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Episode nine


now enjoy…





Anita’s point of view




my flight to India was very very fast, my strongest belief is that best Marley should be the same person as Hodong and same person as Royal… then I will have time to focus on the unknown killer.


A car stopped in my presence at the airport.


“Are you miss Yura choi???”


the driver of the black sport car asked me.


“yes,are you the assigned chauffer?”


I asked as he showed me some clarifications.I checked them and returned it to him.


“welcome to India! he said in a very cool voice.


I smiled and cat walked to the car,


he rushed to open the side door for me and helped in parking my lugages to the booth.


“Welcome ma!


he said and turned to enter the drivers seat,the drive was quiet and fast.No one talked to each other.


only a deep blue song was played in the car stereo.


that song ~only you~ by Royal Sugar



it’s soo romantic with so much sensions and I keep imaging silly things as I listened to the song.


This guy should just come and kiss me..I adjusted the blue seductive gown I was wearing, no one would know that am a detective with this type of dressing.


“mr,where would I stay…in a hotel?”


I asked the chauffer.


“no…you’re lucky that the board can afford Royals empire” he said.


my eyes widened.


that sounds great..


isn’t that the estate Royal sugar stays???


well,i think i will have more chances to study what royal have in common with the case at hand.


The car approached a gigantic gate after a long drive.


on top of the gate is an arc inscribed Royals it was written with diamonds in their purest form…

diamonds were everywhere on the name…


Royals ……


gaaaaaad,this is just my dream empire,


wealth in all,


wealth overall.


The driver turn to look at me,I faked a faint smile.. why isn’t he driving in?? securities came,


alongside with military guards or whatever thing they call themselves checked everything in our car before opening the gate.


The car drove in and the securities keep directing where we should pass I was amazed.


this is more than real,it felt like the car tyres shouldn’t touch the floor.


No wonder Royal is the most expensive of all idols.


His house alone is exactly half of the estate,just sooo wide.


I was lucky the place am suppose to stay is the closest house to his mansion but mine isn’t even up to three-quarter not to talk of a half. what am i even thinking???


he’s their president right and I am just a 23years old detective.


if his house is as huge as this,then I wonder how many maids would be inside.


maybe 200+.


silly me. I cat walked in as the driver brought in my lugages…


“fifth floor ma” he said.


just good,that would be the nearest section.


the driver left after handling me a car key,I hastily arrange my things and took off my clothes.I was left in just my pant and bra. I dimmed the lights red and stayed to the window side.


I couldn’t see through his compound very well but I managed.


seriously,what type of being is royal?


its true no one really much about him,just his wealth…his private life was sealed.At time Han Lilly claims him..I don’t really know if they are still together.. hmmmmmm


I couldn’t even count the numbers of cars in his compound,like I said I wasn’t able to see through everything.


there’s a statue of a woman bringing out water,the outside pool was wide and bluish with artificial fishes..


I wonder how the inside would look like..I lock my windows quietly and tore out a neat sheet of paper.


This guy must be a good catch.




*still on investigation**


if my instincts of Hodong being the same person as royal and best, then that means Mrs sugar was never Royal’s mom and him and romeo were never brother.. prime suspect should be; Mrs Sugar…


she might be the killer or she might witness the killing of Donald or she might have adopted Hodong.


I penned down some things and attached them to the files concerning the case.


Rain started falling….


hmmm I think getting close to Lilly will help me in this c




even mr Han,thank goodness he is a family friend.


I turn off the ac and switch on the room heater..


I went back to the window side and stayed beside it and I continue drooling at the compound even though it wasn’t full.



Sweethearts Krishna


I felt cold all over my skin pores.


why does rain have to fall today?


Today is selection for the voice battle the rain is only increasing my nervousness. Mrs mitchy didn’t teach me songs, she only taught me how to use my voice by training it…


someone knocked at my door.


“come in” I said without knowing who it was.


“madam,I should come” the person said.


