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episode sixteen .






he raised his head,


gaaad,his teddy was very cute.


His lips are soft….what type of temptation is this???



I hastily place my head down. I breathed in and controlled myself. Two maids came with separate trays. I had better control myself.


“Roy….emmm…sir do you remember anything from your childhood?”


I asked as I set a recording tape.


“no,I don’t remember anything” he said.


“anything” I said and manage to look at desires arrived and I quickly face down.


“I remembered Lilly,I dated her and I remembered I caught her having sΒ£x with jayden my formal manager,Mrs sugar nursed me starting from when I was a kid” he said and at every of his words,my heart respond.


“A minute” I said and placed a call.


“okay…hmmm,I know” I said into the phone,I dropped the call and face him.


“sir,another person is outside, seeing him will make you know many things from your past” I said.


he signalled a guard,I think to get bhewen in.


Bhewen entered almost immediately with three other men..


“Good day sir” bhewen greeted.


Royal stood up,I was forced to look up…


ohhh my,is he this humble.


Bhewen and the men in suite bowed again..


“would you stop bowing to me” he said.


“let me be,your don’t know me too well,that means you don’t know me at all”, bhewen spoke in parables..


Royal looked at them strangely and sat down on his special couch.


“I’m bhewen,do you remember me?”


bhewen asked.


“No” Royal said.



“I was the one who always appear to you and told you about diary- try to recall… I addressed you as best Marley” he said.


“Really”.Royal asked.


“You’re best Marley, your dad was Donald Marley and I am your mother most trusted servant” bhewen said.


Royals face changed.


“Am I best Marley?” he asked.


“of course yes” bhewen replied.


“where’s my mother?” he asked.


Everybody kept quiet and every where was cold.


“is my mother alive?” he asked.


everyone still kept quiet as they look at each other.


“do you remember this?


bhewen brought out the Marley’s diamond bracelets.


“what’s this?” royal asked.


waoooow this is getting really interesting.


Bhewen knows royal really too much.


Donald Marley was your father..


A very very wealthy business tycoon.


He has lots of firms and company in China, Korea and India.


Everything he had was in your name..


“so where are my parents and how did I grew up as Mrs sugar’s son?” he asked.Bhewen looked at me.


“it’s not in my mouth to tell you,what will need right now is for you to sign this assets” bhewen said.


Royal made a superior look no one could decline.


“I order you to tell the truth” he said.


“wellll….Mrs suga is your benefactor…your parents ummmm”


bhewen thought of a lie.


it’s not right to tell royal the truth now, we ought to find his mom first telling him without finding his mom will cause a lot of damage. lives might even be lost.


“Yes,your mom dropped you in an orphanage, it was Mrs suga that adopted you”Bhewen said.


“Do I look like a fool,I know when human lie and besides how can a mother leave her child like that”


he said.I sensed his smartness.


“it’s the truth” bhwen said abs royal bite his lower lip.


I chuckled…..


bhewen is something else!


“I will take care of the money,just find my mom…I forgive her for dropping me in an orphanage” he said and dropped a credit card. “krish” is the password. He said.


krish ~~~~


is that not a girl’s name?


is royal in a relationship????


I suddenly felt jealous,Kelly picked the credit card.


Royal left.


Bhewen also left with the other men.




I frowned.


was I really dreaming he can be mine?


I looked up the stairway and saw a lady,our eye locked.


she quickly walk away.


how can someone be that pretty???


she’s really set, what’s she using.


maybe she’s one of Royal’s toy.


I stood up and saw the lady coming downstairs. I quickly eye rape her.


she finally came downstairs and I recognize her as dice’s girl.


“good morning” she said.I look her well.


“good morning” she said again and picked the phone that royal left


,I replied her with a deadly glare.


“did I offend you?” she asked.


“No,it was your beauty that did” I scorned her…


she looked shocked.


I still scorned her..yeah I know what she is,I did research on her background


too.The only thing I didn’t get was her relationship with royal…


“you don’t suite his taste” I laughed in a mockery tone,her face became teary. and I left when I sucedded in making her feel inferior.


Justin’s p.o.v


I hastily prepared the proposal I was to submit at Blink’s entertainment.


“will you use one hour to dress up!


Chris shouted.


I got to the living room.


“Hey,the car i ordered will soon arrive help me sign and collect the key” I said and quickly arrange my tie.


“how do I look?” I asked Chris.


he smiled.


