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I followed her innocently to the kitchen with a pure mind.She dish out my portion of food in a plate and left the kitchen all alone to me.


I was scared when she first came to my back,I thought she wants to attack from the back but she did not do anything.


“Sweet heart” she called my second name again.


I look at her.


“In the future,try to be more careful. I’m still the only person you have,do not hide anything from me” she said and took a pause. I was less concerned.


my mind was on the food because I didn’t eat since yesterday,I went to Royal’s house stank and hungry, I even end up watching him sleep.


“did you hear? my mom jerk me out of my thoughts.


I nodded and open the food.I look at her then back to the food. “where did she get money to cook such an expensive meal? when last did I eat such??


maybe from Dora, shantai and eve.


“where did you get money,did you open my save box? I asked.


“I didn’t” she replied.


“then where? I asked,surprised.



“Mrs Rose came here with some five stars agencies,they paid your salary and you never mentioned working for her. I think Mrs Rose wants something from you and I pray and hope it’s not what am thinking” my mom said. “I’m sorry” I replied.


“it’s not about am sorry.My own is that nothing must happen to you..


Hope am clear? she asked and left.


I smiled whole heartedly and took my food to my room.


I ate the sumptuous meal with relishment and cleared the plates…


after that,I had my bath and dress into something simple.


Just a very short black bumbershort and a pink singlet.


I look myself in the mirror for a while and went back to bed.


It’s so surprising that I keep getting wider in the hips..maybe I should stop eating too much.


And my hair,I will soon cut little out of it….I don’t think I can tolerate the length


and fullness anymore.


I took my bag and read through my laptop,then I slept.


I woke up around 3pm and took another bath. I was about choosing what to wear when my phone rang, it was Dora.


hi,krish” she greeted.


“I’m fine,you” I said while using my second hand to hold my towel well.


“get ready,I will pick you up in the next 30min” she said.


“where to? I asked.


“just get ready” she said and hung up.I wanted to call her back but I was short of airtime.


I gave up and brought out a sleeveless black top,a matching black leggings and a cardigan to cover myself down to my hips.


I wore my sneakers and went out with my bag.


Dora’s car moved in,


I joined her in the car,her driver drove


“how was last night with royal?


she asked.


“last night….I don’t know what you’re talking about” I told her.



“common,Eliot gave reports to Chris and Jeff. You used a blue scarf yesterday right??? you spent the night in Royal’s room” Dora said.


“did something happen???


she exaggerated.


I made a quizical look.


“nothing happened” I replied.


“pleeeeeeaaaaassee” she pleaded.


I rolled my eyeballs and smiled shyly


“I don’t want to remember it”


I told her.


“pleeeeeaaaaase” Dora pleaded again.


“why are you serious about this silly thing?? Eliot told you guys right,did he not tell you guys nothing happened? I asked. Dora smiled.




Everyone wants royals happiness and they are always eager to hear things about him.You understand that feeling of being unique each time you’re with the world’s favorite.


Royal got a big battle in his heart, besides you need to watch this”.


Dora said and opened her laptop.




“Why do you like staying indoors???


a fan asked during a fan based concept,it was a live show.


I don’t know why….


“why does Mrs sugar monitor your moves as if she’s god?????


I don’t know why


I miss outdoor activities


I miss those times with my friends


I miss…..


Royal stopped talking in the video.


It went off immediately.



“that was how sir zayn malik took him in as a son,Royal is now as free as a bird..and it pretty made his fame and wealth arose to this level” Dora explained.


I felt pity for Royal.


Maybe that’s why his h


old on me was tight last night.He doesn’t even wanna let me go.


“so what happened last night??


Dora reminded.


He has anger issues and wounded his palms badly so I helped him and stay with him all night without him knowing. His emotional traumatic state made him kiss my tommy severally without him noticing” I said


“ohhhh my!!! Dora shouted.


I got shy with the way she expond.


She was squeaking happily throughout the drive.


“how did you feel?? his lips on your tommy? she asked.


“waaaaaaattttt Dora” I smiled.


“he mistakenly touch your bumbum too right? she asked.


“ask Elliot” I replied,somehow embarrassed. Everything about my body shape somehow made me shy.


Soon,the car pull to a halt in front of a mall.I guess she wanna get things for


training camp next tomorrow.


we entered the mall together,


she picked many things while I help in pushing the trolley.


“buy something for yourself” she said


“I don’t think I need anything” I replied.The clothes here are not really my type.


“just buy something,even if it is one” she said.


“I don’t want” I replied and help in pushing the trolley to the cashier’s table.We paid and left.


The car stopped again in front of a mansion.It had no inscription unlike royals own


but it was cool.


We entered,


the guards collected the shopping bags from me and dora.


“this is where Chris, Justin and Jeffrey stay” she whispered as we entered.The interior design was so classic and perfect.


Not quiet long,the guys came downstairs,taking different staircase route.


“namaste sir’s”


I greeted.


“Hi Krishna” Chris and Justin said together while Dora went to Jeffrey’s direction.


Chris came to my side and drag me in.


“sir Chris” I smiled at the way he was holding me.


“Chris” he corrected and brought out his phone.He took me to the kitchen. “cook for us…..we are dying already” he said and left.


I met the chef standing at the center of the kitchen.


