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Elliot rush up to the screen and turn it on,the full stage displayed.It does not even look like I was watching from a screen,it was really bold and clear. I opened my eyes widely as Royals voice sang on the background.


His bands mate joined him on the stage,the arrangement was really cool adding to the fact that they are putting on the same outfits but their swags are different from each other.


I smiled,wondering where Royal get his dressing sense from.Everything about him was flaw.


“should I turn on the view page??


Eliiot jerked me out of my thoughts.


“view page,what’s that for?? I asked.


He pressed something I couldn’t figure out and turn on another screen, the base was white.Not like I really know what it is used for,I just approve him to turn it on.



I diverted my attention back to the first screen,Royal already drop singing.Justin pick it up and they started dancing.


Romeo was not doing anything,he was just bouncing.The main thing was done by Chris,Jeff and Royal.


The second screen that Elliot turned on started making noise and was displaying wordings like comments.


I love this!!!!!



“hunnn gaaad,what is eddy dancing? I think he is drunk!! Why must he tie an handkerchief on his neck? is he a clown??


waoow,Royal covered up again for his mistakes.Such skills…


Gosh,Eddy you’re careless,Chris overtook you!!!


I kept watching both the two screens at the same time.Their views was just going viral.


Seriously,I didn’t see anything bad with the way this new guy is dancing.


Well,only professionals in the art of dancing will notice his mistakes.


I just pray I will be like Shantai one day.I love the way she’s on her own and how she is not signed under any industry.Most industries now lure their girls into prostitution and control them to do anything they want and I hate to be controlled.


I smiled and concentrated back on the screen.


Romeo and Eddy had already back off…Another action dance played on the background.


It was now looking hotter and tougher, even though the beat was very fast,I love the way they move in and out.Their dance step was not even the same and it made the online views to be kept on a higher stake.


it was really lit.


“Elliot,is that Best?? I asked.


“Didn’t catch that” he said.


“I mean is that really Royal dancing on stage? I corrected.


“Yes,he is the one” he replied and smiled…


“Sweetheart,try to call him by his real name only when you too are alone, it will help” he said.


I chuckled.I also want him to regain all what he has lost in the past even though I don’t know who he really is.


Fans crowded them on stage,


Securities keep pushing them backwards while like four guards where around Royal in other to prevent any form of brutal attack.





Honey,touch me…


Honey, I love you….


Royal,kiss me……


hmmmm,I’m dying,I’m drained….


was what I heard last,


the two screens went off.


I look at Elliot,he was also confused.


The door opened,I and the guards turned back and was relieved that it was Royals dad.


“move out,cover the boaders”


he pointed out at the guards and hold my right hand with lots of care.I didn’t even had the chance to greet him cos he was busy instructing Ely.


“Good afternoon,dad”.


I greeted the moment he look at me.


A smile curve out his lip.


He answered a call while still holding my hands.



Don’t talk too much,Royal is okay.


Just get the permits pushed through while I walk on the clearance” sir zayn speaks.



We didn’t even walk much, we entered the real hall.The hall was filled with lots of people,I couldn’t even see well because I was feeling sleepy already.


“Do not pull off your mask,Royal will come to get you” he said and handed me to someone. I was just able to see well,it was Mrs Rose that I was sitting with,Elliot was standing behind us.


People still took pictures of my dress from where i sat.


Mrs Rose told me not to hide my face,there is nothing to hide for since I am


already wearing an half mask.


She even made me sta


nd for three minutes.The lights flashing on my body kept increasing.Finally,she asked me to sit.


“That’s how to become a model.Stop hiding what the almighty has gifted you” she said.


I widened my eyes…


I never mentioned it to her that I want to be a model,I don’t like competition, I always try to avoid it so as to prevent troubles.


Soon enough,someone walk to my presence,I pull down my mask a little bit,it was royal. He already wore another cloth his forehead was embroided with a headband in such a way that his eyes was covered halfly….


“You’re leaving already??


Elliot asked him..


“Common,don’t be angry at how careless Eddy was on stage” Mrs Rose said.


“Please,my key and phones” Royal said and collected them from Elliot.


Next,he took my hands.


it felt that way,holding my hand and taking me out in the presence of those girls who have crazy crush on him.I know Lilly will be seeing this too.


Anyway,I don’t mean to hurt her in anyway,she was the one who push Royal to me….I even helper her by staying away from him but she pushed me the more till circumstances made me and Royal inseparable..


I pity Lilly,


Good for her,pride got her.


“I wonder what I will look like and I will be if I did not meet Royal”.



OMG! isn’t that Royal ?


Everyone turn to our direction…



I love his dressing sense,it’s one of a kind,his height,the way he walks, everything about him is unique.


I wish I am that girl…


Sooo classy..


Thank goodness she’s not Lilly, if not,she would have bite us for looking at Royal when she’s there but this girl is calm..and pretty.


Just wondering what are eyes will look like…


Securities covered us till we were in his private black Lamborghini.


He drove the car himself while like four guards go before us in another car….


His phone rang continuosly as he drove.He didn’t pick and I concluded that the call


wasn’t serious..


“Sir,your phone” I said.


He look at the phone and then switch it off. He drive into the longue compound and pack his car in the space designed for him.


He unlock his seatbelt and helped in doing mine,I helped in picking his phones and then I carried my bag at the same time..


I pressed what I noticed he usually press on the car,the door opened..


The guards closed it back,I folllowed Royal behind.


We stop by at the reception,


Royal collected our suite key from the male receptionist who was kind of giving me glares like he forgot himself.


“You will he fired”


Royal said after collecting the key.


“sir….I ….didn’t…okay,I close my eyes” the attendant surrendered.