I ran out before he would make me late…I entered my white Ferrari and quickly drive to the industry.I even forgot to wear my mask.


Luckily no one was out..I submitted the proposal and decided to see the manager


of all idols…


I spoke some things with the man and…and returned by taking the silent stairway, i


heard screaming and I decided to check…




how can he behave like this???


is this what eve is passing through!



Eve’s p.o.v


“Celestineeeeee my eyes!!!!!


“please stop,I thought you were joking when you said I shouldn’t team up with this industry!


forgive me,I didn’t mean to disobey you,I just want to push my career please!! I sob but cskestine wouldn’t listen, he continue hitting me.


that’s my life,trying to be with the man my parents wanted for me…I can’t say no cos they would see me as a bad egg.


Celestine wanted to hit me again, I already close my eyes.


“don’t hit my face! I said.


he wasn’t hitting me… that’s rare.


I opened my eyes,blood drop from my mouth.


Celestine was pretending as if nothing happened and Justin was at the back staring at me.


only me with soo much emotions..


I took off my heels first.


“is this what you are” he faced Celestine.


“what’s your business?” Celestine asked.I quickly run back.


Justin’s guards came,Celestine’s guard also came.


“guy,back off,this is none of your business and besides she’s my girlfriend” Celestine said and tuck his hands in his pocket. Justin still looked at me.


“Idiot,follow me” Celestine said to me and I dare not listen.


I look at Justin,he stared back at me.


“Someone help!!!!!! I screamed!!


Celestine’s guards dragged me out!


Justin couldn’t do anything cos him and Celestine have the same authority..



We got home and I was locked up without food till night.


my mom called and I told her am okay, as usual…




Sweetheart p.o.v


I know that lady has crush on Royal, that was the reason she spoke rudely to me in the morning.


every girl would do such cos they are jealous!


anyway,I’ve forgotten it.


I tied a towel and decided to use the washroom…


Royal is in his room, I don’t know if he still wants to wait or he wants it now…


I entered the washroom and bathed, I stepped out in only in towel and I met Royal sitting on my bed.


He was actually backing the bed and pressing phone..


does he wants it now!!!!!


I mean now!!!


my fear started cooking up,I hold my towel well,he turned to take a pillow and


jeeez he saw me.


he smiled..


“did you really bath, soap is in your hair” he said and I touch my hair..


soap was really there.


“I will wash it for you” he said and dropped his phone. he came to my side and pull me by my waist inside the washroom. He kissed my bare back and pressed me softly as we entered.


He trail his fingers to my jaws and made me stay well,he kissed my lips softly….and romance my butts deliciously.


“Ooooouch Royal!!!


I moaned loudly.He stopped when we entered fully.


“stay still” he said and stared pouring water into my ear …I was soo wet..


“is soap still there” I asked..


“I’m still washing it” he said and apply soap on my face.



“Royal what are you doing? i asked.


He intentionally allow the bowl he was using to fall.


he bent to pick it,He still poured me more water.Finally soap wasn’t there. he poured the last water on me and my towel fell




I was stark naked in his presence.


though it wasn’t intentional..


Royal look down there in between my legs and his eye quickly settled on my br**sts..


his desires were too much,I quickly picked my towel.


have never seen royal looking at a lady like this.


“Sorry…” he said.


And made to leave,though his eyes wouldn’t leave me. can he still control himself after seeing all this???? should I still keep him waiting…


“honey,come and see…let’s do it” I said,he turned back.


“are you sure,things like this are new to you.?” he asked..


He turned and came closer to me.


I felt very shy,he removed my towel, I quickly hugged him..


he carried me up and kissed me very slowly..


I shyly reciprocated.


Royal’s p.o.v


She’s my taste,I actually have a high taste in women and not everything in skirt can seduce me…. sweetheart i the only girl who make me loose control,I don’t really fall for other girls!


Gosh, she’s really seductive than I thought. I couldn’t just take my eyes off her naked body.


Thid feeling is so different.


i kissed her neck down to her br**sts and took her pinkish nipples in his mouth, i


tickled the other one back and forth with my thumb….




She screamed and hastily hold me tight.Her fingers were pinching me.


She felt very shy doing this with me..


I can’t even compare her with any girl, sΒ£x with my ex’s is like food!


“should we go to bed?” i asked and looked at her back side with so much desires…


Her fear started cooking up.






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beautiful love








my sweetheart






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