“You didn’t cook and they are dying”


I said,and started opening the cupboards.


“they don’t wanna eat my food,they are so selective” he replied.



Chris wants pasta with steaks


Jeff wants pasta with meatballs


Justin wants rice pudding


Sir Royal wants grilled chicken.


I’m thinking he might come”


the chef said and brought out the ingredients.


I wash my hands and tied a scarf,then I started cooking while the chef watch every single thing I do.


“will like to learn your cooking skills”.


the chef said.


“I’m ready to teach you” I replied,he watch me slice the onions,carrot and cabagge in a very skillful and fast manner.


“you’re to fast,I can’t learn” the chef said and brought out another onions and tried to slice in my own style.


I showed him how to do it and a slow way,he grabbed it immediately.


“since when have you been in the kitchen? for how long? he asked.


“ummm should I say 19years” I said.


“waoow,how old are you” he asked.


“I’m 19” I replied.


“if you’re 19,then how come you’ve been in the kitchen for 19years or you started learning when your mom was pregnant of you? he asked.


“maybe…. my mom once did the job of a chef, I mean that’s what she does when


she was pregnant, when she gave birth to me,she do take me around…even when I was one year, she does it…even when I was 6,she does that.If she doesn’t wanna take me along,she will lock me home” I replied.


“waoow” the chef gasped.


“I’m satisfied with the aroma alone” he said again.


I was done with the first three dishes, then I started with Royals own.


“why are you cooking Royals dish with lots of care? he asked.


“will he even eat my food? I ask back


“I hope” the chef shrugged.


We were done with everything, 56min after.


The chef and I dish the food out and took them to the dinning,Jeff was the first


person that rush to the dining,


followed by Chris and Justin.


Dora just sat down operating her phone.


“Krish,what did you cook for Royal?


Jeff asked and opened Royal’s food.


“you better don’t touch it” Chris said and hit Jeff with his spoon.


Justin didn’t talk,


he was just rushing the food.


I think he likes food……


“Justin,the food is not running away” Jeff cautioned.


“it’s alright” Justin replied and kep



t on devouring his food and he was done within 20mins when Chris and Jeff had barely eaten half of theirs.


Justin stood up with an empty plate and gave Jeff signal…


The two of them monitored Chris well. Chris didn’t notice, he was eating while using his phone at the same time.


Jeff and Justin picked Chris four meats and ran upstairs.


It looks childish but it was really fun watching them do that.


I never knew Jeffrey could be this childish.


Chris stood up and chase after them.


“Funny brats” Dora said and turn in the stereo.


The chef cleared the plates,


I assisted and moved closer to touch Royal’s food, it was already getting cold.


The chef almost caught me touching his plate but I was quick to have withdrawn. After clearing everywhere,


I went upstairs and find Chris standing at the stair corridor.


“Chris” I called.


he turn and quickly hide his plate.


Seriously, he thought I was Jeff.


“ohhh Krishna” he smiled and unhide his plate.


“ummm will royal come? I asked.


“maybe” he replied.


“is he fine?? I asked.


“yeah,he went for some clearance stuffs” Chris replied.


I stood still..


“krish, I need water” he said.


“okay,I will get it” I replied and left.


I entered the kitchen and took plastic water from the fridge then I added a cup from the cup stand.


I passed the living room and was surprised to meet Lilly sitting with her leg crossed.


Our eyes locked,I look away….


I took the water to Chris who was already sitting on the dining.


“why is she here? I asked Chris.


“just pretend as if you did not see her” Chris replied.


I used style to check Royal’s food,it was getting cold bit by bit.


“I need water” Lilly said.


A car drove in…..


I knew it was Royal.


Lilly sprang up and rush outside. I sat close to Dora and use my cardigan cap to cover my face.


Royal came in with two escorts,


He was wearing white with a red diamond stoned slippers,his hair was spiky,it kind of make him look inhuman…..he looks like a god. Lilly glared.


Thank God, I wasn’t looking at him,


she might kill me.


Lilly couldn’t even get close to him.


It’s so obvious Royal hates her.


Royal didn’t see anybody,he just greeted Chris and used the stairs.


Lilly slump into one of the chairs desperately.


“hey,I need water.Are you not a maid?


Lilly pick on me…….


“Turn right,take left,take left,then take right,you will find the kitchen…there are up to five deep freezers there,open the bluish one,I mean the one with glass body,you will find uncountable plastic water there”. I replied her,my voice sounding like music.


“how dare you????.


Lilly shouted.


“don’t shout in my house” Chris replied,Royal turned back,I look away and signalled Dora so that we can leave.


“You’re a maid, go get me water”


Lilly shouted..


I stood up and carried my bag,


Dora carried hers.


Lilly dragged me from my cap and ended up showing my face.


I think Royal saw it.


Our eyes locked for a moment, I look away….


I started wishing I didn’t followed Dora here…perhaps,I wouldn’t have come if I know it was here.


Lilly drag my hair and loosen everything,knowing fully well that it is really stressful to pack because of its long lenght.


“stop” Royal said and walk closer..


Lilly put in more action and wanted to slap me.Royal held her hand


“baby,you can imagine this idiot telling me to go get water myself” Lilly said.


But Royal was lost staring at me…..


Just only me……..






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