“Good,now you’re gonna close it for 72hours” Royal ordered with superiority. I tried not to gasp.Never knew he is this grumpy.He look really serious while saying that.


“Release him” I said lowly.


He didn’t answer,instead he walk up the stairs.I caught up with him.


He was pressing phone. I took the key from him and opened the door.


I entered,


He moved in.The key fell from my hand,I moved out and saw Lilly coming with her crews.


I found the key and reset it with the door,then I entered and close the door carefully.


Royal was already on the bed operating three phones at a time.


Jeeez,I feel like bathing again but he is here.


Even if I bath,I don’t think I will be comfortable, knowing fully well that he hasn’t eaten anything.


He’s already addicting to starving.


I left my bag and entered the kitchen. I made something simple within 30mins.Just ten sticks of grilled red meats,sali chilly, rice pudding with a lot of stew that contain shrimps and veggies.


I dish them into a set of three plates and took them to the dining,I look at him,he was so.engrossed in whatever thing he was doing.


“is this what you are??


I heard him say into what he was pressing.


“ummm Best!!! I said.


He turned slightly and was like who are you talking too…


“Sir,I want to start calling you Best because you’re my boyfriend. Only me will be


calling you that.Do you like it” I pouted.


“I love the name” he replied.


I move to the side of the best and look into his face.


“Are you not hungry?? I asked and covered what he was doing on his phone..




He kissed my hands till I removed it.


“why do you like sharing in my pain?


he asked.I smiled,not knowing what to say…


“Best…….oouch,stop,you’re doing me somehow” I laugh out in a scream and hold


him top tightly cuz he was tickling me into his arms..


“I will flog—-


he paused and took his hands down my bare waist in the playsuit..


I shivered in sweetness as he made me sit on top of him…


Shantai where are you,


come and take me away before Royal spoil me.


He touch there again and made me fall heavily on him.My chest hitting his lips


made me felt somehow.


“Where’s your waist necklace???


he asked..


I felt cold..and pretend as if I didn’t hear..


Gosh,I just knew that I ammm really stupid for believing Lilly like that.


She took my waist chain away,


telling me to dash her as friends..


It must cost some fortunes,Royal doesn’t buy cheap things for me.


“Say something—!


Royal roamed there very well and find out that nothing was there.


“Did you take it off?? he asked.


I kept quiet.There are Four people I can’t lie to.


My mom,Dora,Shantai and Royal because call them family…


“Sweetheart,you lost it–!!


He asked and roamed there.


I can’t even look into his face right now.Lilly use my kindness against me.


“Best,your food is getting cold”



I told him.He smiled and made me got off him.He carried the tray to the bed and place it on my laps.I used my hands to cover my chest.


“Why are you covering my eyes??


he asked…


“Your eyes..I’m only covering my chest” I replied.


“I’m not seeing okay” he said.


I smiled and remove my hands


He took one meat stick and ate small, he push the rest into my mouth. ..


Nothing change about him,he is still a slow eater.




~~~Eddy’s p.o.v


How do I even call Royal????


I was just soo drunk that I almost spoilt everything with my carelessness.He will just think I am unserious like Romeo.


We just started talking two days ago that I returned from Canada and I f**ked up again.


I breathed and took a glass of wine to my mouth.


I can’t even wait to celebrate with Chris,Jeff,Justin and Romeo.


My door opened,


Lilly entered.


I scoffed at what she was wearing. She looks damn sΒ£xy with her br**st displayed in front of me.


only her nipples was covefrf with a tiny bra.The black short she wore was kind of transparent then she used a matching towel jacket to cover up.


“Looking like this in my presence is uncultured. Do you want to swim? I asked her.


She moved closer to me in a hot walking step and press her fingers into my soft shoulder bones seductively.



“I don’t wanna swim,I want your help” she said and left my shoulders for my wine.She dank little.


“this feels good” she said and pull out he towel jacket halfly then she pull me close to herself like I am a pest.


“Will you be able to finish up What Romeo can’t do??? she asked.


I got lost and unhook the tiny stuff that was covering her nipples.


“You really know my weakness”


I said and kissed her cleavages while pressing them fast like I am mixing floor.She moan into my ears.


“I want Royal”


she said……


“let’s do this” I cut her off and remove her towel jacket.


“I feel like you should be coming everyday” I smiled and took her to the bed.I wasted no time in removing her short.


She positioned herself in reverse cowgirl position,I moved in like that and press her roughly.


Too much of crazy sΒ£xual activities already made her br**st soft but it was sooo enjoyable.


We did just two rounds,she wore her jacket back..




“I want something from you”


she said.


“what’s that?? I asked.


“it’s about her girl,ruining my life” she replied, I chuckled..


“is she beautiful??


I asked,she scoffed…


“I hate her,she’s causing me pain”



“who dare ruin your life? are you not the only one who can ruin other peoples life? Lilly you’re the master mind of all evil in dice high” I said. She smiled dryly..




“She is nothing,She came to steal from Royal,she came to break his heart and cause more damage to his emotions,she is just a poor widow daughter who only wants attention from Royal,don’t you think you need to send her away before she ruin your friends life?


Lilly asked.


“She used a spell on Royal.The earlier we send her away,most especially from dice high,the better”


“what’s her name??? I asked.


“Krishna Sweetheart Knight” she replied….


“I don’t know her,you know I just came back from canada” I said.


“soooo?? she exaggerated.


“Okay,I will ruin her life.


She will leave Dice high for you!


I replied her,she smiled.


“is that a promise?? she asked.


“Yes,let’s do another two round to bond my promise” I said….


She smiled and positioned herself well on the bed.






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