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“dad,I hate you,what goddam sacrifice are you into!!!!


just kill me,I hate you!


I bursted into more fresh tears and rushed out to my car.


No wonder our family was torn apart when I was a kid.


I should have known that everything about him isn’t ordinary.


Right now,I hate my life.


“take me away,my suite straight!!!


I told my drivers,my tears flowing…


We got to my suite,


I headed upstairs and changed into my swimming bikini, I picked a towel and rush downstairs again.


I sat beside the pool to calm myself down.


Do I even need to call Lilly?


hmmm but must it be always me?


He dare not use me for any sacrifice, I don’t care where he will get the goddess in human clothing.


My phone rang,


I checked it,it was him.


“why are you calling me,I hate you, you ain’t my father” I hissed and threw my phone into the pool.






ohhh,now I understand why Lilly wants that Krishna of a girl out of dice high. Maybe because her looks could pass by for a queen.Even Nina is not up to that girl when it comes to beauty and sΒ£xiness not to even talk of her body shape… I mean the Krishna is well set.


She looks more of a model.


I had wanted to give other lead bully tips on how to get Krishna out of dice high but on a second thought,


isn’t she too beautiful to be let out of dice high nor bulied.


I imagined having her on my bed at first sight but she is a commoner,I can’t sleep with her even though she’s well set and straight. I love classic girls right from time. am allergic to the poor’s. ..



But that Krishna,


I think I have seen her somewhere.


Yeah,in royals private jet during the journey back from Germany.


She was the girl sitting close to the window…


hmm Royal allowing her to sit in his private jet,is she someone special to him?” hmm who is she to Royal-


in fact,I better ask the boys.


I just know that she can’t be royals girlfriend according to the way Lilly described her.


She’s nothing!


I pack my car carefully and ran inside.Everyone was inside apart from Royal. I checked my gold wristwatch and took my sit beside Justin who was silently watching Chris practicing the legwork dance that Royal created-


it was sooo fast and hot,the way he moved his legs so fast was unpredictable….


I could say Royal and Chris have similar skills.


“Guys,I heard the news of royal stolen song is on web” I said.


Chris stopped dancing and sip in wine. I turned back,Jeffrey was facing the school projector and was listening to lectures from there.


“yeah,everyone know romeo stole his song and claimed it” Justin replied. “Pen!!!!!!!!!!


Jeffrey screamed and ran up stairs.


“idiot, don’t kill yourself because of sir Davidson’s hard geometry class” Chris crackled and collected a glass of water from the chef. “Don’t you dare” Jeff replied.


“kill yourself” Justin said.


“You all scored zero over hundred in sir David’s test,get ready to be queried” I said and bite my lips.


“Royal and I were busy shopping online” Chris said with no remorse.


“Krishna had 100 out of 100, she’s a pro” Jeff said.


I scoffed.


“That krish,who is she?


I asked….


“my spaghetti maker,gosh,she knows how to cook…I remembered I ate my fingers” Jeff said.


“my flower,she can smile for India”


Justin said.


“my fast thinker…she’s always finding a way” Chris said.


“you all like her?” I asked.


“why not? Dora likes her” Jeff said.


“I can’t hate her,she’s pretty” Justin smiled.


I look at Chris….


“why are you asking?” he asked.


“Who is she to Royal?” I asked, praying it shouldn’t be what am thinking.


The guys look at me like I have grown four heads.


“Hope you’re not in love with her?”


they asked at the same time.


“Am I drunk- I hate her.


why should I like a commoner?”


I scoffed.


“hate-why?” Chris asked.


“i don’t know how you guys are coping with a commoner,gosh, I might have to leave this house right Now” I said.


“Eddy,starts liking her…


don’t hate her in other to prevent world war 3” Jeff said.




I don’t associate with such people,my dad


owns a gold mining industry…


Lilly wants Krishna to leave school so desperately,I was only curious to know why.


Maybe I should meet with Nina,


only her can give better explanation since she and Lilly are rivals.


I stood up and walk to the door,


Justin rush after me.


“Eddy,that girl,don’t hurt her…


she is Royals……


I didn’t get to hear his remaining statement, cos I was already in my car.




I drive out and headed off to Nina’s residence…..


Even if I want her to stay,


it’s too late because I already promise Lilly. I entered my car and headed off to Nina’s residence.


Nina too is a beauty diva,


the governors daughter,


last year voice of dice high,plus she won Scotland’s fashion parade, she is also a trending gister in dice high, she’s very popular just like Lilly.


more reason why dice high is always called competition high…..


The school is filled with different teams with competition motives.


