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Am forcing myself not to get angry.


Grandfather giving out 90% of his shares to that bastard is a verrrry verrry big embarrassment to me.


Does it means am nothing to my family????


even if it is anything….


I should be something but instead he termed me as nothing.



As the love he had for royal gotten into his head that he can’t identify his own grandchild.


everyone in my family believed royals parents are no more,


they believed my mom adopted royal from the orphanage and that the orphanage.


All his fathers firms were written in Royals name, they were kept safe.


The only thing my mom and Cheng could take away was Dice high and five stars branches all over the continents..


Everything about him always make me hate him the more.


I sighed angrily.


Royal’s death is already certain,he won’t escape it this time….


I won’t stop till he get killed exactly his father died.


This is not a lost war.





Mira Mira……



you’re my treasure,


even after this hurts, will it be right if I walk awayyy!


I wrote songs on my notepad to be submitted to my manager for my next singles at spark.


“The cleaner didn’t find the bangle”


my maid came in with my guitar.


I rolled my eyeballs and stood up.


The sacrifice is in the next two days….how am I gonna survive this?


I can’t really trust my dad with money…who knows if I will be his target if he doesn’t find any goddess.


I don’t think am ready to die.


My phone rang,it was him…


I picked my phone and switch it off.


ohh gaaaaaaaddd


I smashed my phone-


why is this happening to my little confused life?


“is there any problem about the problem,madaam or is it about the bangle” Emilia asked.


“have you sent the bangle on anyone’s wrist before?” I asked back.


“No,I have never seen such bangles on anyone.Yesterday was my first time seeing something special and unique like that and besides,it’s similar to what Indian’s wear. It looks magical” she said with a blink. I look at her with my palms on NY heart.


Did she just mention Indians??


“Tell me more,I don’t really know much about it cos am a Korean” I told her with interest.


she smiled and scratch her neck.


“Ummmm…yes it must be for a goddess there are lots of goodlucks surrounding them because goddesses are special creature from the most high,God took extra time in creating them,a real goddess is always kind and spotless” she said with a smile.


“ohhh thank you”.


I said as my mind drifted to Nina.


But Nina is not kind.



in fact she’s tougher than Lilly,Nina is very crafty,she’s not pure,everything about her life seek understanding.


aaaaah am confused…


I feel into my chair and look at my maid.


“Do you know of any?”


I asked her.


“ummm…well…I…” she sturtled.


I will give you anything you want, just name your price” i said as I stood up from where I was sitting.


“well madam!!!


she coughed.


I stopped looking at her,I think she’s scared and she might know already that goddesses are used for rituals.


finally,she look up.


“well truthfully I have never had the chance to meet any goddess but they are real.I already give you hints, you should be able to figure out yourself.


Another thing is that,goddesses don’t show theirselves,everything about them is hiding and their beauty is always something you can’t walk out on….their beauty is incomparable”


she said,bowed and left.


I got more confused,


I feel into my chairs again.


My life is getting more confused.


I don’t think I will be able to forgive my dad vulnerability.


My door opened,


I turned and it was him.


He entered with two escorts in black suits.




I screamed and ran up the stairs.


I’m kind of scared he might bundle me up and take me to the alter of sacrifice.





Mira why so naughty,he’s your dad….


“Calm down,I won’t capture my own fruit.You’re my reason to live and am doing this because of you and your future. I couldn’t even marry another woman wh


en your mom divorced me” he said softly.


I gently climb down the stairs and walk up to him.


he carresed my hair and kissed my forehead.


“Mira,you’re 21years you don’t need to be scared and you don’t have to worry about that stuff,I will sort myself out. I sacrificed three altogether last three years,i will find this years own” he said as he hugged me.


I still felt scared….I might be a lead bully but I don’t think I can kill.


isn’t that the most worst thing?


I faced my dad.


“But appa where did you get those goddesses last three years?”


I asked,a tear dropped.


He looked at me,I wiped my tears.




he used his thumb to wipe down my tears ,I pulled his fingers down and used them as a comfort zone.


“Those three girls I used are sisters.. but my main target was on the little girl but she was too little to be sacrificed,I turbed the tables on her sisters” he said. I flinched backwards.


“this should be our little secret,a third party mustn’t hear” my dad said.


“I know….


dad we need to fund that little girl, she must have grown right?” I asked.


“Yeah….she must have grown into a lady,she should be very close to twenty now”


my dad said.


“don’t yiy know their house?” I asked.


“they pack out” he said.


I felt somehow.


“what’s their family name?” i asked.


“ummm…..I think kn……


I can’t really remember” he says and stood up.


I watch him leave.


What a word????




some people need to suffer and die so that other people can get rich.


I drank our of the water my maid served,I took my car key,bag and phone, I need to see Lilly.




I drove into her dad’s mansion and entered the living room,


I met her dad and Mrs suga.


