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#Finals.Season 3’s……


episode seventeen










my fear started cooking up and I hastily picked the wet towel.


Royal watched me with so much desires,his eyes quickly travel to my slim narrowed waist down to my big butts,his eyes couldn’t get out of my body as he traced it quietly to my firm br**st down to my hips.


Desires made him almost ran wild.


“Royal” I called and covered myself with the wet towel like that. “ohh sorry am not forcing you- I will just go and maybe take– he moved closer to me to pick his bracelet.



He closed his eyes when he got to me,then he took his bracelets.


will he still control and starve himself after he has seen me naked?.


he headed to the door and instantly look away from my body..


“I’m ready” I said.


water started dropping from the shower he opened earlier.


he was already at the washroom door,he trier opening,I quickly walk to him and gently move into his back.


I was too nevours but I hugged him well.


The soaked towel made his back wet…


he tried leaving,I still hugged him.


“I don’t think you’re ready,it’s fine”


he said..


“I’m ready,let’s go to your room” I said.he carried me with that wet towel. I closer my eyes tightly.


we got to his room,he locked the door and faced me.


He kissed my lips,


our kiss was so slow,steady and filled with lots of desires. Royal mistakenly loose my hair and the water in it made our faces wet. he moved my hair to the back,


we kissed again and his finger traveled into the up of my towel, my towel fell and he grabbed my br****.


I made sweet sounds onto the kiss, he held the tip of my wet nipples and tickled it with his thumb…I moaned loudly cos my body was wet. his fingers moved to the other wet br**st, I felt sweetness…


every part of my body he touched made desires to cloth me.


He pressed me a little harder.




I moaned and held him sooo tight like i don’t want him to run away. he smiled and look into my face,


he lifter my naked body,I locked my legs around his waist and he licked around my br**st…


I watched his tongue flipped my nipples..


“ahhhhh it’s ticklish!!!!! I said,softly.


“would be gentle” he said and controlled his eyes that were glued to my killer hips.


“what’s with you and my hips?” I asked…


“aiiiish,your body is specially different” he said and took my left nipples into his,mouth, I felt ticklishness all over my body.


I relaxed in his arms like a baby,he sucked me so slowly,it was sweeter cos he wasn’t rushing.


I moaned softly and almost bite my lips in sweetness.


He helped me lay well on the bed,he moved into me,his eyes wouldn’t leave my hips for me.


I watch him removed his presidential bracelet, he wore it on my wrist and peck there..his figure is just sooo sweet and seductive even though he still had his cloth on.


he removed his top,


he’s just sooo spotless..


his skin was soo white, he doesn’t have a tatoo,just a small black dot on one side of his neck.


“Am coming” he said and left me on the bed,his phone beeped he took it and stayed at a far end in the room.


I took a deep breath as I checked time….10pm.


do I want this?????


yes,royal is 24!


the light in the room went off,


it switched on again then finally to green.Royal dimmed it green.


I looked at him very closely with interest,he was on a call.


it was a short call,he ended to call and sent a voice message to someone.



the range is 20.8million won, if he’s interested, let him sign”…


he did his voice message,our eyes locked and I looked away,royal wasn’t looking away. I traced his eyes,it was on my chest.


Bad choice……..I smiled and held the sparkling gold duvet well.



he threw his phone on a shelf,it landed perfectly and he entered the washroom.I looked around his room.


my eyes quickly diverted to the space between the two shelves, money was scattered recklessly everywhere. I breathed well and controlled myself.


The projector was on full display,I had my eyes glued to it since I have nothing to do.


it was trending gist channel


inskiled as my interest increased. My best channel right from when I was nothing. crazy!!!!!


An icon was shown.




The woman beater*Crown Beater*-


hashtag- Celestine Dollars.


I quickly sat well immediately Eve’s boyfriend picture screened boldly on the


expensive projector.


hmmm is this real.


Eve usually says her boyfriend is nice and that he treats ladies with care.


how come this???…


my innocent eyes glittered as I watch the gist with so much enthusiasm. Ladies,say no to violence!!!!


Yes,Capital NO!!!!!!.


Fight for your pride!.


Your life is yours to make!…


Eve’s name wasn’t mentioned but Celestine on was boldly written.


is this true?????….


Wanted to call eve but my phone isn’t here. I turned and saw six of Royal’s phone on a red laptop.


I took one,I quickly dropped it.


how will I touch his phone without asking??


“honey,which of your phone should I make use of???” I asked.


“the white one,no password” he replied from the washroom.


I picked it and my picture with royal together screened as the wallpaper.


I quickly dialed Eve’s number cos I knew it off hand.


she didn’t pick,I text her instead.


eve krish just called…pick it” I sent and called her.She picked quickly.


“eve is it true…the true” I asked.


“my condition is pitiable,please forgive me for keeping it to myself.. my first secret tho” she said.


“so where are you?” I asked.


she smiler wildly.


“why do you care so much…you’re not the cause of my misfortune…fine am with Dilrabat,my aunt.Dora and Nina are also here with me-I just pity myself!!!


Celestine will still come to get me”


she said.


“who reported?” I asked.


“I don’t know,but am suspecting Justin….after this, am done with guys and maybe


travel to Vietnam to take care of my dad’s company…


krish,I already accept fate…the worst part is that I now hate guys.I fall sick each time I see them..


this is my little confused life! she said…


“Eve!!!! I said.


“Lucky you,ummm good luck at nationals” she said.


I dropped the call.


Royal came out of the washroom,he now tied a white towel and he wore a red slipper.


he smiled as our eyes locked.


ohhh my goosssh,


I cant believe he would someday see my nakedness.


he sat on the edge of the bed and changed channel to music,be looked at me on the bed and stretch his hand,i hastily took it.


he drawed me to sit on him.


he satisfied his eyes with my nakedness,the only thing I did was to look down.


