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episode fourteen .





“And in one hour,sweetheart knight had 89.9million votes as dice’s girl” projectors beeped and the results screened out.


Krish screamed in joy,the boys band clapped quietly.


my heart leapt in joy.


“Toughest.That’s similar to the impossible,she proved genus”


my dad stood up clapping,


the judges stood up,


the ovation got intense as everyone stood up clapping,the noise was just too much. Mrs Knight smiled out tears and clapped quietly,she stood up my eyes followed her and her tears got heavy.


Waooooow,now I see where krish got her emotional cry from.


Mrs knight left,


she appeared on the stage and hugged krish.Krish kept hiding her face cos the camera lights were too much to bear.


Nina continued clapping with her crews, I just saw Dora, she was waving different flags…..soo nice.


Lilly’s face was down,


mr Han rushed out,angrily.


I smiled in victory.He is so stupid for taking the bet,what does he even thinks….that I will end up with his daughter for his own selfish reasons. Well,my krish already broke the bet.


I turned to the door,


six men in suites followed me.


“your Excellency sir,you can’t move out now, it’s unsafe out there,the noise is disheartening”,


one of the men in suite said.


I sighed and bite the inside of my lip..


These people,why do they keep reminding me of how pronounced my wealth is.This monitory stuffs,i thought they stopped in.


“yes,Roy you shouldn’t leave now it might be unsafe out there” sir zayn said.



He walked out.Everyone in the suite walked out,I was now left with the monitoring guards.


I touched my mask.


“Your Excellency sir,you shouldn’t remove that-a guard said….


“you’re loud” I said,he bowed and kept his head low.


I slowly unveil my mask then bounced walked to the door,I opened the door automatically and went out,


more securities tightened around me…


Unluckily,the crowd were much and Ely suggested we take the other stairway leading to stars.




Mira’s p.o.v


I looked around….what’s going on.


Is this a dream????


“how come krish win Lilly… i thought her dad planned to ruin krish vote counting meter_


“Lilly fainted,she’s in general suite..


what a pity…


miss Lilly fainted.


A junior student came and dragged me over.The noise was all on Lilly. They were shouting and rioting on Lilly..whyyyyyyy.? the crowd kept increasing.






I shouted but the already run away.


Lilly,speak up.


where is the prove you talked about in the group chat, you were held in high self esteem yet you failed us and fooled us!

students crowded Lilly who already fainted.



Good thing krish won her…


hot hotter hottest challenge…


sweetheart is dice’s voice now!


Nina smiled.Dora tapped me to look up,I faked a smile.


she pointed up for me and I turned and saw the billboards. Krish pictures wearing


dice crown was everywhere….




even videos was on the projectors.


And the tags…


finally someone beat down Lilly..


gosssssh that girl is pretty….check her lashes,she doesn’t even wear make up.


I think she should contest for miss universe,she has tempting curves gaaaad…


I wish I am sweetheart.


my eyes widened..


Securities rushed in,Lilly was carried up to the girls suite where the nurses attended to her,she gained consciousness quick. “Am I still alive?’ she asks..


“yeah.this is life” I said..


Mr Han,her dad entered,


he felt so stupid and embarrassed as he looked at Lilly.


“How did that nothing win you? u didn’t even embarrass me,you embarrass




he said.


“Ammmm soooory-”


Lilly bursted into tears.


I opened Lilly’s phone,chats flooded in mercilessly.How will I show Lilly this???.


oh noo


oh nooo


oh nooooo


Krish whyyyyyy


This is what krish needed to start ruining Lilly, I know she will win.


Lilly would just have to back down for now before this gets worse.


And Royal, I don’t want to guess and I can’t explain where his wealth and fame is growing too..


“Mr Han,All the assets would be wi


thdrawn from you,everything you have in royals name would be collected from you” Anita said as she walk in with a fierce look.


“ohhhhh my gaaaaaaad daad!!!


Lilly shouted and ran out.


she fell down out of fear,


I held her and helped her to stand.


We walk down the stairway and everyone suddenly stopped moving carelessly and the pushings stopped.


securities tightened.


“no one should come to close or else you won’t be able to see him clearly” Eliot said.





Royal,his Excellency!!!


Gosh, his dressing sense…


omg….look his real eye color…


I looked at Royal…that’s rare,he hardly allow people see his real eye color,he prefer


wearing lens.


Pictures were taken.


Gaaaaad,I just admired everything about this guy,he’s so matured and too handsome to be a human. I wonder what his teeth would look like if his lips could be this tempting.


One of his diamond ring fell as he moved up the stairs,there was great commotion as people fought for the ring…



Lilly ran out and I followed her.


“Stop going crazy,this weather is not so good,look it’s drizzling already” I said and it started raining, I ran to a shade beside stars off building. The rain poured heavily.


I sighed and quickly went to sit beside her in the rain.


“have never been this confused in my life” Lilly said in tears.