“yes,the door isn’t locked” I said and buried my face in a pillow.The cold is very much..


the person entered and it turns out to be Angelina,Mrs Gina’s shift replacement for work.


“Good morning” she bowed humbly as she drop a tray on the dinning in my room..


“Mrs Gina isn’t around, do you want me to make anything for you?” she asked..


“don’t worry,I will do it myself,thank you” I said,still in bed.


“okay” she smiled and left.


I stood up hastily….


“ohh my gaaaad!! I screamed and quickly drag the bed spread to cover my body. did I sleep alone with this–


but royal didn’t take off my nightie jacket or did he..


I remembered last night but I don’t think I can recollect the cuddling part clearly.


that’s Royal’s work,he must have took it off during yesterdays pressing..


I sighed and uncovered myself with the silky pink bed cover,I drop it and saw the robe cover on the couch, I wore it in a rush and tied the rope around my waist.



I sat back on the bed after unplugging my phone and turning on the plastered projector to watch movie..



mom,good morning” I sent.. she replied almost immediately.


how was your night?? she sent.


I miss u” I replied.


what now? she sent.


okay,anyway….a detective just arrived there in India to investigate more on your boyfriend parent.Are you okay with that?” she sent.


yes thanks,that’s my second goal, I want him to see his family,he already told me from the starting that Mrs suga isn’t his mom…


thanks mom” I sent.


bye,good luck in your activities today,don’t worry you will be selected” she sent.


you’re the best” I sent and drop my phone and went to brush my teeth in the washroom.


I entered back and uncovered the tray that the maid brought and carried the fruit salad..


I ate out of it while walking out of my room,I checked Royal’s room,it was locked, i checked downstairs too, no one was in the living room.. just three guards.


“good morning! we said at the same time…


I went upstairs again and entered the kitchen to toast bread and make hot tea,i heard royals car moved in immediately I placed the breads in the toast. I plug the machine and it was done within 10mins.


I pack them in a flat tray and took hot water from the flask for tea..


I packed everything in a tray..


I will come back to make the main meal..I came across Royal.


“babe you checked me earlier? he asked..


I nod in agreement and entered his room fully.He lock the door and moved into me from the back..


“Honey, hot tea!!! I shouted.


“sooooo” he said and collected the tray from me.he drop it carefully on the bedstand…


“am coming..” I said and ran out of his room to make another cup of tea.


I went back,royal wasn’t in the room.


I drop the hot tea carefully on the tray,Royal still moved in quietly slipping his feet into a white room slippers.


I looked at his physique,


he was now shirtless,his hair was tied up with a black bracelet to prevent the fringes from falling over his face..his abs..gosh.


no no,krish,he already spoilt you.


I looked away and faced another side in the room.


he slump into his bed that looks like heaven ..even his floors was out of the world.


“shall we eat??? he said.


“ummm yes” I said.


“okay,on the bed” he said..


I hastily drop the tray with care,he sat up and faced me, the tray was in our middle. my eyes still went to his chest down to his waist…his belt wasn’t hook tightly and I saw the line of the inner red shorts he wore inside.


what am I thinking of???


I smiled and picked a toast to feed


him,he nodded in disagreement and the hot tea,I directed the toast to my mouth..


“come closer” he said and I did.


next, he ate the toast from my mouth.


I smiled and continue eating..


“why did you wear the robe cover?”.


he asked..





“noothing,don’t worry” he said and we ate in silence and drank our tea at the same time.


Royal packed the tray on the stand and tap me to come closer beside him on the bed,I did and he carried me and made me stay on his laps…


“Royal what are you doing?”


I asked shyly and my hand mistakenly touch his belt…


“what sorry” I said.


“krish,promise me you will be among today’s selection? he asked and I nodded…


I quickly pick a pillow.


“what’s that for,we are still going to do it so no need” he said….


“is it painful” I asked,my fear started cooking up..


“umm….have not done it with a virgin before but I will be gentle with you” he said


and brush his fingers into the curls in my hairs..