“Am shy…” I said.


“kiss me” he said.


I cooled and moved the way he wanted, he changed the style of kissing,it got


sweeter,my nervousness disappeared.


I stroke his hair..


I moaned loudly as Royal brush his fingers to my br**st,his other hand rub my butt deliciously.


I felt sweetness as he sucked me so sweetly,I became so wet and where I was sitting on him became wet.


I got carried away by so much sweetness, I left my body for him, I didn’t notice him brush his finger deep down my vag****.




I moaned loudly,he still caressed me there,I got crazily wet.He turned me over to the bed with his fingers still trapped into my v***na.. he touched my hips and widened my legs very well.


he thrust his finger in,my walls wrapped around it tightly,he caressed the upper wall..


“honey…..I…….!!!! I moaned and threw my head backwards.


“love me” he completedbabf leaned in,he balanced in between me and teased my clitt with his tongue..


my moans were wild,the room was filled with my shouts.Royal smiled in enjoyment and I keep shouting.


“you’re so tight…it’s sweet” he lean to kiss me.I tasted myself from his tongue.


his finger moved into my v***na again…


“ouuuuuch,it really hurts! I exclaimed.He kissed my waist and widened my legs the more.


“Royal!!!!!!!!! I called and held the bed. I don’t really know what to touch.


he added another finger..


“royal!!!!!!!!! I screamed,he quickly removed one…


he used my hand to remove his towel, I got crazily shy to look at his manhood.



he lift the silky gold duvet to cover us,we kissed again..


lost in sweetness,his erection touched my entrance.


We both moan in rhymth. He r


ubbed the cap of his manhood with the upper walls of my vag***** downwards…


“Royal…….!!!!!!! don’t stop!!!


I ran wild when sweetness clouded me.I held him tight in a pinching manner.


his hardness rubbed me again and the wetness made me run wild.


he dragged me from my killer hips with his sweet fingers.


“should I come in?” he asked.


“ummmm royal…..!!!! I moaned in a scream as his hardness touched me.


he widened my legs and penetrate slowly..




my screams filled the room,he applied more force till he got a bit deeper. “does it hurt??? he asked in a sweet smile,he push my hips and made us joined well.


I moaned in pain as I look at where we are joined.


my fingers pinched him deeply.


“it really hurt!!


“honey don’t touch me again…it’s really hurting me!!! I cried in pain and still held him very tight.


“I know,am sorry” he whispered and kissed me to ease the pain.


he Kissed me sweeter into his arms,


I almost bite his lips in pains.


I felt something cutting in my v***na, it peppers a lot,it came with lots of pains.


I cried soo much, Royal kissed me each time a tear wanted to drop.


“it really hurt! I said.


Royal bent into me,i hold him tight…


my tears touched him too.



I felt a thick liquid gushing out of my v***na,it really stained where we were joined.


Royal looked there and saw my blood on him….I looked at it pitifully.


“does it still hurt?” he asked.


“I love you” he whispered.


he tried moving out,I held him back.


“I want to release” he said,I still good him. He smiled and started doing it with care…


we moaned at the same time,


he was enjoying,I moaned with so much pain…


he released inside me…


I smiled with pains,am happy he’s the one…


“Am sorry” he said and gently moved out, he cleaned me up with the towel.


I slept off.





Royal’s p.o.v


I looked at her,she’s still sleeping.


I felt sorry she’s in pain,I kissed her neck and stayed awake just for her.


we are to leave for Germany in the next four hours…


she’s still sleeping.


I moved close to her and watch her closely, am already prepared for the trip..


I gently insert a white band into my hair…


sweetheart,I don’t want you to change after this pride I took away from you,I really like the simple and shy Krishna,only you made me loose so much control. have never starved for s£x with a girl.


Am also keeping to my promise of oiling you with money.


I wanna love you all over,


show you am loyal,Want to hold you like a folder…


You’re my beauty,I’m the beholder..


She opened her eyes,


I quickly carried the tray of hot tea and bread to her..


“good morning” she said.


“thank you” I said,she smiled shyly and drank the tea.she didn’t touch bread…


we are leaving in the next 2hours…


“do you still feel pain?” I asked..


“yes” she nodded slowly and wanted to get out of bed,I helped her up and instantly close my eyes as I tied her a towel.


she entered the washroom,her steps were slow,I carried her in and helped her in setting the bath.


finally I can date a girl I can trust, I didn’t get a cheap girl, I got a girl who have self control, heart of gold and very innocent at first sight,she doesn’t get carried away by material things…..


this is how love should be.


I looked at her,she was lost as she stared at everything in my washroom.


“your bathroom implements are quite different from mine” she said.


“I will bath you,we are running late”


I said.She quickly loose her towel with shyness and kept it on a stand.


I used the hand shower to pour warm water on her body. I used the sponge to scrub her body softly.


The first thing I crushed on her whole body was her br**st.


gosh, it’s pretty and badly tempting.


it stood crazily well set even though I pressed them yesterday.


I remembered the romance part, the sensation I felt made me feel like teasing her nipples.


what a pretty one….she’s tempting.


I rubbed her face with soap,then I went back to her br**st.


i forced myself from looking but gosh, I got carried away when I looked at her back side and in between her legs….it was more than firm…it doesn’t look like it has been touc


hed nor pressed.


I got carried away and was no longer pouring water.


“my eyes…honey did you leave me?”


she asked.


Am i drunk???


“I can’t leave you” I replied.


she smiled shyly,I poured her water.


my eyes got trapped in between her br*******








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beautiful love








my sweetheart







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