“I wonder what mrs sugar and Romeo will say to me” she said.


I sighed and stayed with her in the rain.


But Lilly you f**ked up,


can’t you see the clothes you wore-


I said.


“Fuvked up…right???


“nothing was wrong with my dressing” she said.


“but can’t you see how krish dressed” I said.


“I can’t wear the type of clothes she’s wearing,it won’t fit me” she said. hmmmmmmm


my sweetheart p.o.v


one of the coordinators took me to a room, I really felt accomplished… I feel eager to see royal but on the other hand,my fear was cooking up. We promised to do it tonight,


I can’t stand him seeing my nakedness,am very very shy.


“congrats, my lady” the coordinator said…


“thanks ma” I said.


my mom came in and the coordinator excused us.


“Mom,I miss you… did you miss me?”


I asked as I hugged her.


She smiled and felt my skin,she smelt my shoulders as she held me tight.


“what are you eating hun?” she asks.


I stayed quiet ad she touch me softer


“you’re soo soft” she said and traced my eyelashes. I smiled.she’s found of that…


“madam,the boards are waiting” the coordinator said as she knocked.


my mom and I disengaged.


“am waiting in the car” she said and left.


I followed the coordinator, we entered star.The place is just so cool.


I saw a lot of new faces and the boys band were also there.I was made to sit beside Mrs Rose.


“Sweetheart,you’re now a practicing model and an idol,congrats once again” Mrs


Samantha said.


“thanks ma” I smiled.


“You will be leaving in the next two days with royal for trainings, do you have any country on your mind???”


Mr Alex,the general band manager asked..


“Germany” Elliot said.


“Great,I will send every necessary information’s to your mail” mr Alex said.


“This are you reward for wining exposure! Mrs Beatrice said and press the


projuector remote, a huge mansion with two expensive cars screened on it….


I was just shocked….


“And this” Mr Alex handed me a cheque of 50milion rupees…


Everyone still clapped.


I opened my mouth to sat something, mr Alex smiled.


The meeting closed and I quickly move out with the cheque and keys to the huge mansion, the car keys were with me too.


Am shocked…..


“Hey,I didn’t see your friend eve”..


Justin crossed me.


“she came,she’s fine” I said.


“Okay..can you get her to be my friend? she’s always running each time I try talking to her…Does she hates guys?” Justin asked. ..


“Ummm,she have a boyfriend abs she loves him a lot,she doesn’t like hanging around with other guys,she’s principled” I said the truth. Justin smiled and fell on the chair.


“if you invite her over to my house,will she come? he asked.



“Eve is strict when it comes to people,she won’t come…she might see me as a bad person for wanting to hook her up with another guy when I know she have a boyfriend”






ssssh…then i understand now that my feelings for her is useless”


Justin said, I kind of felt sorry for him….






my fear won’t stop cooking up,


it was really worst, I can’t even wear a night gown to sleep,I had to wear a pink pyjamas, it’s really had to see through it but it was as if i made matter worse cos my curves were on full display.


I had checked mirror countless time.


“why am I pretty hunn??”


I questioned in a silly way and checked time,we promise to do it by 9pm,its 8pm already.


I stood up and practice how I will present myself for royal….I didn’t even get any,


despite how Dora and Shantai taught me.


my door opened….


the way I turned,I thought it was Royal but it was my mom.


She made a suspicious look.


“is anything wrong???” she asked.


I stayed quiet, I can’t lie to my mom.


“where’s your boyfriend?” she asked.


“he is coming,he went out just now” I said…


“Why ain’t you sleeping?” she asks..


“well…am…!! am not feeling sleepy”


I said.


“then,come and stay with me tonight, you know am leaving to Australia tomorrow! she said and I followed her to the guest room.



She laid on one side of the bed,I wanted to lay on the other side too but she tapped me.


“massage my body” she said.


I turn on the chandelier and lower the ac rate then I sat on the bed and gebtky place


her legs on my laps,


I massaged it softly..


I continue checking time as I was doing it…


time ranging 8:30pm.


“Princess,it’s okay come and sleep” she said and I quickly stood up and rush to the door..


“beside me! she said.


I gasped ..


“what did you say?” she asks.


“nothing” I replied and quietly lay beside her….


my phone buzzed..I knew it,Royal.


I still checked time, 9:00pm…


my mom looked at me,I quickly close my eyes…


my phone buzzed, I picked it from my pyjamas pocket.


I couldn’t even open the text, I know he’s waiting for me. I looked at my mom,it seems she slept.


I stood up and wanted to get off the bed…she rolled and I stood up quietly without making sounds till I got to the door…


I twisted the knob,she already locked it..I started searching for the keys.


“Sweetheart!!! she called my name…


and caught me looking around.




I stammered and went to sleep beside her.


And she picked my phone.


“unlock it” she said and I did.


“omg…..what’s she gonna do…


reading my texts with royal?????


“Krish,what’s the meaning of……..


she look well into my phone.




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