Everyone wants to prove that they are better…


I entered her residence,she might know what I want to know since she and Lilly are friends till they become rivals.


ohh she was already dressed in a wine exposed Saree,it was really wild. I think she’s going out.


“Eddy?” she said.


“I miss you” I move close and kissed her on both cheeks.


“silly you” she said abd sat cross leg.


“you wanna see me right” she said.


“yeah,do you now stay alone?” I asked…


hmmm yeah,my friends do come…


This is the newest suite my parent got for me,they are in Australia sitting out some


parliament stuff”


she said.


“ohh so what’s cooking up between you and Lilly?” I asked her.


she smiled.


“I’m here for sweet revenge and also to expose Lilly’s fake lies and deciets” she said.


“fake lies,does Lilly has any fake lies? i asked,confused.


“She has many secrets…..Krishna is my card in bringing Lilly down.


After beating the pride out of her,


I also want her fellow lady to bring her down.


“please you’re speaking in idioms, how is Krishna involved?” I asked.


She smiled.


“It was dating royal through Mrs sugas influence that made Lilly popular.


Royal had amnesia,Lilly was soo in control of royal but not until Krishna showed up. Krishna, the daughter of a laundry washer came out of nowhere,Lilly was so scared by the beauty and perfection nature installed in Krishna, even Mrs sugar was scared too death because Royal might regain his memory,Krishna was the first girl royal was closed too.


Do you even know that Royal regained his memory in just three weeks that he met with Krishna!!


Romeo injected him,everything wiped off again, his amnesia went back to level one…..


According to what my informat told me,there’s a secret and a very big fortune


surrounding Royals birth…..


And there was this kissing scene that Royal shared with Krishna in an unconscious state immediately he was injected because it was Krishna who found him and


activated his tracker…..


Lilly was soo desperate that she edited the video and changed Krishna’s face to her


face, then she posted the video on dice high girls chat….


The kissing scene took place during spark night,Lilly edited everything….


The most paining part was that Lilly used me to represent the person that killed the


Nigerian girl,Adesola who was raped to death…


It was Romek who did that but she used me as the culprit by saying I murdered her




I had to travel out because that little lie really want to make my dad disown me…


She took up my positions!


Dice high queen of last year was mine but the crime she put me into made students


not to vote me in…..


Now,I am back for my sweet revenge.


Lilly is just a proud peacock who hates embarrassment,she can do much to save


her reputation…


Krishna is already making students to riot her in the group chat…


imagine Royal holding hands together with Krishna in Germany, Lilly still


brainwashed everybody that she is Krishna…


Although,most people rioted her that she is not…


most people got it that Krishna is more fleshy and more set than Lilly.


I will make Lilly feel the pain of being a laughing stock in dice high,.she will regret taking my place in dic


e high,


She will regret making me feel bad in everybody presence…


I will take my position and I will also collect my royal back…



“She knows Krishna will ruin her reputation,that’s why she wants her out of dice high so desperately”


Nina said….


Royal belongs to me!


Nina said and stood up.


“I’m off to Shantai’s house”


she said.


I followed her out and entered my car.




I entered my car and felt used….


What does Lilly take me for??????


Though,I don’t know the relationship royal shared with Krishna but the way Nina


described her,she looks like an helper….


Why is Lilly suddenly picking and hating on her?….


We that doesn’t change anything about me, I hate them all!!!


I drove back to our mansion and stepped out of my car,I was busy beeping my car when Lilly entered.


“Eddy??” she called…


I turned and faced her…


“Lilly are you taking me for a fool?” is this what you are??? I looked into her face


and felt used…


I betrayed Royal again.


“You find out?? she pout…


I scoffed sadly….


“Are you still helping me to get rid of Krishna? she asked…


I felt hurt in the inside.


“To hell with you and your Krishna!


I told her….


The gate slammed opened automatically….


Four cars drove in,


then a sporty red Lamborghini drove in…..I felt that cold air…




The first four cars opened,


guards positioned themselves well at the boarder while three rush to opened his door.




He stepped out.He wasn’t wearing much.He dressed as a cheerful young guy that he is.


Just a white round neck top, a black jean trouser that was pencil down to the ankle level,a simple silver chain ring and bracket,a black earring and a classic bandana….


“Lilly,I now hate you!


I told her.


She wasn’t listening,she was busy staring at Royal….


This is not love,it is lust…..


Royal walked in,maybe to see Chris.


He didn’t even look our side..


“Eddy,please” Lilly said.


“To hell with you and krishna”


I said and walked in…


Gosh, she used me against Royal!.






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