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After dropping me,Royal unlocked and still touch my bare waist.


I smiled out of sweetness and touch his hand on where he is holding…


he brush his fingers into it and look down to my chest quietly.


I looked around and wipe my eyes,


my lips were apart.


Royal kissed me again,this time more sweet like he is sucking chocolate from my lips.


My eyes widened the moment my br**sts press against his chest.


Although I was wearing singlet but it was more or less like I wasn’t in one cos of the way my br**sts stood soo firm and my nipples sticking out soo hard.


I felt his fingers moved into my waist chain,he felt my hips downwards as he nibbled on my lower lips.


I opened up to him and kiss him back.


It felt strong,I felt shocks all over me each time his fingers touch me.


Our tongues met and rolled,


I enjoyed it.


I didn’t even want him to stop.


I shut my eyes and carefully held his top close to myself,he unlocked and kiss my forehead.


I got shy and wanted to run away,


he held me back and smiled…


That kiss….


I can’t believe I kissed him back for real,I have always wish to kiss him back each time he does that to me but I never had the courage.


How did I do this??


he tickled my waist,


I shouted sweetly as my Long hair slapped his face..


He pulled me to a chair in my room and made me sit on his laps,then he rested his head on my br**st..


my eyes widened….


he is always leaving me in shocks.. always shocked…


Royal why are you getting recently like this..


is it your mood?


your past??


the kiss????


orrr are you missing me too much… anyway I love it.


He took my wrist and wore me his presidential bracelets.


I smiled as he did that.


I really cherish this little things he usually do.


I locked a gold waist chain that had his name unto my waist, I look around..



His phone rang,it was mum- my mum…


he answered the call.


“Did she go and see Mrs Claudia?”


I heard.


Royal looked at me.


“tomorrow” I pouted.


“mum,tomorrow” Royal said.


“my daughter is she fine?” she asked..


Royal gave me the phone..


I spoke to my mom for like 40mins,I miss her a lot.


The call dropped.


His other phones started beeping.


lot’s of messages ~


I pity Royal.


has he even eaten???


no wonder I couldn’t even sleep well.How can I be comfortable knowing fully well he didn’t eat.


“Should I bring your food?”


I asked in a whisper.


he smiled….and picked another call.


It was something five stars.


Gossssssh!! Roy pouted.


*midnight” he breathed out.


“I don’t know Eddy’s preferences”


he said and place the call on a hold.


“Honey,get ready we are going somewhere” he said and left.


I jumped up and rush into my inner room,thinking of what to wear.


Aaah what do I wear!


I brought out a yellow off shoulder body hug gown,I wore it.


it’s too short.


I took it off immediately..



I lifted another hanger..




It was sealed with a transparent bag follow up,it looks so simple and expensive.


I drop them on the dressing table and had a quick shower.


I creamed and wore my undergarments.


I opened the transparent bag and brought out another bag.


waooow,so cute.


It even have a slipper and an earring with a choker. I brought them out and hastily wore the gown.


It was supposed to stop on my kneels but it stop on my mid thighs.


My hips and buttocks made it jump up.


I wore the simple choker and earring.


is it still good???


like this with Royal???


I checked the mirror.


Goossssh,I couldn’t even move.


Krishna is this you!


I smiled and admired the way the, lemon off shoulder gown looked on me..I was quiet,


I dragged the gown down.


I quietly wear the classic black heeled slipper that came with it,I carried the bag and dipped my phone inside.


I left my hair down and stood at the entrance for like 20min.


Too shy to get out.


Mom Gina~ head cook came in and met me standing at the entrance..


She took me to a sit and styled my hair better..


“most times,I would wish you were my daughter, you mother is


really lucky” Mrs Gina said.



“thank you” I smiled.


I wonder why people are always praising this bracelet.


She smiled at my bracelet as she rub little white powder on my face and a transparent lip gloss..


After much courage,


I went out. The time was even 9:30pm.


Someone rush down the stairs,


I turned and it was Royal.


I faced front immediately….


“You look more pretty each passing day” he said and took my hands.


I smiled.


Even Dora,eve and Shantai had teased me with that earlier.


Royal held my hand with so much care and affection.


“Elliot,I will call you later!




“Nope Jeff will do that or Chris!


he said while inserting an earpud into his ear.


We walked to a car,


I Kew it was new and expensive..


just so cool.


my name was even written at the back.


sweetheart .


Royal opened the door,I got in…


he wanted to enter but something he was looking on phone made him stop.


He smiled and enter.


he looked at me.


“Mrs suga thinks she’s smart”.


is she smart?? he faced me.



“If not that she’s the one that brought me up,I know the type of words that she deserve” Royal said.


He whyne up the windows cos of cold,the driver entered.