They were discussing…


I really don’t know what they are saying but I heard some things……


“BM can’t be killed by mere humans, it will be better if we keep his past away from him and besides,only his mothers diary can make him understand who he really is…


He still hasn’t understand,he is soooo wealthy….


it’s certain no one will break his her worth record even in the next thirty years if his fathers inheritance is added to what he has achieved…


And the shares,


Grandfather graded them based on their level of intelligence and emotions… He once called BM and RS ten years ago. He asked them what they would do if they are been given 15.6billion won, BS and RS do not understand that grandfather was testing their intelligence abs smartness.



RS stupidly walk out of 15.6billion won… he didn’t say something brainy. BM said something sensible and gained grandfather’s trust.


“waooow incredible”


Lilly’s dad clapped.


“BM said if he was given 15.6biliion won,he would build a very big cinema house for orphans who has never seen one before while RS said he would love to have a music industry in his name…


Their reply was what made him willed 90% to BM.


A person who is selfless,a person who thinks about the weaks,and put other peoples into consideration is similar to God.


That’s granny way of sharing things between brothers.. though they ain’t brothers by blood”


mrs sugar dropped talking when she saw me..


I didn’t even understand a thing.


who’s BM?


who’s RS??


are they this secretive that they talk in codes??


“Umm by sir”


I waved to Lilly dad.


“Mira hy…Lilly isn’t in,she’s in her penthouse” he said, I smiled and went out.




I drive into Lilly’s penthouse.


Jingwen and Angel’s car are in the garage…


no worries, we are band mates.


I met Jingwen and Lilly in the room.


Angel also entered with a towel around her,a swimming cap was on her head.


“I still don’t get why you can’t talk back to Nina. I don’t like the way she


embarrassed you” Jingwen said.


“yes me too” i said.


“I know what am doing.


Back then in the days,Nina and I are friends before we turned into rivals.


She knows everything about my reckless life,all the guys I slept with when I was still dating royal as a result of Mrs sugars influence… Nina knows how I got trapped into Jaydens trap…


She knows about my affair with Romeo too,


She even knew I slept with Eddy,I stupidly told her everything..I was real


ly scared she might tell Royal….


I just don’t want royal to hate me the more when he hears I also slept with Eddy…I don’t want to look bad in front of Royal” Lilly said.




I think she’s reading someone’s status.


“So do you want to leave Nina like that?” angel asked.


“leaving Nina is the worst option ever, she’s actually using Krishna against me” she said.


“And that Krishna, she needs to know that her pain just start afresh in dice high….am only pitying her cos I don’t want to hurt Royal. I can’t let her be with Royal,


I can let other girls be with Royal but not her..


“if she’s with Royal,it would be a very big embarrassment to you because you’re


older than Krishna in all ways.


You’re 22,she’s 20…


You have a dad,she doesn’t even have one not to talk of a family…” Jingwen said.


“I am thinking of a careful way to deal with her” Lilly said.


“are you really drunk-


you want to deal with krish carefully.


isn’t she the laundry washer of yesterday…” I said.


“Swears,she’s ruining you big time..


students are even saying she should be dice high queen already” Jingwen said.


“Don’t worry,I know how to deal with her and Nina” Lilly whispered. ****



Royal Royal


She was getting sleepy already,


i opened a gum pack and put two in my mouth.


“babe don’t sleep,we are going to somewhere very important” i said.


She nodded and drop my phone carefully on the space between us.


“Cold right?” I asked.




“yes I feel cold” she said in a smile.


“Quickly come let me kiss you”


I whispered..


She smiled shyly and her face came closer..


“Am sorry for putting you in shocks.. but I don’t think I can stay without you,the way I love you I don’t think I can love any girl…


Though, I was scared to love but I loved you without fear.


and I can’t touch any girl the way I touch you..


I can only respect seven ladies in my life…


My dead mum 100%,


My foaster mom 95%,


Your mom well 100%…she’s like my mom too right?”


Your granny must be kind..maybe 89%…


Xingzi 80%…


Theila 100%…


And you…. 100%….


You don’t know how I value this little moments we usually share together.


I took her hands and made her head rest on my chest in the car.


“Kiss me” i said into her ears.


“ohkay…” she said and made her lips touched mine,she withdrew quickly…


“Krish that’s not a kiss”


I.said,she smiled.


The driver stopped in front of the place we are heading too, the military cars also stopped.


“Best,were is this place and why is this mansion looking soo heavenly?”


she asked immediately we stepped out….though our cars were packed out side.


“My eleventh house…you need to see someone inside” I said.


we are about entering when that same voice called.


Best Marley!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we turned….


we didn’t see anybody.The military guards were at alert,they quickly position themselves on the boarders.


“My lorrrrrrrrd!!!!


he whispered slowly, then rush out of his hideout. As usual he was masked.


He came close to my direction,


securities covered me and Krishna.


who’s this person and does he usually knows my movement?


why does he address me as Marley?


why does he address me as lorrrrrd?.


I think there are many things about me that I don’t know.



“My lord,you need to get a particular diary from Mrs Sugar! he said.


“what’s the diary for?” I asked…


He bowed.


“my lord,I don’t have enough time and please don’t find out about me” he said and


fled away.






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