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Krishna’s p.o.v∆∆∆∆∆∆∆


I felt so sad,tears pour down my fleshy cheeks.I just feel like today is a bad day for me.


All my life,I have never stolen a dime, how will I steal a gold???


Everyone just stood shocked.


I stared at the ground and allow my tears to fall carelessly.I can’t even look at Royal because this looks like a disgrace to him in front of his friends. I can’t even face them.


Mrs Rose cleared her throat and adjusted her spectacles..


“Krishna can’t do such.A girl who is not exposed can’t take what doesn’t belong to her” Mrs rose said.


“She can’t take it.Krish is like a sister to me” Shantai said.


“but I find it in her bag” yifei said.


Royal look in my direction,I could not even look him back.


“How much is the gold??


Royal asked.


Yufie kept quiet like she forgot herself.


Next,Royal entered his car and brought out two bundles of money.


The money was damn much.


Chris blocked Royal and hijacked the money from him.


“don’t give her any money.We all know that Krishna can’t do this” Chris said… “Leave it,brother, let her have it” Jeffrey said and collected the money, he threw it at yufei.


She kept on looking like a lost dog.


Royal look at me,I was still scared.




he scoffed and look at Lilly then back to my neck.


“Krishna,are you really stupid???


he asked, his voice a bit high.


The looks on his face showed anger.


Everyone just kept quite……


He scoffed again and move to my back,he unlock the necklace I was wearing and threw it on the floor.


That was the necklace Lilly wore on my neck when she said we are now friends….


He took my hand to the direction of his car,his driver followed us while like five guards occupied another car


He whyned up the windows,


the girls already left,it was only yufei and Lilly that was standing.


They are really looking at Royal’s car as if it was their first time seeing it.


“ma’am,your car had just arrived”


Lilly’s maid made them stop looking.


Our car drove out…


I turned sideways in the car to look at Royal, I didn’t have the chance to look at


him very well because of my tears….


I stole a quick glance at him and look away.He had an angry expression but he that plentiful of habdsomness never left him.


His hairs was very cool. I guess he dyed it orange cuz of the show.It really fits him…


He had on an inner white tux with a black tie.The jacket was damn looking expensive,I feel like touching it on him but he is angry…


On his finger was two simple chain like ring while his wrist had on a simple bracelet and it was made of chain also.The other hand was bare.


I look at his feet,his dark jean trouser was pencil,he had on a tiny anklet too. His


earing was a very tiny silver.


Everything was soo cute…


I already know that today is another lucky day for people to get charmed by him….


His red phone rang.He pick it up and connected it to the car speaker.



Royal,am sick!! a voice came up.


mom!!! royal pout then smirks.



“Mrs sugar,if this is another way of bringing me down, it won’t work.Its really obvious you’re planning to kill me.Why the sudden change of mind?


And why are you even telling me that you’re sick?? Do I look like a hospital?? Royal expounded.


“Royal believe—


“I stopped believing you a long time ago.Anyway,thanks for not killing me when you had the chance to.I will still say thank you for training me this way…..Bye and may we never see each other again” Royal said and hung up..


He still look angry.








Lilly thinks she’s smart for setting up Krishna and brainwashing her with flirty lies.


Well,it is only someone like Krishna that she can brainwash…


what else am I even expecting???


A girl who is so kind and free, a girl like Krishna who is sooo naive,who doesn’t even have a company of friends…


She has just three friends and so she doesn’t know how human behaves and she got no knowledge about the different types of people that exists. Krishna thinks everybody will be like Dor


a and Shantai…


Even if Krishna is new to all these things,Lilly should have grown up.


She should have known that if i like someone,nothing can separate us…


I look at Krishna,


she was smiling while looking through the window.


“Sir,thanks for the package,goodluck in your show” she said.


I smiled and took her palms.


“sweetheart,where did you sleep?


You stayed with lilly in the same place right?? I asked.


She smiled…


“don’t defend anybody or else I will flog—-”


“please,can you let it go—


“let’s not talk about it….


“please forget about that…


“Answer my questions righaway”


I cut her short.


“Yes,Lilly joined us and I gave her my bag,she touch my phone and even helped me in styling my hair” she replied…


Like I knew…


Lilly is just so stupid.


Pride got her.


The car pulled into five stars base in Germany,on the gate, “Best Marley” was inscribed boldly. My second time hearing the name though.


I wore my mask and step down with Krishna. We were lucky no one was in. I took her to the VIP section.Mrs Rose joined us shortly after,I handed her over and went back to my car and wait while the guards covered the boarders tightly.




I took my phone and logged into my private chat group.Chris was online and also are the rest of my band mates…


“buddy,am on my way.Wait”


Chris sent..


“Check out this video,It was Mira who put the gold in her bag,I’m very sure Lilly is the master planner—i have the videooooo” Jeff sent with crazy stickers…


“Please where can I rent a girl with buttocks like Krishna’s own.I need someone to twerk for me before we perform on stage” Justin sent.


He got a reply.


“Check Charlotte Dion,I tried her already and she’s sweet” Chris replied Justin’s comment.


“Who’s Eddy?. he’s somehow high. I mean how can Han Cheng sign him into our band without informing us??


My mind says eddy is an informant”. Jeff sent…


“No disturbance,am trying to woo a lady, coming back to check whatever thing I might have miss” Chris sent and went off line.


I deleted the part of the message that had Krishna’s name in case romeo come online.Everyone knows Romeo as an evil being.He is still going to get paid for stealing beautiful love song from me!




**Mrs Rose p.o.v~~~~


“ma’am, what are we doing here?