A millitary car drove out first followed by our car then another millitary car.


sooo much securities.


He is still being monitored.


ohhh I forgot how popular he is,his wealth,huge fans, thousands of people working under him,he is a ruler right?


his pretty admirers,horde of stalkers and groupies.


I looked at him and caught him looking at me.


I have a lot of questions to ask him.


firstly how he got the exact size of my bra and pant…


secondly,why did he choose me as his girlfriend…


I will.ask him once I get the courage.


I glance at him,he was smiling into his phone.




“Sing rhymes for me!! I heard chuckles..


“Rhymes! royal smiled.


when I was a baby….a baby…”


he stopped…


“is that how it is been done?”


he asked.


“Royalllll!!!!!!!!!! you killed me !!!!


Theila chuckled like a flower.


“Xingzi cheated me in what you bought for the two of us,she took 60% and gave me 40%” theila said and looked like a baby..


“Am I small?” she asked.


“I will make it up” Royal said..


She smiled.


“where’s our wife?” I heard her baby voice…


at times I wonder if she’s really seven.


*She didn’t give me baby,Lillian didn’t allow me carry her baby sister, I also want


a baby” theila said with a meek voice.


I covered my mouth and smiled.


“What’s with you and baby?”


Xingzis voice came up.


Royal smiled as he watch them fight…and argue.


“can you leave the phone to Krishna alone?” xingzi asked, Royal left the phone for me.


I smiled as I move close to the window, Royal brought out another phone.


“Honey how long should I stay before exposing my self to the guy my mom really


wanted for me?”


she asked.


Royal chuckled at the way I held his phone.


“Do you love the guy or your mom just wanted him for you?” I asked.


“Yes,he was my crush and he has even asked me out three different times..I never knew my mom knows him pretty well”. she said.


“Sweetheart does the rich guy deserves someone with a rough past like me?” she asked.


*does he knows about the past” I asked.


*yes” she replied.


“Love has no limit,accept him follow your heart” I said,she smiled.


“About sleeping together?”


she asked.


“Good…let him wait for a year and there months” I said and the phone royal was holding fell.


He cleared his throat.


“Mrs Adviser isn’t that too far..a year and three month” he said.


*honey” I said.


“don’t worry,continue advising her”


he said,I smiled and ended the call.


Xing don’t mind what I said, let your heart and soul lead you”


I sent and deleted the message. I only said what I said to see royals reaction.


Some notifications beeped into his phone,I was able to read some.


waoow,I really cried over this song,I could just feel all the accomplishments in Royals voice tho as he sang this..

he should be more proud if himself,he’s amazing.



everytimr I listen to your song or dance video, I feel so alive,I feel so happy sometimes I would laugh along-




-The passion and emotion in his voice is outs


tanding, I can appreciate a singer that makes you feel their words.Pure talent..


your words are true and ruling..


I smiled …


aaah he used me and him as his wallpaper.We hugged there.


ohh the photo the medias took that day we went to get things for theila at the mall..


it’s pretty,the way I lock my hands around him…




~~Romeo’s p.o.v


“we have a show at Manila next week”


Justin said immediately I entered the living room.


Chris came downstairs,his hands were tucked into his shorts, Jeff was also coming down from his own stairway.


Eddy was sitting on a couch and was very busy confirming songs,he was marking them before sending them.



A maid brought a very chilled wine with glasses in a tray.


She served Chris,


Chris gave her a thumbs up.


The maid served Justin.


“Thank you” Justin whispered..


Jeff served himself and turn on the projector to watch whatever thing we might have missed in school.


The maid walk to Eddy,


he was busy working on his song script,the maid kindly helped him served the wine.


“Are you having problems with brain and sights? eddy scoffed.


Chris choked on his wine,


Jeff turned back,


Justin muttered ‘again’.


“I cant drink that thing you touched, I might get infected….and I thought you’re


smarter than this goosssh”


Eddy scoffed and stood up.


Hunn Eddy still hates the poor.


“sorry sir,I totally forgot that I shouldn’t touch things you will touch” the maid said..




eddy stood up and webt upstairs with his laptop.


“coolest” Justin smiled out.


and faced the projector.


“Students rioted Lilly both publicly and in the group chat….!


Chris said.



“Nina is really tough!!


Jeff said.


I got a call,it was my informant.


I walked out .


Answering the call inside might make the boys suspicious.


“Romeo,I don’t really understand what is happening. Your grandpa willed 90% of what he owned to your brother…I already sent the confirmation to your mails” my informant said.


“why will he do such,I am the real grandchild,royal is just a bastard” I said…


I went wild..


my own grandfather and not Royals grand father..


what can be happening??


shouted,I couldn’t even control my anger…..






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Beautiful Love Song


(as long as you gimme love )




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