. She said and I blinked as she left my room. I sat on my bed and pondered on what she told me.. Davis entered my room and was smiling.

“You look beautiful”. He commented and I smiled.

“I’m sorry to ask you, but do you know the reason for all this?”. I asked. “Yes”. He replied and I sighed with relief.

“Tell me”. I said and he shook his head. “Please tell me”. I pleaded.


“No, dad will tell you himself, he’s ordered food from the nearest shopping mall and gifts, that’s all I can disclose”. Davis said giggling.

“You’re so naughty”. I replied as the door opened and a man, a photographer entered… “Ma’am Ella, it’s time for your photo shoot”. He said and left.

I looked surprised as Davis continued giggling trying to mock me.

“I’m seriously confused, he just called me ma’am, please explain Davis”. I said and Davis laughed again.

“It’s just for a while” He said. “When all this is over, he’s going to pour all his anger on you” Davis said and I blinked.


“I don’t understand”. I said coming out if the room and saw plenty people in the compound, some were cleaners, there was now a new gate man and a new driver. “Have I been replaced?”. I asked myself as someone took as the photographer positioned me where he could take pictures of me. Raymond also came outside looking dressed. He came and held my waist, I felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t the first time being held that way but being held by my boss seemed strange. Whatwas happening? I felt uncomfortable again.. they took pictures of us like that and Davis also took a picture withus.

End of Nuella’s POV Davis’s POV Flashback

I looked at dad as he frowned

“She didn’t tell me she would be coming so Nuella would be the one to help out”. He said and I smiled.

“I’m so happy” I replied.

“It’s just for a while, don’t forget that she’s still our maid”. He said and I sighed. “Yes Dad”.

“Don’t forget to teach her everything before I come back”. He said and I nodded. “I will”.

End of Davis POV


Raymond’s POV

I shrugged my broad shoulders.

I studied her as she paced back and front uncomfortable. I watched her pull an ottoman and sat facing Davis. She must be wondering why I’m doing all this but I hate her.. the enjoyment is just for a while. I scanned her face and saw the sociable smile plastered on her face.



End of Raymond’s POV


Nuella’s POV

I was getting worried already… I started remembering all the guys who betrayed me especially Chris, one of my boyfriends… I had worked in a cafeteria for a meagre amount of money… Chris didn’t know it was the restaurant I worked in, he was dating me as at that time… He brought a girl to eat…(Join Group)


“We have two customers, a boy and a girl, I want you to attend to them”. The manager said and I nodded smiling.

I took the menu and went to their table.

“What would you like to eat?” I asked not knowing the person in front of me was my boyfriend.

“Sweetheart, what do you think we should eat?”. He asked the girl.. I didn’t bother looking at his face because he wasn’t looking up.

“I thinkI’llhave ” He suddenly raised up his head and our eyes met each other.I

gasped when I saw him. “Nuella”. He muttered.

“Jake”. I muttered out of shock and ran out of the cafeteria angrily. End of flashback..

The people began leaving one by one until they all left leaving the new gateman, the cleaners and the driver.


“I’m on my way to bring her”. Raymond said and left. I was confused.

To be continued Thanks for reading

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