Krishna asked.


“go to the washroom and take off everything you’re putting on” I said.


She widened her eyes.


“why?? I already had my bath and I am comfortable in what I am wearing” she replied,humbly.


“Your boyfriend said you should do anything I say” I replied her.


She didn’t talk much,she went to the washroom and took off what she was wearing.


“Remove your underwears too” I told her. She screamed from the washroom.


“you’re wasting time,hope you know royal is waiting” I told her.


She didn’t make any sound and I guess she has done it.


Now,I think she can do anything at the mention of royals name.


“Mrs Rose, am done”


she said.


I opened the washroom door and met her resting on the tied wall.She use the top she took off to cover her br**sts while she use the skirt to cover her waist downwards.



“we are both females, don’t hide anything” I said, she was still covering them.


“Royal is waiting” I said.


“what do you want me to do ma! she asked. I moved closer to the jacuzzi and mixed her bath,I added treatments and signaled her to get in.


“you mean in your presence??


she gasped like she saw a ghost.


“yes” I replied.




You must be joking ma’am—


“Am old enough to be your mother” I said.She made cracking sounds and slowly let the cloth covering her body to fall off.


She entered the jacuzzi….


I widened my eyes in a smile..


Her backside was a blast..


I went for a towel and hung it on the stand.I changed the soapy water by turning the jacuzzi knob sideways….


Warm water switched in and rinse her body and then I covered her with the towel. I selected undergarments for her, she wore them in my presence..while I went for “Rosé Outrageous”


It’s the most rarest playsuit ever—


It was worn by the number one most popular model in Canada.


The material made it unique, the shoulder of


the cloth were opened but the arm was long sleeve.


“what cream do you use??


I asked her.She draw the towel to herself.


“Naturals milk”She replied. I found the cream in no time and applied little on my fingertips.


She collected it from me and did it herself,then she wore the cloth..


I smiled happily…



Krishna, ever body willl see you as exactly what we want..


“Mrs Rose,this cloth look somehow. Why is it looking like this? it’s very short” she protests.


“He likes it” I replied And continue styling her hair. I curled ghd front and straighten the back.


She doesn’t need make up she already look ethereal.


I couldn’t even stop staring at how the cloth loom like on her body as I wear her boots on feet.


I know she already won Lilly.


The photo grapher came in and took several shots of her. I speak with him before he left.


“ma’am, what’s the shoot for? she asked me..


I smiled


“you will soon know” I replied.


I know she already won Lilly.


Mrs Samantha,Sir Zayn and I promise to add her shoots to dice high new magazine but we will not reveal her identity. And thank goodness she wore mask throughout the shoots but her nose down to her jaws showed …


First,we want her photo to go verrrrrry viral,using dice high as a medium since dice high platform has the largest audience..


Secondly,she will gain fans…


Some might even vote her in as dice high girl/dice high face and speaker if she’s lucky enough.


I don’t know how she’s going to win it cos she doesn’t like competition but I know she will never lose.It is Lilly that will loose to her.







Royal stretched his hands forward to me,i cleaned it before giving it to him.


Elliot crackled in a silly manner.


Chris and the rest of the boys had left- I thought.


We got to the car,


Eliot signalled the guards to retreat. Securities covered us.I had to hold until royal tightly.


“easy,it’s only you and I!!!


Royal said and opened the car door.


He moved in,finally we were approaching five-stars Germany based..


“Best Marley” was inscribed boldly on the gates again…


I look at Royal and smiled,


he smiled back..


“everything will be okay” I told him.


He removed my mask and use my hand to remove his own.


“what will you say to me before I appear on stage” he asked.


I stared in amazement.




He brush me over into his arm by brushing his fingers underneath my laps.


“umm good luck” I smiled and finally touch his jacket.


“I want another thing” he whispered into my ears…and press my waist softly.I left it for him.


“Royal,you’re corrupt” i press his nose…


“I will tell you what I want later” he said…


“umm don’t tell me,I know what you want” I said and kissed his lips wasn’t even a kiss cuz I withdraw very fast.


“that’s not what I want” he said and word my mask,I wore his own too.


The guards opened the door,we stepped down.


I couldn’t walk well cuz I was not seeing.Camera lights blinded me. It was Royal who hold me well.




Gosh,this same person danced that video right??? can I touch her?? She’s with Royal!!! soo cute!!


is she a model????


Gosh, lips,body,skin,hair….


Shape !!!!


my ears got blocked….


Royal handed me to Elliot and left.


Elliot took me to a very secured place. It was a VIP section . It had a large screen that will show wgatsvdr thing that will happen on the stage.


Elliot took more deep inside….


My phone beeped,




A note from Dora….


“Krishna,I got carried away” she sent.


Eliiot went towards the door,he opened it by mistake, The camera lights flashed in again…


Then,someone threw a paper in.


I picked it up



“You’re a model! A product model! You can strike astonishing poses with products …


Dear,I need you to do just one thing for me….Pleaaaase,stop calling Royal royal,


instead can him by his real name “Best Marley”.


I don’t have the right to interfer into this but…..”


The note stopped.


I folded the paper at the back of my phone pouch and sat down.The place was quiet and reserved.


Guards moved in and stand while I sit. I smiled and told them to sit…


They bowed and sat.


“Eat” I said a


nd shared whatever was in the large tray with them.



“Are you sure??. they asked.


“Yes” I replied.


Before I could say Jack,they devoured the food.


I smiled and watch the projector silently…waiting for Royals band to perform on stage.




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Beautiful Love Song


[as long as you gimme love ]





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