“umm am scared…


he kissed my neck tightly…


“let’s ask ourselves questions” I said.


“start” he said.


“that day..that you mistakenly touch my butt when we’ve not started dating,did you do it mistakenly” I asked…


He smiled and his hands quickly wrap itself around my butt.


“it was a mistake but I enjoyed it”


he said…


“How did you know my bra and pant size??? I asked and he started laughing…


“It looks awkward right????.I don’t know,I just knew it cos I have eyes” he said.


“You’re spoilt” I said.


“how many girls have you had sΒ£x with?” I asked.


“maybe seven” he said…


it was my turn to cough.


“you will be my last..


after this voice battle and model challenge must have push your career to greater heights,I will do many things with you…I will spoil you with many things,then I will take you to my matrimonial home where we will eat ourselves up anyhow we want” he said…


I smiled shyly as I felt sweet underneath he stared into my eyeballs.


“Did you know you did wickedness to me?” he said…with a small smile.


“what wickedness?” I asked.


He made me sit pretty well on his laps,I felt his erection on my pubic bone….


“Honey what is that thing that is touching me?” I asked as I felt it again..


it was so sweet and intense..


we both laugh.


“you are spoilt” he said.


“you spoilt me so much” I replied.


We kissed slowly,


it turned stronger as we lock and unlock into each others tongue..


Royal brushed his fingers into my br**st,I made sweet sounds into the kiss..I was forced to hug him and he felt warm.


“twerk for me” he said.


I covered his eyes and twerked on his laps for just a minute.


“krish,I enjoyed it…do it again”


he said and uncovered my palms from his eyes..


I did it shyly..for two minutes,


we both laughed..


“for 1hour” he said..


“whaaaaaat!!!!!! I shouted.


“sorry I was just joking” he said.


He carried me to the bed and trapped my hands to the bed,he came in between my laps and covered us with the duvet..



our kiss got intense,


he unlock and kissed everyparts on my cleavages…


I felt his erection again,this time it was more sweet.


He lay on me and rest his head on my br**st after romancing my buttocks deliciously.


We looked at each other with so much more desires..


My fear still cook up.


“what wickedness did I do to you?”


I asked him.


“you knew it..anyways I never thought I will be too late.You always run away from me then,why?” he asked..


“Cos we are two different people.. am still surprised fate brought us together” I said.


“I love you… hope am different from what you thought” he asked.


“I never compared cos you’re very special,you know how to say pleasant things to


me” I say..


he smiled..


his phone rang,he got out of the bed and looked at it quietly.


“sweetheart, mitchy is around” she said.


I jump out of the bed and ran out to my room,I had my bath and step out in a towel wrapped all over my body.


I creamed and hastily dressed in the outfit five stars choose.


I took a new bag and kept my phone and biometrics inside.


I didn’t even check the mirror, I just wore my booths and joined my teacher in the living room.


She smiled as she stood.


“Sweetheart,we a


re almost late.You look good anyways” she said and I followed her out.The driver was waiting patiently.



I chose the new white car royal bought for me,the driver brought out the key and drove us out.


“This is the first stage,be confidant, you must be selected” she said.


I nodded as we drove into five stars. I followed her quietly.


the hall was wide and there are many contestants also.


most girls glared at me but I still hide behind my tutor who kept on smiling.



another hotttt girl..


is she a model,gaaad she’s classic and hottttttt.


did you see her car????


check the bag on her???


I heard things.


“Hy” Nina came by.


“hello” my teacher answered.


“don’t worry,I will walk her through the procedures” Nina said to mitchy.


ohh no-not now..


“Sweetheart Knight” I heard Mrs rose, and I hastily followed her.


aaah thank goodness…


she walk me to the thumb printing machine,I thumbprinted and submitted my biometrics.


“Who is this??” we heard an husky voice. Mrs Rose and I turned back and it was Lilly and a man.


the man was visibly frowning.


“Mr Han?????….






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